What do you use for birth control?

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I’ve used the pullout for years with no accidents. If done correctly I’ve found it very reliable. My friend also uses that method and her and her boyfriend of 6 years have also had no accidents. 

I will stress that this method only works well if the guy pulls out very obviously before he finishes. But apparently not all guys can do that or know their bodies well enough. My husband does so it works for us. We used it also knowing an accident was possible and thought that was an acceptable risk for our relationship. We start TTC in 2 weeks and I’m very curious to see how fast or slow we get pregnant making only that change. My body hates hormones and I get bad migraines so this method is best for my body. 

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mrsp2016 :  I tried the hormonal IUD a few months ago (I also have 2 littles) and had a ton of side effects. I ended up having it removed 3 months after it’s insertion. I’m not keen on oral birth control, and my husband is very opposed to a vasectomy. So ATM we’re using a combination of FAM, withdrawal and condoms if I’m near ovulation. 

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blackvelvet :  I second this. I’m on my third Nexplanon implant so I’ve used this same bc for almost 8 years and haven’t had any issues with it. 

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the pill and condoms, together, EVERY time. we’re not 13 anymore, pulling out (im assuming what you mean by withdrawl) doesn’t work. 

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i used the natural cycles app to track my fertile time.  if we have sex during my fertile week, we use condoms. 

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Just had my 4th Mirena placed yesterday. Its as effective as getting your tubes tied. Cant mess it up/forget. And for me my periods completely go away which is wonderful!

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I had a copper iud for 5 years and liked it pretty well. 
I’m using FAM (Sensiplan) now. If you’re having a hard time with temping, have you considered a tempdrop? Not having to wake up and temp is amazing. 

There’s also some other FAMs that might be a better it than the sympto-thermal types of FAMs for you now that you’re PP?

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betteroff2018 :  I honestly didn’t notice much of a difference. My period actually disappeared completely for the first few months, then eventually came back but irregular and much lighter (just spotting for 1-2 days.) The irritability is something I noticed when the periods came back, just the day before as I mentioned earlier. 

I hear that some people gain weight, but that didn’t happen with me. I just made sure to eat as I normally did and my weight stayed the same (actually lost a couple of pounds but that could be because I was watching my calorie intake like a hawk.)

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mrsp2016 :  I am in the same situation you are.  I used BCP before kids and charting to avoid in between kids.  I have a mirena now and I would highly recommend it.  No issues from hormones as the hormones are localized (not systemic) and there is no estrogen anyway. I used to get some headaches from BCP but I don’t get those with the mirena.  I don’t get a period either so it’s fabulous.  Just some occasional light spotting.  I did not consider a copper IUD/paraguard as I had heavy periods previously and wasn’t willing to go there.  Mostly I picked the mirena because I hoped to not have a period and it worked.

I got it put in when my second baby turned 1 (got my period right around that time as well).  It should be safe for breastfeeding even if you get it put in at your 6w check up.  I breastfed him before bed until close to 3.  Before he turned one I didn’t have my cycle back so we just used withdrawal method which had also worked well for us in between kids. But once he turned one I knew I wanted the mirena put in. My friend had hers done at 6w pp and no issues breastfeeding.

I also got pregnant super easily with both my kids and I didn’t want to use FAM or natural methods because user error is much higher than with mirena.  With my second baby we were waiting a few more months to TTC and I ovulated one day earlier than I ever had and that’s how I got pregnant with him!  He was a 5 day old sperm.

Highly recommend the mirena!

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We’re NTNP so I am currently tracking my cycle naturally paired with withdrawl.

I used to combination pill for 14 years prior to that with not a single slip up. I know there is stories of woman on antibitoics falling pregnant, but it’s a teeeeny percentage and other woman just falling pregnant but I can almost gurantee they did not take it correctly. My girlfriends all have the copper coil, again no slip ups but has caused them heavy periods.

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Vasectomy! But I’m 42 and done having kids. Glad to be done with birth control worries.

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mrsp2016 :  my plan after my first kid was to do a Mirena IUD as it was recommended by my midwife as one of the safest options while breastfeeding while still being very effective (the mini pill is not unless you are 100% perfect down to the hour of day you take it, and let’s be real who can do that with little kids? lol). The only reason I didn’t end up doing it was because I heard it can cause a dip in milk supply – most of my friends had oversupplies so it wasn’t a big deal but I was already struggling with a fairly substantial lack of milk (it took 2 months to come in fully) so I wasn’t risking it. We wanted a second kid so we just risked it.

After this one I’m getting the IUD. No whoopsie babies this time! 

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I had a mirena for 6 years and loved it. Used condoms for awhile after I got my mirena out but we weren’t quite ready to TTC yet.

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Being a lesbian.

It’s funny because I get asked this all the time by healthcare professionals as I have gynae issues. I wish that could put a big note on my file that says  “Gay” so I don’t have to keep answering this question! 

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