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Dd lived in footed sleepers until she was like 9 months old lol.

If I did it again I would buy maybe 6 newborn footed sleepers and a dozen in 0-3, and maybe a 6 pack of long sleeved onesies in each size too. It’s easy enough to send someone to target or walmart for NB sleepers if you need more, but a lot of babies won’t wear them that long. Anything that goes over the head kind of sucks because they’re so floppy at that age lol.

At night we put either a cotton or microfleece swaddle over the sleeper/onesie (depending on the day/temp). My dd actually did not like being swaddled so we went to using a sleep sack pretty quickly. During the day for naps I would just put a blanket over her since I was right there watching.

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Don’t buy too many.  I would say a couple newborn sleepers to start (some babies are so big they don’t even fit into newborn) in NB size and then maybe 5 in 3mo.  They will outgrow them very fast.  I got some used NB sleepers and a pack (5) onesies.  That was all I bought for NB size.  Mine wore NB clothes for 4 weeks and then 3 mo clothes for another month.  She was in 6mo clothing at 2mo.  They will outgrow all of them quickly the first year- so don’t invest too much.  That is also why it’s a good idea not to buy clothing ahead of time.  I would only buy some NB and 3mo clothing before birth.  After the first 3-4 mo you can see what their growth curve is and plan out sizes from there (as far as buying ahead).

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Definitely don’t go overboard on newborn and 0-3 sizing! I know so many moms whose babies ended up in 3-6 month clothes when they were only a week to a month old. My baby, on the other hand, is 5 months old and just moved to 3-6 size just a couple weeks ago. Once baby’s here, then you can buy more of what you need. You’ll do well with a handful of onesies in newborn, 0-3, and 3-6 (just to be safe) and then do a run to the store when you know what size your baby is. My mom did a store run for me because we didn’t have enough newborn clothes in the begining – everyone said not to buy newborn because most babies are too big for that size, but DS wore newborn for 2 months.

I agree with a pp to get 2nd hand! We bought a ton of clothes from Once Upon a Child and Goodwill. I don’t have a brand suggestion, but I do think Carter’s clothes are cute! Most of DS’s clothes are Carter’s or Gerber. I have no preference for snaps or zippers, but I do find that the zippers that zip up rather than down are easier for diaper changes – then you only have to unzip up to baby’s waist or chest rather than unzipping all the way to get to the diaper. If you have a wiggly baby, snaps might be harder to do than zippers.

For sleeping, we used a onesie and Swaddlemes when DS was newborn to about 3 months, then we ended up doing just sleepers because he was fine without the Swaddlemes one time we ran out of clean ones. It’s summer here, but we keep our house around 73/74 degrees and baby seems most comfortable in just a sleeper and diaper. When he was napping out in the living room with us, I had him in a sleeper or long sleeve onesie during those first couple months – now he’s in just his diaper most of the time or sometimes in a onesie.

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My baby lived in footed sleepers. You change their diaper so many times a day, and it’s a huge pain to get them out of their cute little two piece outfit just to change them that often. The zippered sleepers are the easiest. I hated the button up ones because when you’re up for the 5th time during the night with a hungry or fussy baby and doing yet another diaper change, you’re pretty desperate to get back to sleep. I also had a few with magnetized buttons, which were the easiest of all but hard to find.

I like the Carters brand and found those held up well, but the Target brand (Circo maybe) is good too. Or Gerber. 

My baby didn’t stay in the newborn size all that long, but he stayed in it longer than we had thought. He stayed in the 0-3 months longest, sped past 6 months and stayed in 9 months for a while. But every baby is different. I would recommend that you definitely buy some newborn sleepers though if you don’t have any. The 0-3 months are way too big for a newborn. My baby was 7lbs.

One other suggestion is a Halo sleep sack with the Velcro arms. It saved (a little bit of) our sanity with a colicky baby.

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cooperlove :  I’m gonna make a vote for sleep sacks.  I can’t tell you for certain if they’re why our girls sleep like freaking champions, it might just be sheer luck, but I attribute at least part of it to the sleep sack.  They know when they’re in it it’s sleep time.  They’ve used them from birth and they’re 19 months now.  We’re probably in the minority judging by how hard it is to find the larger sizes but I swear to god, for how fabulously they sleep I would climb the highest mountain to find the damn things.  We joke we’ll send them to college in sleep sacks.

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My guy sleeps in a Halo sleep swaddle and diaper. Our house is kept at 74 and he’s plenty warm.

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A baby’s room is supposed to be kept at 68-72 degrees and then you dress them appropriately. If you google it, there’s some convenient charts with suggestions of sleepwear by temperature. We keep it about 72-73 and our room (where she sleeps) is probably a degree cooler, and we run the fan.  My daughter wears footed sleepers and we swaddle her legs with a big muslin blanket. She used swaddles for about 2.3 days until we realized she hated having her arms swaddled! During the day, the temp is at 76 and she wears a onesie and a sleep sack for naps. 

We knew based on ultrasounds that our girlie was little so we got a lot of newborn stuff. She didn’t outgrow it for 2 months! But keep in mind you can run out and grab a few things or send someone to do it, so I would mostly buy 0-3. I loooove the zippered footie pajamas from carters. That’s basically all she has! 

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cooperlove :  we just have her in sleepers at night. During the day we put her in outfits, but she generally ends up just in a onesie later in the day. 

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Yep onesies all day are so much easier when they’re little. So easy for nappy and clothes changes and lovely and comfy for them too. My son is 5 months and still in them most of the time.

We used a Woombie swaddle at night and it was Awesome! Once he could roll we transitioned him to a grobag.

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We definitely used onesies + sleep sacks. She loved them, but refused footie pajamas or any form of sock, so it was a way to keep her feet warm without actually “constricting” her. She also wouldn’t let us swaddle her. 


So another vote for sleep sacks!! 

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