(Closed) What do you want to do/wish you’d done pre-baby?

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Helper bee
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I have major baby fever too.. We “pulled the goalie” 2 cycles ago but the more I think about it the more I think we should just enjoy our first year of marriage and all that the city has to offer before we move to the burbs next winter…

Here are just a few. πŸ™‚

Vacation, celebrate my 30th Birthday, Enjoy NYC before we move to the burbs next winter, drink all the wine I want, sleep, go to Brunch and not go home until 9pm because we started exploring different areas of the city and shopping, tone my body more…

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Helper bee
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I have the baby rabies, so I have been making a conscious effort to notice and enjoy everything I can do now, that I might not be able to do when a baby comes along.

Sleeping in on weekends. 9 am is the latest we ever sleep in, but I know that is luxury!

Going out for a night of drinking with friends, without worrying about getting home to a baby or worrying about not drinking too much so that I don’t have a hangover while caring for a baby bright and early the next morning!


Reading books whenever I feel like it.

Reading books IN long hot baths!

Vegging in front of the TV after a HARD day at work with a glass of wine.

Eating cereal for dinner if I don’t feel like cooking, and not having to worry about anyone (hubs sometimes cooks for himself, and if I had a kid I’d have to make sure he/she had dinner.)

Eating at a nice restaurant spur of the moment- no planning ahead for a babysitter.

Grabbing drinks on the beach with my hubby on a saturday afternoon- it’s nice to just SIT without having to entertain a baby.

Sometimes, when lugging in my purse, a briefcase and a ton of grocery bags from the car, I remind myself that I’m lucky I don’t have to juggle a baby on top of everything. LOL. Very little thing, but since I have baby fever, I keep reminding myself of everything.

Gym time.

Vacations. The hubs and I have been taking LOTS of trips this year, and every time we go, I remind myself that it is nice to be able to just take off without worrying about kids, leaving them with grandparents or packing a million things to take them with us.


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Helper bee
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We’re not planning on TTC for another 4-5 years, so I don’t have much to offer on this… but out of curiosity.. Why is brie bad to eat while you’re pregnant?  I know why sushi is on the list, for obvious reasons, but I guess I’m out of the loop with brie! I don’t eat it anyway, but I’m just curious! πŸ™‚

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Bee Keeper
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I’m already pretty boring so my life hasn’t changed much now that I’m pregnant. The only things I really miss are like some people said, certain foods. I’m a huge fan of eggs benedict/runny eggs and lox. But it’s only 9 months, I can live without it for that long.

I did have some things I wanted to do, like go to a theme park for a new rollar coaster. But again, that’s something that I’ll be able to do later on in life, no biggie.

As for vacations, I’m looking forward to taking the kids on vacation with me! My parents always traveled with us, so I feel like I’ll do the same.

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Buzzing bee
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@kt23525:  The brie problem is the same as sushi, and unheated deli meat, etc. – there are just lots of bacteria that your body can handle easily right now, not so much when baking a baby.  But like others have said, pasteurized brie may just save my life.  :o)

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We are still very young (24 and 25) and I am in no way ready to have a baby yet. I love kids, and I am definitely looking forward to the day we decide to TTC, but I know it is a few years off.

I love our life right now – we are spontaneous on a lot of things, big things like long weekend trips, and small things like going out for drinks spur of the moment.  I know that is something we are going to lose when we have a baby.

I love sleeping in, doing absolutely nothing some days, laying in bed all day with Darling Husband watching bad TV, etc.  I love drinking a whole bottle of wine by myself (very rare, and always regretful, LOL.) and eating nothing but sushi for dinner.  I know that right now, I am too lazy and selfish to have a baby.

Darling Husband works out of state from March-September, so we need to wait until we are more financially secure so that I can reduce my work hours.

I am getting boudior pictures taken later this year to give to Darling Husband on our first anniversary too πŸ˜‰

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Helper bee
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@EleanorRigby: haha. Your Fiance let’s you get thru a whole book. Having my Fiance is sometimes like having a baby. If I’m doing something for more than 15 minutes with him the room he starts acting up until I pay attention to him. Reading a whole book! Sounds heavenly!!!

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Helper bee
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I love the term baby bucket list! We cheered in the New Year with the toast “To this time in our lives where we are all baby free!” (we were with 13 of our friends who have yet to have children) I also do not want to start a family until mid 2012, maybe even wait til 2013 (though baby fever is creeping into my brain now too!)

My bucket list includes

– getting into optimum shape. I want stronger arms, and abs and want to feel healthier than I have before.

– Run a sub 1:35 half marathon (goes along with the getting in shape)

-Travel to New Zealand (hopefully this time next year!)

– Pay off the car, some student loans

– get a better handle on our house routines (better organization)

-Fix up my home office

Not the most exciting things but just having the freedom to do them is important, we love being DINKs (Duel Income No Kids!)

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I want Darling Husband to have a job he likes more than the one he has now.  I just don’t want him to feel trapped, so I want to wait until he is in a better position.  And, I def. want to take him traveling more before we have kids/ if we have them!

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@hilsy85: Haha, no I totally understand.  Darling Husband was dancing with our 2 year old flower girl at the wedding, and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.  We haven’t been married quite as long as you, so I am sure they will get worse soon!

Your wedding pictures were so beautiful, I am sure the two of you will make a beautiful little one! πŸ™‚

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Our baby bucket list (love the term!) is:

1. Finish FI’s degree (business admin)

2. Finish my degree (my last semester of nursing school is this semester!)

3. Finance a house (we’ve already got several we’re looking at, just decision time)

4. Stable jobs for the both of us

5. Travel to Ireland (FI has Irish heritage, we’ve always wanted to go)

6. Go to Vegas, get drunk and gamble/dance the night away πŸ™‚

7. Go skydiving and/or cliff-diving

8. Purchase a more child-frindly vehicle (I’m pretty positive that a Jeep Wrangler soft top is not a proper vehicle in which to install a carseat… lol)



Pretty much we just want to see the world a bit more. We’re both much too young to be worried about having children yet (me-21, FI-23). We’ve got a long time to enjoy ourselves ^_^

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Busy bee
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@artbee:  Pasteurized eggs, my friend! I am a total eggs benedict/poached eggs fiend, and though they’re not super common, it’s totally possible to find pasteurized eggs that you can still eat runny! Some restaurants even use them.

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