(Closed) What does your DH do that makes you crazy? Vent away!

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Bee Keeper

danier:  Dishes.  He never imagines that dishes should be in the sink rinsed out not all over the house.  but I love this man even with his dirty dishes.

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Busy bee

He doesn’t listen. Plain and simple. I literally have to spell everything out or just do it myself and it’s quite annoying.  Yesterday I told him to get the certificate of authenticity for my wedding ring and he came home with an appraisal instead.  I freakin showed him what it was supposed to look like right before he left. UGH. little things. like that.  make me want to scream. they all add up. and then i feel like a psycho for feeling like that when i really love him i just hate that he doesn’t LISTEN.

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Socks. Everyfreakingwhere. I love him and his socks 

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danier:  Next up, I’m sure a lot of you will feel me on this one.  DH’s version of looking for something in the cupboard/fridge/whatever consists of opening the door, scanning the shelves quickly, being unsuccessful and yelling out to ask me if I know where it is.  99% of the time, he’s looking in the right place, but would have had to *gasp* move something to find it!  Imagine that! :)

YESSS! It’s become a joke in our house, because if I don’t laugh about it, I might kill him. Are some men allergic to lifting objects or moving them to the side to see what’s under/behind them? Sheesh.

My husband makes this horribly annoying sound with his mouth when he’s bored. He has ADHD and can’t sit quietly to save his life, even at 36. Something about this particular sound will turn me into a megabitch in 2 seconds flat. He usually catches himself now before I have a chance to yell at him. Poor guy.

I love him to pieces, though. 🙂

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Fiance gets home for work and literally strips down to his boxers and tshirt in the living room. 

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danier:  My husband is horrible at looking for things too! The worst is when he actually doesn’t look at all and just asks me where _______ is  because he can’t find it.

Some days it takes all of me to not scream “LOOK! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SACRED.. LOOK!”.

ShawnT:  That’s my move. I barely get in the door before I’m getting out of work clothes.

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danier:  Yessss!! The “Babe!! Where is ____” Ummm…. Like… Either where you last left it/where it’s always at. I can be at work and I can find what he is looking for by directing him in the right area (via text). He’s right there at the house most likely staring at it!

And the beard clippings/shavings. All over the sink. Tiny little hairs just sitting there looking grose. Trying to brush my teeth, don’t want to see your facial hair on the handle. Then he says “Oooops, I didn’t see it.” I make him clean it. I’m not touching it. Haha

But boy do I love that man! All his little habits/quirks. He puts up with me… God bless his soul!!

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he somehow gets boogers on the walls of the shower. then he blames it on me. ugh.

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He uses things and then NEVER puts them back where they go, the way they are supposed to go. This especially makes me crazy in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s like constantly picking up after a child.

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OmbreBee:  This!




The hamper is right there… the clothes are always next to or near the hamper…

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Sugar bee
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Socks…socks everywhere…

He’s apparently blind when it comes to seeing a mess.  He doesn’t take it upon himself to clean anything, even if it’s dirty.  I literally have to make plans for him to help me clean and be very specific about what needs to be done.  

I made the mistake once of just saying “You clean that bathroom, while I clean this one.” He literally only took out the bathroom trash and told me the bathroom was clean.  SMH

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OmbreBee:  I counted, my Darling Husband went through 12 pairs of socks last week…how????

bbbria:  You have to laugh at the poor guy, like you said.  I think the words most said in our household are “Hun, where’s my…..?”  All. The. Time.  It’s gotten to the point now where I take pride in knowing where all of his crap is.  It’s the only way I can keep myself from going insane!

Another thing that I hate is that he doesn’t really dry off after a shower, so he drips water all over the bathroom.  We have tile floor so it gets slippery if I’m not paying attention.  How hard is it to either dry off in the shower or on the rug right next to the shower?  Also, when he cooks (which is seldom) he manages to use every dish in the kitchen.  I don’t know how it happens!

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lol my husband is horrible at looking for things too… But had gotten better! Now when he says he can’t find something I joke, “did you look for it like a man or a woman?”. He will usually sigh and say, “like a man…” Then keep looking until he finds it haha!

The one thing that drives me nuts is that I have to give step-by-step directions to do everything, even if he has done it a million times before. things like cutting an onion, cleaning the bathroom, etc. Or he always asks me to come “check” to make sure he’s doing it right. And then he expects praise. 

But I’m pretty lucky.. He has changed a lot in the housework/cooking department and is very helpful around the house now. 🙂

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