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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: September 2011

    I think the gallery looks nice… very natural, not overly edited/filtered/effects used etc…, and I like her compositions.

    I’d ask to see a full wedding or two, instead of simply judging based on the online gallery.  Photogs post the “best of the best” there, so it will be helpful to see a couple of full weddings, which will include some of the not-so-inspiring family group shots etc…  You’ll really be able to judge whether you like her work once you see the whole thing.

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: July 2013

    I like the gallery alot. No crazy effects used (which I feel like mask alot of issues with the image/photog)- I like her compostions/lines/use of negative space- they look natural & realistic- her detail shots & closeups are focused nicely… Like MissNoodles said I’d ask to see one or two full albums before you decide- It’s really not that difficult to pick 3-5 amazing images from a possibly 3,000 images wedding… You want to see the full 3,000 before you can gauge her full style/potential… 

    ETA: I love her side angled shots (I think it’s a dutch angle?)– My photog loves these but has been asked to not take them by some more traditional couples. We made sure she knows we like that style & want her to be creative with it. Just be open with them when you meet about what types/styles you like- it especially helps if you can point it out using their own images. 

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: September 2014

    The price looks great, and the pictures look good.  

    But I notice it says she’s from New Brunswick, and it says you’re from Vancouver.  Are you getting married out there or flying her out here, because it’s likely you’ll have to pay her travel costs, which will significantly increase her price…

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    I agree with MissNoodles I would ask to see a full wedding. I think the gallery looks nice and that you would get decent shots. My two concerns would be that she seems to take (or show) a lot of tilted or angled photos. While this is fine and good shots can come out of it for me it would drive me crazy if 70% of my pictures where at an off angle. Also she doesn’t seem to be too big into retouching. That is your personal preferance on how you want those photos to look. I think a little more retouching is acceptable for wedding photos. Just something to consider. And I am no means an expect. This is just a general observation. Good Luck.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: May 2006

    A few things-

    1. I can’t stand photographer websites that do not have blogs.  To me a blog is essential in seeing the most up to date work, and it also will show you more than just a small handful of images from a wedding.  We treat ours like a mini album layout so you get a feel for the day.

    2. There is hardly any information about who she is or what makes her tick as a photographer. I really do not like when I have no idea what the personality of the photographer is like by looking at their website.

    3. Most of her sample images look like they are from the same wedding.  For someone who claims to have shot 60 weddings I find that a little odd.

    4. Cannot stand the titled angle shots.  That’s something new photographers usually do.

    5. I am always suspect of photographers whose prices are that low.  To me it shows that they have little confidence in their abilities, and/or do not understand how to be profitable in business.  This makes me question their longevity in business, i.e. you book them a year in advance and put money down on a retainer and are they going to be in business by the time your wedding rolls around?

    On the plus side the processing is pretty normal and color accurate.  I prefer a more classic look that won’t be dated 10 years down the road.  So this photographer does have that going for them.  

    Bottomline is what are your expectations for photography, and how important is it to you?  If it’s super important to you your budget isn’t realistic.  And everyone is on a budget, very very rarely do I encounter a client who wants everything and isn’t concerned with a price tag.  Every post here starts off with the disclaimer of “I’m on a budget.”  

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    Worker bee
    • Wedding: October 2003

    I am not sure which photographer Continuum was looking at, but there are a good 15-20 different weddings in there… The shots in there are good basic shots, but they do look like a new photographer. There are too many tilted shots, some have inappropriate light control, most of the images looks straight out of the camera (little to no post-processing), and the thing that caught my attention is that they seemed to be afraid to ask the people to do some thing to make a better shot. (For example, there is a picture where the bride is pinning the bootaneer on her father. The dad may have wanted his sunglasses on, and it is fine to take that pic for them; but she should have asked him to remove the glasses, so you can see the tenderness of the dad watching his daughter… Then again, maybe they did and just missed the shot. I just saw shots that could have been improved. Those types of pics would not be on a seasoned photographers site)

    The biggest part of all of this, is your comfort factor, no matter what any of us post. If YOU like the photographer, and their price works for your budget, then go with them. Do your homework, compare the options as you would with any big purchase, and go with your instincts. 

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    Helper bee
    • Wedding: August 2012

    It looks good to me.

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    Sugar Beekeeper
    • Wedding: September 2010

    There are almost no candid shots in the photos, which worries me. Where are the ceremony shots? The people dancing in low light receptions? Every single shot is either posed, where people are almost completely still, and in natural well-lit situations. If I had a reception inside or at night, i’d be wary of booking this person without seeing examples of photos where she’s used a lot of flash.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: June 2014

    the link didn’t work for me, idk why since others had success. :/

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: May 2016

    WOW. $500?? The cheapest I’ve seen around here is like $1,500!!

    However, if there are others in that price range, I’d definitely keep looking. I personally am extremely underwhelmed. It looks amateurish. To me, the shots look very posed and planned. The ones that aren’t are not framed well at all. I’m not entirely sure what’s with the image quality… they’re all… very flat looking. The exposures are all identical, same lighting, mostly similar depths. I’m not terribly impressed with the compositions or framing. My biggest complaint is the use of light. Again, very one-dimensional. You could find much, much better.

    If your budget is small, contact some photographers and tell them your entire budget. Most photographers go with the “national average” of like $30,000, and think that 8-10% of the budget should go to photography. Our budget is like $12,000, and when I started telling photographers that, and that we simply couldn’t afford $2,500 and $3000 (seems to be the average around here), they dropped their prices. So don’t be afraid to haggle with someone who has a higher price tag. Then again, if your wedding is on a Saturday or a popular weekend, they might not work with you as much. 

    I don’t know what you can afford for a photographer, but I’d still keep shopping.

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