(Closed) What do you want to do/wish you’d done pre-baby?

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Busy bee

I wish I wouldve done my dream trip to Europe, taken another cruise, just traveling more in general. I know I can still after the baby but it wont be the same.

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Worker bee

I am 10 weeks pregnant and we are both so happy but I am kind of wishing that we would have traveled to Europe together before we started trying. I have been lucky enough to have been to Europe twice and have been to over ten countries while there. My husband on the other hand has never been.

While we have done a fair amount of traveling together, Europe is the ultimate in my opinion. We are thinking of going for our 5 year anniversary though and leaving the little one at home with our parents. Is that terrible??!?

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Busy bee
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@lola2011: This is why all my reading is done on the el.

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Blushing bee
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For right now it looks like my goals before we start TTC aren’t that much:

– Get married & go on honeymoon

– Lose some weight & get in better shape

– Get adjusted to graduate school

– Get a family suitable car

– Have the recommended amount of emergency money

For the longest time I thought I wanted to wait till I was 28 to have kids, so I could do some of the things people have mentioned.  Now though I’m not so sure.  Vacations are so expensive and since I have to be in school for what seems like forever (currently getting my masters then going for my doctorate), if I had to wait till after I traveled everywhere I want to I would never have kids.  Plus I think bringing kids would make it more fun.

Also we had to move in with my elderly father to give him support and since I would never put him in a home we will most likely be with him for a good long time.  So that cut out the getting a house first thing (my dad refuses to leave his home).  

Now the being done school thing doesn’t seem as important either since I realized that I barely work while in school and have a major that is accommodating to mothers.  So now its looks like it would be easier to have a baby now in some ways since they would almost be school age by the time I was done with my doctorate.

I guess I’m lucky I’m boring and don’t do much, lol.

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Worker bee
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We had our 1st son when we were 20yrs old and our 2nd when we were 23yrs old. Im now 27yrs old and obviously before I had my 1st I was 19 and I dont drink or go out to clubs. But I did travel with my family, We went to new york, Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador and we had a road trip from Chicago to Central america! That was exhausting to say the least. With our boys we have taken them to El Salvador and DisneyWorld ๐Ÿ™‚ We are waiting for our youngest which is 3yrs old to be a bit older to take a family trip to Europe ๐Ÿ™‚ The boys really have made us realized how exciting it is to be a parent and you basically get to be a kid again. Yes they do drive me nuts with all the noise and chaos they make but when my house is silent I feel weird. lol

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I want to

  • go to Niagara Falls
  • go to California
  • go to Europe with my husband
  • go to Amsterdam and have way too much fun there
  • at least start graduate school
  • buy a house
  • go on a cruise
  • get another dog (and possibly another cat)
  • travel as much as possible


I’m sure there is more that I could want to do but those are all the main things!

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Busy bee
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Things I/we can check OFF our Baby Bucket list:

  • Lived in a foreign country for some time (him 6 months; me 1 year)…wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing that with the Kid
  • Been to Europe (multiple times), Japan, Australia, Caribbean, & all across the country
  • Finished our graduate degrees & both got started in our careers
  • Got married the way we wanted to, had our honeymoon, etc.
  • Been together for 12 years (married about 6 months), so we’re “on the same page” so to speak
  • DEBT FREE! No school debt, no car debt (I’ve always bought used, & I’ve converted the Hubs), no CC debt (he converted me on that one)

Wished I’d done before getting pregnant (due in 10 weeks! Honeymoon Baby):

  • Bought a house…although we’re making the best of the situation
  • Travelled to some of the more “dangerous” places on our Life Bucket List: Egypt, Jerusalem, The Great Wall, African Safari
  • Gone on a Sushi, Blue Cheese, & Cured Meat BINGE! Because, apparently I’ve got to restrain myself not only for as long as I’m pregnant, but also as long as I’m breast feeding, which we’re hoping is 9 months (!!!!)

