(Closed) What do you use for your acne?

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Busy bee

Like you, I break out mostly due to hormones. I use Oil of Olay’s Daily Regenerist cream cleanser to wash my face. It has these awesome little microbeads in it that give you a little facial. It leaves me skin super soft! (wow, that sounded like a commercial, hehe). And for spot treatments I use Neutrogena’s Spot Treatment. That stuff is the bomb.com! I put it on the breakouts before bed. I swear by this stuff! It comes in a little white tube, and usually runs around $5.00. 

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The proactiv refining mask works great of me, way better than there other products. At least for me and a little bit goes along way, so it lasts a long time. 

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Helper bee
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I actually used to love Proactiv. I use it for almost 3 years now. I just didn’t like the new formula, it makes my skin very dry, almost burned. First 2 months of using Proactiv were rough lol, I hated looking at my face since it was so red, swollen and flaky. But then miracle happened, everything bad was gone from my face.

So I think proactiv is the best thing available so far, but only if you use it exactly as they say…Cleanser, then tonic, then lotion..Every day. I found that some people buy it, use it for a week, and when their face gets red and burned they give up…I made it through the 2 month of burning (and being ugly as crap) and it started working. Now I am using it like once a week, and it still helps me to maintain my skin…maybe just cause I got older and my hormones are not that crazy now..Idk.

Well, this is my story. But since you said you are not that impressed about Proactiv, there is another thing that I use, which uses same ingridient, but MUCH more mild and gentle to the skin. But I use it only for my back. They try to make it as natural as possible and they also send you a soap along with the cleanser. 

I get it from clearandsmoothskin.com and it’s the bottle with the blue label. I used it for my back and acne was completely GONE. And I love their soap. It’s little cheaper than Proactiv, there are more of it in the bottle (it’s pretty big), it’s gentler and a bit easier to use than proactiv.

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I would like to hear suggestions about acne products too! Granted my acne is usually stress related, but this time is different..ick.

Used proactive in high school – didn’t work

out of high school had clear skin for a while (change in hormones?)

Recently (late December) my “bacne” came back – I’ve been using the Murad Clarifying body spray, and it really hasn’t done much….at all. (love their face moisturizer though!). Before the Murad I was literally using straight hydrogen peroxide on a cotton-ball. But got scared using it because I heard it can actually burn your skin.

Never really ever had a problem with facial acne until now – my forehead is completely broken out in painful pimples! 

I have NO idea what to do! I don’t have insurance/funds to see a dermatologist, and have 5 months to get clear skin on my back and face before my wedding!


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Buzzing bee
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when i have the money (and i will be getting this when it gets closer to my wedding), i use Acnefree Severe https://www.acnefree.com/index.htm

I buy it from wal-mart and it’s the only thing that has worked for me. It’s like the Proactiv system, but I felt that proactiv left my face feeling greasy… and this doesn’t.

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Buzzing bee

I have hormonal acne and really the only thing that clears mine up is birth control. Birth control mixed with a perscription for Retin-A and using the facewash/moisturizer Cetaphil. My face looks 10x better then it did before!

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Burt’s Bee’s acne stick thingie.  Dries ’em right up from some kind of natural oil. 

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Bumble bee
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I use LUSH herbalism cleanser.  LUSH is great because they use real ingredients in their products, and you can understand them!  Herbalism cleanser is for acne/oily prone skin and has a clay base which absorbs the oil on your skin.  It also has ground almonds to exfoliate the dead skin off (its a very light exfoliation), and chloryphyll which is an antiseptic. 

For combo skin, they’ve got a great cleanser called “Angels on Bare Skin”.  It’s got the clay base as well, and tons TONS of lavender which balances the skin out. 

I use LUSH’s Tea Tree Toner after that!  It tones and minimizes pores.  All that’s basically in it is tea tree water.  It’s very gentle and refreshing.

Finally, I use LUSH’s enzymion moisturizer.  And I know it sounds crazy but even if your skin is oily/acne prone, you should still be using a moisturizer after cleansing because you’ve just wiped all the oil off your face, and if you don’t replenish some of that oil, it will overproduce and cause more breakouts.  Enzymion moisturizer has fresh fruit like grapes that are enzymatic on the skin and makes it look bright. 

And one more thing about LUSH, is they are economically friendly.  They don’t test anything on animals, and none of their ingredients are tested on animals.  Also, they make sure that the places they get ingredients have great working conditions, good pay, etc. 

Sorry if this sounded like a sales pitch, I used to work for LUSH, and the knowledge has just been sitting there doing nothing for a while (and I can talk about LUSH all day and night because I love them!)

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@Autumnfalls1889: You also need to be using the Murad body wash and moisturizer on your back.  It is a 3 step system, and only using the 2nd step isn’t going to do much good.


I use the Murad line, and then use Amlactin Lotion on my arms an legs, Sulfacetamide Cream on my back, and Tretinoin on my face.

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Honey bee
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Proactiv is stupid, you can get the same ingrediants from Walmart for a quarter of the price and topical treatments aren’t going to work for hormonal acne anyway. If its almost always related to your period, it’s homonal and spending money on tons of scrubs, cleansers, masks, and lotions won’t do any good. I’ve tried bunches of them.

One thing that has worked for me is Zinc. You can read some reviews of people who’ve tried it here . I’ve definitely had some improvement. It doesn’t get you from a face full of cysts to clear, but for what you’re talking about I definitely think it could work. And it’s cheap and has been shown to reduce the length of colds so likely it won’t have any negative effects.

Edit: oh and I second PP’s rec of birth control. Definitely works for hormonal acne!

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Sugar bee
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I use Bliss’s “No Zit Sherlock” and also have used the Clarisonic.

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Blushing bee
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I use dermalogica and it works very well for little bumps like you are talking about.  I love it!  It is mild and it smells wonderful!  It feels like velvet on your skin when you wash it!

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Helper bee
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I used Proactiv a couple years ago and it worked fine for a couple weeks and then I started breaking out even more with it. They were weird breakouts too – small bumps all over my forehead – it was the worst my skin had ever been.

Now I use the Oxy Clinical system that you can get at the drugstores. I received a free sample of it a few months ago and it worked wonders! My skin is back to being clear. I’ve read reviews that it dries some people’s skin out really bad, but I haven’t had this problem. I definitely recommend it!

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Acne, is the only reason I am using Birth control (well that and the major cramps I get), nothing else has ever worked for me.  

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