(Closed) what do you think of your neighbors?

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I don’t have any neighbors that are too bad right now. The only people who live on our street are FI’s siblings (private road), but the people who live in the developement right next to us are rather rude sometimes.

  • There’s one house where the dog has been barking almost nonstop the last two or three days, I think they just moved in though.
  • Another one throws trash and their dogs [email protected] over the fence and into our big field out front. I guess they assume that just because it’s not technically a yard they are allowed to do it.
  • The people straight out in front of us used to live up the canyon behind us and there’s a definite strain on the relationship with them since their dogs are known to have killed animals in our field before and their dogs have tried to rush my little dog before.
  • Then there’s the entire development at the end of the road. Somebody in FI’s family thought it would be funny to put up a sign that basically said “if you trespass we will shoot you” and most of the family thought it was kind of funny, but also feels rather strongly about people trespassing because it has been an issue in the past where people think that just because it’s a field they can let their kids and dogs and whatever play in it even though they pass like 3 signs that say No Trespassing. One of them commented (because of the sign) that it was like the Mason-Dixon Line. We just shrugged it off and left the sign there.

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Ugh! how rude! when we use to live in our apartment the dude upstairs would get drunk and play his drums, he was the “new” neighbor so we let it slide for the first 4 times till one day My Fiance and I could not take it! my Fiance got his bat and started pounding on the ceiling and loudly saying how do you like it! haha i got embarrassed but he was mad so I didnt say anything but the next day he seen my Fiance and said he was sorry and hes been very stressed out blah blah and after that he would ask us if it would be okay.

Now we have our house and the neighbors are cool the man to the left is our gardener (mows lawn) and the ones on the right keep to themselves hardly see em.

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I have only one neighbour, as their is a vacant block next to ours.

Our neighbours are seriously awseome, they are in their 40s but the guy next door was mowing his lawn yesterday with the lawnmower.. and we came home from going shopping and our lawn was mowed too!! 😀  (it was not a hint by the way as to keep our lawn tidy, as FH had only mowed the lawn two weeks ago!) We went over and said thanks and I tried making a cake for them, but it epically failed on the baking stages so I went and bought a cake instead! lol

Our neighbours across the road are really party people, however we never see them much.


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Yes my neighbor is the same age as me!  We have so much fun together—we just laughed for like 4 hours straight and we have plans to hang out poolside all summer long.  I am uber lucky…. I know.  I’ve had way douchey neighbors before too….

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Wow, glad I’m not the only one with crazy neighbors.  We used to have an older lady in her 60’s and her daughter around the same age as me living downstairs. They were horrific.  We have tile floors so I’m sure it can get loud but every time we ran the laundry they would bang on the walls.  They would say I wore my heels in the house and dh would run around the house when I wear soft slippers and he just walks around!  Then they complained to our HOA that our dog was keeping them up all night. Hmm. Last time I checked we only had two cats. 

We would have people over for  a dinner party (and max about 8-10 people and only happened about 3-4 times) and she called the cops on us!  And she told all the neighbors around us how loud and disrespectful we are when we ignored their rudeness.   One night we were doing the laundry and watching a movie on our couch and up shows another cop at our door saying we caused her to have a heart attack by running around our house.  She was a total loony bin. 

Thankfully they moved out last year and a bunch of college age kids moved in. Now their the loud ones with their music blasting all the time but who cares.   Now the other neighbors can give them dirty looks instead of doing it at us. 

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I had a neighbor that I was convinced was a drug dealer.  It was really starting to freak me out.  He would get tons of phone calls at all hours of the day (their phone was so loud I would hear it ring through the wall) but they would get especially frequent in the middle of the night (like 12-3 am).  Then, every time the phone rang a couple minutes later I would hear people on the stairs- every time without fail.  They would also set off the smoke detector fairly frequently- I was convinced they must be doing something with drugs. Making them, getting calls for people to come over and buy them, delivering them, something.

Then one day I kind of casually asked when taking my rent to the landlord “hey, what does my neighbor do?” and she told me he was a taxi driver. Oh.  I felt pretty dumb, he was just getting calls to go pick people up- and they got more frequent as people began to leave the bar at night.  As to the smoke detector, apparently they are just bad cooks :-/

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Our neighbors are pretty terrible!

– One of them (the one we share stairs with to get to our apt) stomps up the stairs and slams his door EVERY TIME he comes home – so hard that it shakes our apartment! And he’s constantly out on the balcony talking REALLY LOUDLY on the phone (ours is like, you come up the stairs and to one side is our balcony/door and his is on the other side. So he will pace across both of them). Once he had a party with a bunch of his friends and they were using our patio furniture – sitting at it and eating/drinking! It’d be fine if we KNEW him, but we don’t at all – and the table is directly outside our living room window. It was so awkward!

– The other neighbor (directly below us) is an older retired guy, and he’s constantly cooking really terrible smelling ethnic foods. And I’m pretty sure he KNOWS it smells bad, because he leaves his front door open and puts a huge box fan in front of the door so it will blow all the smell out – and directly into our staircase! We have to hold our breath when we come home because it smells soooo bad!

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Jduck.. we have a neighbor that blocks our parking spot quite often.. and not only do they but their GUEST do too! & then when we go ask them (politely) to move.. they gives us a “what the heck do you want” type of face!!! eeeeeeeeeeekk!

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