Want to do before the Kid arrives:

  • Get the Kid’s room ready
  • Go see every award-nominated movie (because once the Kid arrives it will cost 4 times as much to go to the movies!)
  • Get out with friends as often as possible to in some “me/us” time before the Kid is a tag-a-long

Huh…looks like I’m pretty satisfied with the stuff I/we’ve done…thought my want to & wished I’d done stuff would have been longer.  Nice!

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Bumble bee
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I <3 cheese and just had to chime in – all LEGAL brie in the USA are pasteurized! All soft-cheeses must be made by pasteurized milk to be sold in the States. It is illegal otherwise.

You may find unpasteurized soft-cheeses in high-end special stores but it’ll be very, very expensive and also illegal! Hard cheeses (aged for at least 60 days) can, however be made from unpasteurized milk and it’s fine and legal.

Last time I was in France, I resorted to smuggling cheese in!


Edit: I just read that in 2009, 29 states allowed sales of raw-milk but still not for retail and not for human consumption.






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Bumble bee
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Hehe… to be fair, I do a lot of reading when he is watching football!

I have a friend who wants to TTC right after her wedding, and I told her to go to Applebees on a Saturday night and then get back to me, lol.

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Buzzing bee
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What a cool thread! Here’s ours:

– Get out of consumer debt (everything but my student loans & a mortgage)

– Have an 8 months of salary in savings

– Go on an African safari

– Go to Tahiti

– Go to Europe 

– Go to Vegas

– Go on a cruise with my mom (travel is a theme, haha)

– Get a dog and master dog “parenting” first

– Save for a 20% down payment & buy a house we love 

– Get a new family car (DH’s big thing)

– Establish myself in my career so that if I decide to be a WAHM/SAHM I will be secure in my decision and have options

– Darling Husband wants to get to a point in his career that he’s making enough money so working for me is a choice not a necessity

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Honey bee
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Hmmm, let’s see.

Things I want to do before having kids

I would like to get into better shape then I am in now.

Pay down our credit card debt.

Pay off our cars, so we will be car loans free.

Save save save for down payment for our first home and then some extra. I know we won’t buy a home until the baby is older.

Have a baby moon to Hawaii or some places we haven’t been to… Like the South west US.  CO, NV, AZ.

Things I have already done.

We moved across the country from Philadelphia to Seattle.  We are definitely going to move back to the east coast before the kid goes to school.

I’ve been to Europe but Darling Husband hasn’t. I don’t see a problem with going after having a baby. If we go sometime when the kid is a year old, I bet my family or his family would gladly babysit the kid so we could go to Europe for a week.

We had a great hm to Cancun where went ziplining and snorkling.

I don’t really drink alcohol now, so I won’t really miss it while pregnant. I will probably make myself some virgin pina coladas throughout the pregnancy.

We both finished (undergrad) school and I’m in my career.  I’m getting my masters right now. 

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Sugar bee
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here are mine

* get in the best shape of my life! (i want to know that i can carry my baby with no problems (ie gestational diabetes (many of my cousins have gotten this)) and be able to work out though my pregnancy

* finish school!!!

* pay off all my student debt and credit cards ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bee Keeper
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We already have a little one on the way, but I have a few things I wished we could have gotten to before conceiving:

-travel with our family to the “homeland” lol

-go on a few other vacations, Europe, Australia, etc.

-start & finish our backyard project

-finish our fireplace/built-in project

-finish buying furniture for the house

-get in better shape

-have more money in the savings

But, there will always be things we wish we had done I suppose! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

Things we can check OFF the list:

— Traveled through Europe, both as a couple and separately (this seems to be on a lot of people’s lists)

— Both have our advanced degrees (we are DONE with school forever!)

— Both have good, stable, well-paying careers

— Bought a house

— Have two family-friendly cars

— Have family close-by to help with child/day care if we need it

Things still ON the list:

— We have both traveled extensively, but one more big international trip (would love to do a tour of Asia or Africa) would be awesome

Things I will miss after a baby arrives:


— Being lazy and selfish

— A clean and organized house

— Spending time doing whatever I want to do

— Waking up and cuddling with Darling Husband for as long as we like

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