(Closed) What do your friends do that drive you crazy?

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I have one of those friends who I just want to smack lately

-she is obsessed with being told how skinny she is and comparing herself to other people, especially me, which really isn’t fair because a. I’ve always been small, b. I’m pregnant! She will not stop telling me how huge/fat I am. It’s a baby!!!

-She is wedding and engagement ring obsessed. Everytime that we go out shopping she needs to drag me to every jewellery store and oogle over rings, she expects me to take notes and report back to her boyfriend when ‘the time is ready’. When we get home she then sends me photos of decore, wedding dresses and bms dresses. This guy is her first boyfriend, I remeber acting that way in high school, but this is extreme.

-She always texts me or messages me things like ‘hi’! ‘Good morning’ crap like that. If you want to have a conversation at least put something of substance into it.

-DH and I are good friend with another couple who act like they are in highschool. If we ask them to do something, say we are out for drinks, do tghey want to come over to our place, they will sit there and whisper to eachother about it. Maybe Darling Husband and I are just too open, but it’s okay to have a conversation, I’m not going to be offended if you are too tired. Also when we are over she had little hissy fits stomps off to another room, and he has to chase after her to comfort her.

-Said couple is very flakey and will RSVP to events and never go, but if you can’t go to one of theirs they are veery offended.

-Again above couple will do things like invite us over for dinner but there is never enough food, and you will never leave full, then they hand you a bill at the end of it.

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@PoppyH:  WHAT! You can’t call a pregnant woman fat! It’s a BABY, not a beer belly! (What a PUTZ!)

I have a friend who loves to talk about how amazing her boobs are. And they are amazing! But… I can see that they’re phenomenal. Stop telling me!

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@BrandNewBride:  Hahaha! This girl does that too! Only I like to giggle about it because they are noticably two different sizes…. does that make me a bad person?

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@PoppyH:  Seconded to THEY HAND YOU A BILL?!? That’s crazy.

One of my friends has started to be judgmental about the amount of time I spend with my boyfriend. I live with her, but she seems to get offended when I have plans with him. It’s finals week right now and I had a few days off so I went out with my boyfriend and his neighbors last night. When I came home beforehand to change, she was giving us the stink eye and didn’t say anything. Like, sorry I don’t have to study and want to go out and have fun! I hang out with my other best friend/roommate at home all the time because we are always at the kitchen table doing work – this friend just likes to do work in her room so it’s not my fault she’s not around as much.

/rant. I just don’t deal with girl drama and it bothers me that she’s being judgmental about it. If we have plans I will never ditch for my boyfriend, but if you are at home studying there is no obligation for me to sit there with you! She’s also really bad with guys and complains about how she will be alone for the rest of her life but then goes and makes stupid choices and chooses guys who are clearly bad for her.

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@KatiePi:  I have to admit the most frustrating thing about my really good friend I hang out with often is that she is sooooo cheap. Now, I am frugal, but she takes it to a whole new level. As couples, we make the same income (we have discussed this before) and while we are both saving for homes, retirements, etc, she admits its not that she cannot afford to do certain things, it’s just that she would rather save the money instead. 

I can understand and appreciate wanting to save money, but it has come to the point where we barely hang out because of her being cheap. I will ask if she wants to go to Chili’s (2 for $20) or take a $15 jewelry making class or $25 cooking class, and she will admit that she is interested, but would rather try to learn the skill for free on her own. But on the same note, she will say she really wants to meet other people…but won’t do the activities that other people are doing!

We end up exercising together and having game nights/dinners at each other’s places every now and then, but that isn’t much variety. The frustrating thing is that her husband is up to do a lot of things when we offer (go to the movies, out to eat, a concert), but she will quash the idea and say she doesn’t want to spend the money. 

I look for free things to do around town, but most are “family” oriented or not very interesting. I really like her and want to do more stuff, but I don’t know what to do anymore ๐Ÿ™

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Two of my friends are horrible at keeping plans. Drives me bonkers.

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Seriously they will throw a dinner party, or invite us over for pizza and drinks, then when we are just about walking out the door it’s “Hey we probably spent about $40 on all that, so you owe us $20.” But when they come over and drink, and he drinks A LOT, and we make steak or something we would NEVER exect to be paid half, we INVITED you over.

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One of my best friends can be SO annoying.  She has rich parents and has been spoiled her whole life.  


She used to always tell me while I was at college (not paying bills because my parents were paying for me), that I was going to hate it when I got to the “real world” and had to pay bills.  At that time her parents bought her car, paid her car insurance, gas, phone bill, and she used their credit card to buy food.  Basically she was only paying rent and nothing else, but constantly told me and my other friends in college how hard the real world was.


Now she has a daughter who is super sweet, but she makes a big deal out of every event.  For example, her daugthers first time seeing santa a few days ago.  She was really upset that one of our friends couldnt come to watch her take a picture.  She had two friends and her bf there with her.  Does your daugter really need an entourage? 


She also said that her daugther could be my flower girl.  I’ve told her SEVERAL times that her daughter is too young (will be a year and a half at my wedding) and that  I’ve already asked my cousin, but she still brings it up all the time. 


When at first we weren’t sure if we were inviting kids to the wedding she was like “well I don’t know what i’ll do with my daughter.”  you have a YEAR, find a babysitter!!!


I love the girl, but sometimes she can be so self-centered.  


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@KatiePi:  Umm OP, do we have the same friend?!?!? 

This girl is no longer my friend because her negativity was quite literally beginning to affect my life in VERY bad ways. My ex-friend constantly compared her relationship to mine.. Meanwhile, she had just started dating this total loser who would hit on me right in front of her. She sat once for hours and discussed how my fi’s proposal was horrible (he proposed on a vacation on an all day bike ride, overlooking the same spot on the lake that we had stopped at on our very first trip together) among friends and family.. 

AND she also tries to hide the fact that her relationship is crap by saying hers is better than other peoples.. When it is quite obviously not… 


@almostwebbee:  Good lord, she needs to leave your daughter alone!!! 

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I don’t think I’d hang out with people I couldn’t stand or felt the need to talk badly about. What’s the fun in that? 

My friend talks to my dog in a baby voice. That’s about as bad as it gets (and she knows I think it’s stupid). 

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This is going to sound so insignificant compared to everyone elses complaint but I have a very dear friend who chews with her mouth open and smacks very loudly! It drives me crazy! I think about telling her sometimes but how do you say that without making it a big embarrasing deal. However, I would really want to know if i was doing that so i could learn to stop!

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