What do you think of these messages to someone my girlfriend used to fancy…..

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Helper bee

I think that’s actually pretty normal.

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Helper bee
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Well you were snooping in her messages so my suggestion is you do nothing bc nothing needs to be done. She told you about this person, this person knew exactly who you were so she’s clearly been honest about being in a relationship. Unless both of you agreed not to have friends of the opposite sex, for whatever insecure reasons, then she hasn’t done anything wrong and nothing in her messages indicates she has.

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Sugar bee
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Dude you need to chill.  He mentioned you, so only polite for her to ask. Besides he’s gay (which explains why nothing happened with them) so it’s not like he’s trying to get into her knickers. stop looking at her FB, stop trying to see something that isn’t there. 

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Busy bee
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No if a friend asked me about my fiancé then the next logical question for me to ask would be about their SO. Chill.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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 . . . in Australia they met and started a friendship and she only really clicked that she fancied him about 1 week before he flew back to Canada. 


This is attention worthy. Notice that your gf’s interest in this guy was sparked one week before he left for Canada. She knew he was only in Australia for three months. This suggests that your gf was drawn in by this guy’s unavailability. Be mindful of that.

None of us have the foggiest notion as to why your gf asked her friend if he was seeing anyone. Even if we all whip out our Secret Decoder Rings in unison (we so enjoy doing that), we still would be merely speculating. It’s not unusual to ask a single friend whether they are seeing anyone as part of a catch up conversation.

You could put the same questions to the World’s Leading Authority on Your Girfriend—your girlfriend.

My suggestion is that you pull some of your energy back from fretting over your gf’s communication with her friend. Then, you can take a good, hard look at your insecurity. Unless you have left out some important facts, your level of anxiety is excessive to the situation. What is the real source of that anxiety? Is it really your gf or does it go further back? Have you felt this way in all of your relationships, or just this one? Did your girlfriend feel unusually familiar to you when you met? Anything about your dynamic that makes you feel as if you have seen this movie before?

If the relationship is the source of this much discomfort and anxiety, you don’t belong in it. If the source is within you, an unconscious remnant of some earlier wounds, that must be dealt with, to avoid repeating unhealthy patterns.

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Honey bee

You should break up with her because she deserves to be in a relationship with a trustworthy partner (i.e. one who doesn’t dig through her stuff or spy on her and then post her conversations on public internet forums because they are insecure that she has a past).

You posted a benign conversation of two people catching up and asking perfectly normal questions about each other’s lives.  It’s called small talk and being a good conversationalist.

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Busy bee

First, I’d just like to point out that there is a pretty obvious double standard at work here because female posters come on here all the time describing how they combed through their boyfriend/husband’s emails/text messages/credit card receipts, and no one bats an eyelid. But when a male poster comes on to tell the same tale, he is reprimanded for snooping.

My personal viewpoint is that snooping is never justified (for either men or women) unless your partner has actually done something shady and has given you concrete reasons to distrust him or her and you are simply wanting to make sure you are correct before confronting him or her. Snooping should never be used simply to trawl for reasons to feel insecure when a partner has behaved in an entirely trustworthy manner.

The reason is perfectly illustrated by this post. The OP simply felt insecure (his own feelings only, nothing his girlfriend had done) and so went snooping looking for evidence. He found something which is perfectly harmless which his own feelings of insecurity have blown out of proportion. This is always what happens when insecurity and baseless jealousy is at the root of snooping. You always find something which makes you feel worse and which makes you feel “vindicated.”

OP, your girlfriend’s behaviour and conversation with her friend were entirely harmless and nothing to feel threatened over. But if you continue in this way, you will eventually suffocate your relationship and push your girlfriend away. There is nothing worse for a trustworthy person than to have to defend their behaviour when they have done nothing wrong.

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Helper bee
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You’re reading way too much into their conversation. Judy two people catching up. 

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Sugar bee
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They had a perfectly normal conversation. Nothing to worry about. Quit snooping. 

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Bumble bee

I don’t see what the issue is. You’re reading into it. 

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Worker bee
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Aw I think people are being a little harsh. It does seem like a normal conversation and the guy actually seems really nice and respectful (besides the ditching your gf part but clearly he was working out some person things at the time). I’d be more concerned about if you knew they contacted each other this whole time. How long have you two been together? You obviously know a good deal of their story so if she still was in contact shouldn’t you know about that? So depending on how long you’ve been together that would be my issue with the whole thing. A simple “hey a message from blah blah popped up on the computer the other day, do you guys talk often?” Should get the convo started. Be curious but not accusatory. Obviously nothing is going on but what if he was single and straight? I would feel uncomfortable about my partner talking to an old crush, telling them about ME, while I didn’t know my partner was even still in contact. I also have a different opinion than most here on “snooping”. Absolutely my bf has no right to go through my things and be reading my convos on the regular but you know what, if something popped up on my phone or anywhere else that gave him a weird vibe or uncomfortable feeling I would EXPECT him to check it out a bit. And then come talk to me about it and why he felt uncomfortable and figure out what we can do for everyone to feel secure going forward. 

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Blushing bee
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OP, I would admit to your SO that you have read her Facebook messenger conversation(s). I further encourage you and your SO to have a conversation about your feelings and potential insecurities. It sounds like there is room for better communication.

Regarding what you found – their dialogue was innocent.

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Sugar Beekeeper

I don’t think there is anything whatsoever wrong with their conversation. He mentioned you and says you seemed like a nice guy and she asked if he was seeing anyone. That’s perfectly normal and appropriate. 

I do think it’s a bit strange that she told you about the relationship, apparently in great detail, and managed to leave out the fact that they are apparently still in regular communication when she sort of implied they had lost touch. At least that’s how I read it. 

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Helper bee
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littlelonelyman2018 :  I agree with previous posters that her conversation(s) are harmless.

But I highly recommend figuring out what prompted these insecurities and seriously work on them because your partner deserves better than that. 

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