What Do You Wish You'd Had Before Baby Arrived

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FutureMrsGrabs :  Nursing pads, nursing pjs, a couple nice robes.  An old towel or puppy pads for around your toilet (needed if you bleed heavily or have bladder issues.) 

I had large babies that both wore newborn diapers so I would get a small pack. 

If you can afford a cleaning service post partum, I highly recommend it. 

I bought a few cute but comfy (nursing friendly) outfits one size bigger than normal.  I was much more comfortable with my post partum body in public or with company in clothes I felt good in. 

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FutureMrsGrabs :  I bought things on Amazon like crazy the week after we got home from the hospital! Some things that I wish I had waiting at home:

– hands-free pumping bra: I didn’t plan on pumping until LO was older, but she got really bad jaundice and we had to supplement with formula pretty much immediately, which meant I was pumping from the day we got home from the hospital. Luckily she recovered quickly, but I ended up ordering 2 hands-free bras after the first 2 days of pumping!

– Get some newborn diapers. Not many, but you never know how big the baby will be. Dear Daughter was born 9lbs 4 oz and she still comfortably wore NBs the first week.

– to sleep in I wore a nursing bra or tank, t-shirt, and yoga pants. I bought super cute button down pjs with nursing in mind, and still haven’t worn them almost a year later, haha. I wouldn’t worry about it!

– I organized all my nursing supplies into a basket with a handle, (and did the same with my pumping supplies) so I’d suggest doing that too! That way you can easily bring it with you wherever you nurse. Don’t forget to buy granola bars and mini water bottles to put in there and have it on hand… you never know when you’ll be trapped by a napping baby!

– I hated the mesh underwear the hospital gave me, so I just went out and bought my regular underwear 2 sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size. So much more comfortable for me!

– Make sure you have Colace ready to go! Too Much Information: I took it religiously every 12 hours and my first pp bowel movement was very manageable. 

Also, my absolute FAVORITE post-partum item was my Bellefit girdle. I tell everyone about it! Got me back in my pre-pregnancy jeans in less than 3 weeks, and I felt almost back to normal down below while I was wearing it less than a week post-partum (despite a 2nd degree tear). It’s expensive, but look into it!

Best of luck! I had my Dear Daughter on January 17 last year… early congrats!!

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FutureMrsGrabs :  it will vary for everyone but my must haves in the first few weeks were:

mesh undies (hospital provided, but those are the best)

humongous pads


peri bottle (hospital provided for me)

diapers/wipes (we used NB for the first 6 weeks even though my husband was huge and I was average..you just never know)

COCONUT OIL (slather that stuff all over your nips. It works so much better than lanolin and doesn’t need to be washed off like some other creams)

comfy nursing clothes (or you can kick everyone out of your house and walk around topless 24/7 like I did lol)

Amazon Prime for anything that pops up unexpectedly.

Lastly I’d go ahead and prep those freezer meals NOW. I was planning on doing it 2 weeks before my due date and welp….kid came 2 weeks early haha. 

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i had nursing tanks and nursing bras for when i was out. but i didn’t waste my money on nursing pjs and don’t wear robes anyway.  when i nursed at home, i just lifted up my shirt.

going out, wearing a button down or t-shirt, over a nursing tank was the easiest access and still kept everything covered. i did not use a nursing cover.  i found them more annoying. but i do know people who like them.

and a handfree pumping bra.  LIFE CHANGING.  i remember not needing to make the decision to eat or pump, i could pump while eating dinner.

we are expecting #2 any day now, official due date tomorrow. i have nothing prepared, except clothes and linens washed.  when i had my son, they gave me 2 weeks supply of post partem supplies plus a sitz bath and water bottle squirter.  you will want the squirter to clean you out down there since it will hurt to wipe.  and the sitz bath for relief.



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Yes, you should buy NB diapers.  Even if baby is born bigger, they can lose up to 10% of their body weight before they get back to birth weight.  You can always not open them and return/exchange them.  For pajamas, I just wore my maternity tanks and nursed and slept in those.  I didn’t like going topless since I’d leak a bit every letdown, topless meant milk all over me.  Rather have it on my tank top or bra.


bottles (at least 1 in case you need it)

hands free nursing bra

nightlight (for your room)

pantyliners if you don’t have those.  I used pantyliners more than the big huge pads in the end since after the first week or so the bleeding ends up being spotting for weeks on end for me

amazon prime is perfect

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FutureMrsGrabs :  I agree is PP that you’ll probably need some newborn diapers.  I would also recommend that you get a few different strengths of maxi pads, I bled for almost 8 weeks post-partum and it was nice to have some options.  Stool softeners are a must have!  If they don’t have you taking them immediately in the hospital you should ask them for some! (I was given a prescription for them without asking)  Whever you are setting up your nursing spots it’s helpful to have a ton of pillows more than just a boppy (think behind your back, under your arms, etc). 

