What do you wish you knew? (Prior to having a baby?)

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I never anticipated how much I would hate breastfeeding. And how breastfeeding would make me hate my baby. I always just assumed that I would breastfeed and never considered other options. But with both of my sons, it hurt like hell and I hated every minute of it. I hated not feeling like my body was mine. You go through nine months not having control of your body, and breastfeeding extends that even further. I would stare at the clock, counting down the seconds until it was over. I would then dread the process having to start all over again.

With my first child, I suffered for a few weeks and cried every hour/day. With my second, I quit after a few days. If we have a third, I’m going to be bold enough to tell the nurses, family, etc from the beginning that I’m formula feeding. My mental health is important too. My post partum depression was 100% tied to breastfeeding and I’m a much better mom now that we formula feed. 

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest, here are other things I wish I knew that no one has mentioned. 

Baby sizes are a joke! My two month old is already in 3-6 month clothing. My 22 month old is in 3T. Don’t count on the months actually aligning with your child’s age. 

How quickly babies grow out of toys! The rainforest jumper they loved last month is now collecting dust a month later. Borrow or buy used toys when you can. 

Toddlers are much more work than babies! Babies cry for a reason (hungry, tired, wet). Toddlers cry because they wanted the blue cup and you gave them a red cup. However, hungry or tired is often still the root cause of your problem. 

How quickly everything you thought you knew changes! Today they love blueberries, tomorrow they hate them. Today they wake up every hour, tomorrow they sleep through the night.  It sounds trite, but everything is a phase and this too shall pass. I remind myself of that daily (hourly?) when my perfect, adorable toddler is throwing a fit because mommy made him wear pants today. 



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