(Closed) What do you think of the show ’19 Kids And Counting’?

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Bumble bee
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I’m sorry, but I think these people are just plain ridiculous. Their last child almost died and they’re still ready for more?!

I don’t care that they’re able to afford all these kids, debt free. If they didn’t have their show paying for everything, I have a feeling they’d be broker than a joke.

There is just no possible way the parents are able to know all the kids on a personal level. They have the older ones raising the little ones, and that is just not fair to either child.

I agree w/ you about it being way weird that their oldest child is having kids, and the parents are still having kids.

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Bumble bee
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Never seen it and have no desire to watch it. Yes there are religions which do not believe in contraception at all since they are taught that the Bible instructs them to “be fruitful and multiply” and that birth control of any kind is murder. Some groups take it so far as to throw all sensibility out the window and have more children than they can afford. The children definitely have to feel resentful and neglected. It’s impossible to have that many children (and sometimes less) and give each child equal undivided attention. At the same time, it’s also damaging for the parents to play favorites. I would have thought that the world learned their lesson (on not only putting children in the limelight but having more than you know what to do with) from the other similar reality shows where the kids are very clearly in need of therapy and a life away from the spotlight with parents who actually care about them and their needs instead of how much money the studios are lining their pockets with.

As for the kids raised in that type of environment, not only are they in need of professional therapy they may never receive, but they also are trained to believe that that type of lifestyle and ideology is completely normal and that those around them who do not do the same are the strange ones. All in all, very damaging for them no matter how you look at it.

I like kids as much as the next person, but that is way too many for anyone. When the parents get burned out from not spending time to themselves, who do they blame? The children. I guess I don’t get why people won’t stop while they’re ahead with a small number of children that they can handle and afford, meanwhile mocking the countless folks who cannot have children for one reason or another, be it medical or unable to adopt. One of life’s mysteries is all I can say.

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Bee Keeper
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I swear I only know this because my mom loves this show, but the dad does something with digging up diamonds? I’m 80% certain I’m right on that, but not 100%.

The whole thing kind of disgusts me. She’s spent almost two decades being pregnant. I’ve never been pregnant, but that can’t be pleasant.

We actually live across the street from a guy whose first wife died really young because she had about 15 kids or something. Pregnancy isn’t really that great for your body. Besides, when God said “Be fruitful and multiply” men had several wives. I’m certainly not advocating polygamy, but at least the multiplying part got to be spread around!


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Bumble bee
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I hope she stops trying to have kids! They dont even raise the young ones the older kids are the ones who raise them. Although the mom calls them ” Buddies” they are basically the parents of the children and the mom is just the factory. They should take the newest baby as a warning and stop! The mom is as old as my Dad G-d is trying to tell her something obviously. It just creeps me out that they raise their girls to believe that they are only put on earth to preach, get married, and shoot out babies… vent over lol 

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Bee Keeper
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The show weirds me out.  Just because you can afford to have 19 kids doesn’t mean you should.

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Helper bee
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I’m not sure what to think of them really.

The father was a former state legislator and servced in the Ark House of Rep for five years or somthing. I think he might have ran for senate but I’m not 100%. Now he is a real estate agent and does talks on debt free living.

I don’t have a strong aversion to the way they live their life. I actually find it interesting. Sometimes I find it heart warming how much love their is in their home. Granted I’m only seeing what the show potrays, but I enjoy watching it.

I saw an episode once where the mother talked about the birth of each child, what their individual personalities are like, and what she sees for them down the road. I think they know their children and love them individually.

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Sugar bee
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i don’t watch them but i think they’re sick. it’s totally irresponsible to have so many kids that they have to raise each other. it’s completely selfish, and totally proved with this last baby that almost died along with the mom. ugh. i wanna slap her and kick the dad in the nads. wrap it up, horn dog. it’s like they should rename the show HOARDERS: 19 kids and counting

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Sugar bee
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I think it’s ridiculous and irresponsible…your kids are not supposed to raise each other, people. =/ Also, the last one probably crawled out on its own.

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Blushing bee
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@elliestan: You are hysterical, and I agree with you. That was one of the first times I actually laughed out loud at a comment.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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They bug me for a lot of reasons. First, I don’t believe they could support themselves without the show. Second, I don’t believe they can give ADEQUATE love and support to that many children. Third, I’m not generally one to preach about population control, but 19 kids is excessive and irresponsible. If they don’t believe in birth control, fine. Use NFP.

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t think its possible to give the 1-1 attention that children need from parents to 19 kids all at the same time, especially young children still learning to read/write, etc. Especially with at least 1 child that has special needs and will need extra care and time.

I also dislike that the older children are tasked with helping to teach and raise the younger ones. They are all KIDS, its not their responsibility to care for their siblings.

The educational aspirations they have for their sons vs. their daughters is certainly troublesome to me personally as well. I think they are completely selfish.

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