What do you waste money on? Does your partner object?

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Busy bee
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I spend far too much money on clothes and books, he spends money on tools and electric gadgets and vaping. I earn more than him but we split groceries etc in half etc do I don’t see why I should complain. On the other hand… I spent a chunk of my inheritance fixing up the house he’ll inherit one day and we’d originally planned for him to start paying me back but kinda have forgotten because we now live here rentfree and unless we break up, I’ll have my money “back” within a decade for not paying rent.

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Helper bee

My big luxury thing is tattoos and piercings. 

I don’t get tattoos often, but when I do I go big and spend st least 1000$ over all. 

My partner will grumble  if I want to do it all in one go rather than segments. 


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Helper bee
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That’s totally why DH and I have his and hers spending accounts! He is extremely frugal… we live on his income only (We use mine to become debt free by end of 2018!), we don’t have car payments, and the two rental properties we own cover our home mortgage minus utilities. We definitely prioritize saving and investing for the future so we can be in a better place later… BUT all that to say DH does not mind when I spend money on myself. I get my hair done every 8 weeks and I regularly spend a good bit on skincare and waxing. I used to spend a lot more money on getting my nails done/clothes/makeup, but now that I am becoming a mom in January I’ve started spending much less money on myself since I’m leaving my job soon. DH and I have agreed on a set amount of money I can spend on myself guilt-free, and we have a flexible monthly budget for baby clothes and miscellaneous baby expenses. I definitely want to keep my hair appointments every two months because I think it’s important to take care of yourself! He doesn’t spend anywhere near that much, but his expensive hobby is trading and investing… We’ll see if that ever pays off for us, haha! But we don’t begrudge each other’s spending at all if it’s within our budget. I truly think it should reflect your personal interests and priorities! We just don’t care about having nice cars. 😉

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Blushing bee
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We share money and have our own accounts. So what lavish BS we spend our personal money on doesn’t matter or effect the other person. We also make good money and don’t have a lot of bills besides cost of living plus one car payment and mortgage.


I do get laser hair removal. Shaving is more painful for me than the laser, but I know it’s stupid because once we have a kid I might be starting all over. He had no idea what I pay for this, but it’s my own personal money I spent on it.


I know he but really expensive hunting gear. I’m also a hunter, but i opt to buy Cabela’s brand clothes. 

We are rather modest for the most part.

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Busy bee
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I spend my own money on whatever i choose, no matter how silly.

We both earn and hubby respects that I have more money to spend after the household is paid for the month. He wouldn’t try and tell me otherwise, nor would he want to 

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Busy bee
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My biggest splurge is vacations – we do one big trip per year that we try and limit to around $10,000. Then there are a smaller trip or two sprinkled in during other parts of the year (which we keep around $2500 each).

The second biggest is mostly restaurants, we usually don’t cook dinner twice a week (one take out, and one going to a restaurant)

I’m super cheap on most other things though. I don’t get my nails done, I get a hair cut twice a year which costs about $40 each time, I don’t colour my hair, I really don’t like shopping for clothes/shoes, I don’t wear much makeup (I only use foundation, and a nice moisturizer) though the foundation does run me about $50 and the moisturizer $78. I only need to buy those every two months or so.


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Sugar Beekeeper
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I don’t think of the types of things you’re bringing up as wastes of money.  Waste of money is paying late fees, tickets, etc.  Our big waste of money is food that ends up getting tossed although we’re not horrible that way.  It’s just the biggest waste I can think of.

In terms of my wants where if we had to tighten our budget I could go without – buying things for my nephews, tea, quite a bit of stuff I buy at the dollarstore, eating out, alcoholic drinks, some of my gardening stuff (if we had to watch money some of it would still be quite reasonable).  Ugh I think our current cable/tv/phone package could fit into both thinking about it, I need to go deal with that (the landline & internet are both necessities though).

I don’t really spend big on the little luxuries, it’s small amounts that add up.

Hubby doesn’t object.  He has stuff he spends money on too.  We did have a discussion a little while ago though about one of his hobbies, he was constantly buying things for it and he did agree to pay a bit more attention to the total amount/month, lots of the stuff was sitting unused because he didn’t have enough time to get to it all.  I wasn’t really totally objecting, moreso just trying to avoid it becoming wasteful.  He also has discussions with me on how many tomato plants I can have so it’s even that way haha

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