(Closed) What do you think of this business idea to pay for my wedding?

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    The world is moving away from print media. Everyone wants stuff electronically. Any adverts booklet you send out is goimg right in the bin. And with groupon/livingsocial/etc the market for electronic deal-of-the-day offers is already crowded.  This sounds like it will end up costing you more than you can make with it.

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    Unless I saw some examples of really great deals I can’t see myself using this. Any ads or coupons I get now just go in the trash. You’d have to get big offers that are relevant to the community to make people want to read this.

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    We had something like this in our area and it was free to the public (set out at stores near the newspapers and magazines). In the end, enough people just didn’t use it so they ended up bringing it online and making a website and Facebook page. Once they got enough following in our area they were able to charge businesses for different promotional packages (like ads on their website, advertising deals/coupons, posting promotional stuff on their FB page, etc.). I just don’t think getting into print is the way to go. It’s not cost-effective and there’s more chance of it being ignored.

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    From where I live, that’s been a school fundraiser for the past few years. And it’s done really well.

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    We get something similar in our mail. I don’t look at it, it goes straight in the recycling bin. 

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    I get something like this in the mail and I usually toss it without looking at it. I usually look for deals on groupon of coupons online. 

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    cje.churchill:  Not a good idea, next.

    You talk about a “Wedding” as though you have no control over the cost. Of course you do!

    Woman-up, and take charge of your life. If you don’t want to spend thousands you don’t have to. To get married you need a two people who wish to get married, an officiant, and a license. All of that costs about $35 where I live. The rest of it it made up of items that are just fluff.

    The key to having a fun, affordable wedding is to focus in on exactly what is important to YOU and your fiance in order to  feel married. Forgetabout the rest. There are hundreds of details that aren’t important, but the wedding industrial complex will try to convince you that they are.

    Don’t be a sheep.

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    Sorry, but no. Every piece of mail that I consider “junk”, and flyers are junk to me, go straight to the bottom of the pigs litter box. 

    I honestly feel that just a part time job would be better. Just open a wedding account and put your entire check in it. Money adds up pretty quickly 

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    cje.churchill: no. A $40 CPM with no tracking / analytics is insanely high, especially for a mom-and-pop. The ROI won’t be there.

    very few businesses make money their first year. I agree with a PP — get a part time job. Do freelance design work for clients. 

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    Your hourly rate you make on that will be pretty much nothing. Between selling the idea to businesses, designing, printing costs, and finally delivery – it isn’t going to make you more money than getting a part time minimum wage job. Especially because little mom and pop places won’t want to risk investing their marketing money into an unproven advertising vehicle. The free paper in my area just closed after less than a year of publishing, in part because it was just not profitable enough as a tool for advertisers.

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    MrsWoods47:  A school fundraiser and a wedding scheme are two very different things.<br />  I would get many things from a fundraiser because my money goes to something worthwhile, that I wouldn’t otherwise.  A wedding is not a fund raiser.

    OP, do not invest your time or money into this idea.  Print media is on it’s way out, and I’m not sure businesses would turn over their hard earned money to someone they don’t know and who has no track record.  Not to mention, how long is it going to take you to deliver 4,000 adverts a week?  At least several hours + the time it takes to make and print them.  Your time is worth something.  Pick up some extra freelance work, get a part time job, sell your junk, anything but this.

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    Like others, we also already have several forms of this in my area and they immediately go in the trash. Why don’t you pay for your wedding like everyone else? Make sacrafices in your day to day life (no more starbucks, take a bagged lunch, reduce grocery bills, etc), get a weekend job and/or cut weddings costs by nixing bells and whistles. 

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    We have that were we live and it’s completely free… And people still don’t really read them. Distributors go business to business and drop a big stack off in the lobby. And, then an employee of that business will usually just go and throw the stack in the trash. They make money off of advertisers, versus being paid for the actual publication, though. They charge little for advertising deals, and focus on saturating the market. So, the business will at least break even on their investment, even if only a fraction of readers actual redeem the deal. 

    I majored in Marketing. So, despite what other people are saying, I do think it *could* be successful, as anything where you can charge companies to advertise can be profitable if done properly. It’s also hard because of all of these “so and so county word-of-mouth” groups on facebook… Some of which who do essentially the same thing, but are free for everyone involved (albeit less structured). I also think it would take a pretty long to get to the point of such success where it could potentially fund a wedding. If you do go for it, start by using it as a goal of supplementing your income and go from there. Leave the wedding out of it.

    You would start by advertising for free to build up a consumer base… Where the businesses can see that they will get a return on a future investment. Once you get to that point and have a proven track record, you can then start charging businesses to advertise in it. As long as you can provide ROI, it could work. Obviously it’s much more complex than that, but that would be the basis of how I would get started. 

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    cje.churchill:  hi sweetie, like the other ladies I have to say I don’t think this is a good idea. The easiest way to pay for your wedding is to put money aside each month from your pay packet. This is what I have been doing & will do till I get married. You can easily make a few small cutbacks and agree on your priorities if you have to have a big white wedding x

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