What does your breakfast look like?

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lifeisbeeutiful :  I came here hoping someone already posted about polish breakfast! 

I’m in Canada but I’m Polish and the traditional polish breakfast with meats, cheeses, bread, tomatoes, horseradish, etc is to DIE for. I was never able to fully wrap my head around pancakes or granola for breakfast! 

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betyl :  I think it just depends on how you feel in the morning. Sounds like you get pretty hungry, which is fine but doesn’t go with smoothie-drinking.

I’m generally not hungry in the morning on the weekdays so it’s hard to force myself to eat and having a fruit, veggie, yogurt, & almond milk smoothie is a way I can get some calories in without ending up starving for lunch. 

On weekends, I either have eggs cilbir or yumurtali ispanak with fruit if I want something savory or oatmeal pancakes (no flour) with yogurt, fruit, and a splash of maple syrup if I want something more sweet. I live in the US and am not actually Turkish, but I love Turkish food!

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betyl :  I eat all my meals with my 13 month old son so I try to keep it healthy. Today we had Greek yogurt with coconut flakes, ground flaxseed and bananas (drizzle of honey on mine), our other go tos are oatmeal with fruit and cinnamon and chia seeds, spinach and mushroom omelette with feta cheese. Before we had him, my husband and I often did pancakes on the weekend or a Polish breakfast like the other bee posted

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betyl :  From what I understand, alternate day fasting is a more specific term for the type of fasting I do (I fast for 24 hours every other day). Here is a photo of today’s breakfast: 

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I eat mostly whole30 foods so I prep a breakfast casserole and eat that all week… eggs, potatoes, ground turkey or bacon, and whatever veggies I have on hand- usually spinach, shrooms, zuchinni, tomatoes. Then add some guac on top for some healthy fats.

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I’m a serious breakfast LOVER! During the week, I alternate between cold protein oatmeal (similar to picture below) with fuit or an egg sandwich with ham & cheese on an english muffin. Sometimes I do a breakfast wrap with ham, eggs, cheese & a little ketchup if I need a change. On the weekend, I’ll have scrambled eggs on toast, protein pancakes with fruit, or Darling Husband and I go all out and make homemade hash browns, eggs, bacon or sausage & toast! Once in a blue moon, we’ll have french toast or pancakes. 

If we go out for brunch, i’ll almost always get eggs Benedict. If they dont have it, I’ll get a scramble which has cubed hash browns, some kind of breakfast meat, eggs, cheese and veggies. There is a restaurant in a nearby city that makes the most incredible eggs benny, served on a crab & risotto cake (2nd pic). I DIE. 

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Another UK Bee here…I am at my most hungriest when I wake up! However 3 times a week I have to get up at 3am for work and drive 2hrs before I hit the office so I end up having 2 breakfasts! Breakfast number one is usually a slice of toast or two, I’m a celiac so my bread is super tiny. Breakfast number 2 is about 3hrs after breakfast 1 which is either gluten free instant oats or fresh fruit, natural yoghurt and some honey. I’m trying to lose the last 7lbs of baby weight so fruit and yoghurt is mainly breakfast of choice and I have tried cutting out breakfast 1 but I get a bad headache if I do that *sighs* 

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I’m a lazy breakfast eater because it takes me forever to get going in the morning. On weekdays I either do cereal if I have time at home, or I’ll grab an instant oatmeal packet or a yogurt and banana to eat at work. On weekends (or often weeknights since we love breakfast for dinner), my husband likes to cook hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs. He usually does eggs over easy or as eggs in a basket with toast. I love eggs pretty much any way, but my favorites are soft boiled and soft scrambled. I have a deep love of pancakes but don’t make them super often 😂

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I’m originally from Florida, I usually have a small Activia yogurt mixed with a half cup of Kashi Crunch Cereal and a glass of purified water.  FH grabs a yogurt from the fridge on his way to work.

Both my parents are from New York so I grew up eating scrambled eggs with cheese; a choice of bacon, sausage, or scrapple; and buttered toast with grape jelly.  Sometimes I would have corned beef hash with an egg over medium on top.

On occasion we’ll go out to breakfast on the weekends.  If the restaurant has corned beef hash with an egg over medium on top, then that’s what I’m getting! Or I’ll get a country skillet scramble with scrambled eggs, hash browns, roasted peppers, sausage, and shredded cheese.  Or, fried chicken and waffles.  Oh, and liver and onions…

I love breakfast, I just don’t have time during the week to cook it.  I start my day at 5:30am and he gets up at 6:30am.

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My breakfast is always carb heavy. I eat large, carb filled meals all day. A friend of mine stumbled upon the Starch Solution book in the library and lost a ton of weight and it caught on with me and has snowballed with other people we know. We’re down 300+ lbs. 

The breakfast type food I eat is a bowl of oats with a smoothie poured over it and fresh fruit. I’ll often eat a bowl of rice with curried veggies after and a sweet potato.

I tried a lot of approaches to lose weight. Intermittent fasting was working but made me skip my period. The lean protein, low carb approach made me gradually gain fat. Switching to a mostly starch based diet has made the difference for me and for everyone I know who has tried it.

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 Breakfast for me is either oatmeal or cereal with bananas and blueberries and an activia yogurt.  

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betyl :  Californian bee. 

i LOVE breakfast. I eat all the time but breakfast is so yummy to me that I usually have it for dinner, too.


ranges from cast iron dishes like: red potatoes, eggs, spinach, cheese, a type of sausage or bacon, and then it op it with more cheese and avocado. 

also things like eggs and rice and bell peppers and onions. Either seperate or in a scrambled mixture.

i love French toast/waffles/pancakes!

i also do protein shakes: banana, peanut butter, protein powder, walnuts, almond milk, a little honey. (Sometimes I’ll add hemp or chia seeds) 

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I usually have either hot green tea or coffee in the morning w/ a little bit of silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk in it or just a glass of almond milk bc it’s so good. 

I sometimes also have either a banana or an english muffin w/ a little pnut butter & jelly w/ it too not all the time though! 

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