For PJ’s I would just get some larger comfortable sweatpants and then a few nursing tank tops. (I got mine from Target and they’ve been great) They’re comfortable and you’ll just get so much use of them.  I still wear nursing tanks everyday and it’s been 10 months… I bought a pretty nursing nightgown, but I found with all the bleeding postpartum I really preferred wearing pants.  

I wish that I would have had some of the Dr. Brown’s premmie bottles handy right away, my baby had some latch problems and I was really sore, but the bottles we had (even with flow 0 nipples) were too fast to use.  Also if you do have nipple soreness ask for APNO! (all purpose nipple ointment) 

I would also recommend getting some motion sensor nightlights.

Congrats and best of luck!! 🙂 

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FutureMrsGrabs :  I prefer nursing nightgowns the first few weeks because I’m so swollen down below.  Nursing camisoles with a size larger pj pants work too.  I leak horribly so it’s not an option to just wear a normal tank and sleeping nursing bras don’t provide enough compression for me.  Pea in a Pod and Motherhood Maternity have great nursing PJs.  I bought robes from Pink Blush.  I feel much more put together with cute PJs and a robe. It also helps conceal bulky pads. 

I like Jessica Simpson nursing camisoles layered under flowly athletic leisure type clothes the first few months.  Athleta was a fave for me, but is spendy.  

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FutureMrsGrabs :  I needed a nipple shield as mine didn’t pop out enough for ages. Also you’ll probably want some form of burp cloth… cloth diapers are easiest/cheapest and we use them all the time. You’ll know at the hospital if you need newborn diapers and can send your husband to get them while you are stuck there.  Can’t think of anything we didn’t have on hand already except tiny bottle brushes to clean my pump flanges.  It was months before I got around to that.

still hunting for a nursing/pumping bra that fits and doesn’t cost a fortune 

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FutureMrsGrabs :  Absolutely newborn diapers, I had a bunch and still ended up buying another box before she moved to size 1 and my babe was 7.14, not huge… but  that small either. 

I had anticipated a natural delivery and being able to breast feed no problem. I ended up with a c-section and low supply.

Even with a c-section you still bleed… a lot! So lots of heavy overnight pads (I got some huuugeeee ones from the hospital too) and underwear (at least 1 size bigger) that you don’t mind wrecking… providing the hospital mesh doesn’t work for you. Also, I was SO swollen, it hurt to put on clothes, socks… anything really. So I would suggest large elastic-less socks and sweats (at least 1 or 2 sizes too big) that aren’t tight against your mid-section. 

Having some formula on hand is a good idea too, I had lots of samples that I had signed up for, so we went through those to see what worked best for babe. One thing we didn’t have was a bottle warmer, LO is 11 months now (also a January baby!) and I still use the bottle warmer. Made life a lot easier when supplementing formula. 

One other random thing was those little hand mits. My babe was/still is super active and she would constantly scratch herself, also because she’s a January babe it was nice to help keep her hands warm. We did just use socks a lot… but the mits stay on better and look cuter. 

Good luck! I didn’t end up doing any freezer meals (my husband is a busy body who constantly needs to be doing something and cooked all our meals), but it’s such a good idea!

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You need a plastic jug. Fill it with warm water everytime you go to the loo. Pour it over your bits as you pee.

1) it dilutes your pee so it doesn’t sting your stitches

2) it cleans you so you can just pat dry with kitchen roll after

my son was a January baby – great time of year because the weather (in the UK anyway) is getting better and more spring like Just as you’re ready to go out more

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I was pretty well stocked up but I remember not having nearly as many pads as I needed. I went through about 30/40 of those delightful night time  ones. 

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FutureMrsGrabs :  I prepped two padsicles and wound up with a csection..”I’d say only prep two and if u need more u can make more when h get home ..


mom frida was great for washing down there since I couldn’t bend from csection recovery to wash down there but also for natural birth

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