What do you want to accomplish before TTC?

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andielle :  we want to move into a house on more land, and maybe do one more big vacation (though we said our last one would be the last before TTC, but we are still a year and a half out so there is time).

It doesn’t sound like much, but to get the house and land we want, we have to come up with a lot of money between now and next spring  (when we want to put our current place on the market). So I’m working like crazy this year; we’ll see how it goes!

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Travelling is my absolute favourite thing, so we’re checking off trips that would be better done without children.  We climbed in France and California last year which was amazing, but we spent a week camping off the grid and up cliffs.  Amazing, but not kid-friendly (at least until they’re older).

Were honeymooning in Central America which is a Zika area, but it’s a priority for us to get that done first.  We will wait to TTC.

We wanted to get out of our rental, so we just bought a presale condo (ready in two years) and are moving into a family member’s basement suite to save money.  If we stayed in the apartment, I don’t think we would ever have enough money for kids.  We are ok to have a baby in the basement suite, we will be saving so much. But we accomplished home ownership which we never thought we would.

That’s about it though! 

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Travel, pay off all school loans, have our own house, established careers. We are very fortunate and are now on baby #2 and very happy we accomplished all we did before parenthood. 

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We have been TTC since october. Discovered some health issues in february that might cause TTC to take longer then we expected/wanted. I figure our canada trip in May will be our last big out of country trip for awhile. We have already finished paying off our cars, my Darling Husband finished paying off his student loan a good two years ago. We own a home, and well paying jobs. I would love to finish paying off my student loan before a baby is born, but i still owe about $9 grand, so thats a pipedream. 

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andielle :  We wanted to be out of debt, get our credit to a good standing a buy our own place before.

We are out of debt for a while, and credit is perfect. The house however is proving to be difficult. We have been married for 6 months & together for 3 years. 

We had hoped to have all those things acomplished by November of 2017 so we could start, but seems as if the house won’t come so soon. We might push it off, but in the end we agreed that by mid 2018 if the same thing happens while house shopping we will just be TTC and rent. 

I do get what you are saying one minute I want a baby the next I’m unsure because of everyone saying things need to be all lined up, it seems no matter how hard we try there is never a perfect time lol.

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We both have a stable career/ unlimited contracts and finished degrees, he owns our home, and we went backpacking in Asia. We actually TTC before the wedding, because a wedding is just not priority right now. 

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andielle :  I’ve been struggling with mild anxiety for the past few years. Nothing too serious, but I’ve always been the epitome of type A planner – I feel the need to have everything under control. I want to overcome all of my issues before I get pregnant or while I’m expecting (we have started the TTC process but we’re basically just seeing what happens for now).

I am 100% convinced that anxiety is the major non-organic enemy of conception. And I’ve noticed that somehow, babies born to laid-back parents tend to be more manageable and relaxed. I want to be the best mum I can be for my kids, even though I’m 35 and should be probably be all caught up in a conception frenzy. 

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andielle :  I have absolutely 0 baby fever and I think that’s because I’m overly practical.  I don’t think I’ll even want to think about kids until we are homeowners (townhouse ideally, but my DC is very expensive and we love living downtown), have a solid chunk of DH’s student loans paid off, and have a hefty amount of savings.  Darling Husband would be happy to TTC yesterday, but I’m not ready at all!  Most of my coworkers had kids in their late 30s/early 40s, so at 28 I feel like I have plenty of time 🙂

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gingerkitten :  Ours are basically the same. Buy a house and go on one more big trip, even though last year’s big trip was supposed to be the last big one.

There’s some other smaller things on my list, like losing a little weight and starting the architecture blog I’ve been dreaming about for a while, but if we get pregnant before I accomplish those, it’s not a big deal.

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Go to Oktoberfest in Germany and get absolutely rip roaring drunk together. 

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Our goals were: 
-Get married
-Buy a single-family house
-Adopt a dog
-Pay down debt

Thr first 3 are done, and we’re working on the last 2 🙂 We have 3 trips planned for 2017, and are working on paying off some school and car loans now, and building up savings. If we wanted, sure we could TTC now and be fine, but we’re both really looking forward to some travel just the 2 of us, and enjoying our first year married, making memories with our furbabies! I will probably come off the pill after our last vacation of the year (September) and start TTC in November. 

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We want to have a good amount in savings before TTC. We don’t plan to TTC for about another year or two, so after the wedding we can’t wait to build our savings up!

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We are hoping to start TTC this summer. My Darling Husband has been dealing with a minor but unexplained health issue for the past few months, so he wants to wait until that is cleared up. I also have some major house renos planned for this spring, and it would be great to have that complete. 

framarianna :  I have recently come to the same realization as you and am hoping to get in a better place mentally before TTC. Do you have any specific plans? One of my friends had success seeing a counsellor recently and I might start there. 

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My husband is doing his residency in school now, and I’m still a medical student, so we’re mostly waiting until my own residency starts to assure that we’re in the same area (unfortunately, there’s a possibility of us being separated for at least a year until his residency ends). 

Until then, we’re doing our best to enjoy our vacation time by traveling as much as possible while we have some extra money. We’re specifically trying to visit places we wouldn’t necessarily want to take kids, like our trip to Jordan next month (the attractions we’re interested in are more outdoors and it’d be really hard to transport a baby around there), and do things we wouldn’t feel comfortable doing as parents, like skydiving. Ideally, we’d also like to have a bigger house by then, but our space right now is perfect for us, so we’re not actively looking to move yet.

Personally, I really want to get my anxiety better controlled first too! Both for myself and my future children.

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