(Closed) What does your e-ring/ wedding ring mean to you?

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  • poll: What does your ring mean to you?

    a representation of how much I'm loved or appreciated

    A symbol of promise

    A representation of our financial situation

    I don't care for a ring

    To show that I'm married

    To remind me of our love

    Other - explain

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    • Wedding: September 2013

    It means that I’m married!

    That’s it really.

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    • Wedding: July 2009

    symbol that I am married…

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    • Wedding: November 2012

    My wedding ring shows I am married to an awesome guy who surprised me with something I’ve wanted for a very long time (upgrade). I definitely think of my hubby when I look at it and it makes me happy.

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    • Wedding: June 2013

    I have a ring and I love it but at the same time I really don’t see it as a representation of how much I’m loved (I don’t believe material possessions can ever represent how much someone is loved) and I also don’t really see it as a symbol of a promise. If it was a symbol of a promise than my DH should have had some kind of symbol when we got engaged. Honestly, I like wearing it because it’s pretty.

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    My ring is a concrete representation of my marriage and the committment I made to DH and he made to me. It doesn’t have anything to do with our financial statement, although whatever other people want to do is fine with me.

    I actually specifically wanted a ring that was not very expensive because I work in some of the most dangerous places in the world and it’s possible I’d have to give it up someday. That would super suck, but I don’t have to worry the financial blow on top of the obvious threat to my life. However, when I was in a super super dangerous area, I actually traded rings with DH and put his weddingband on a necklace. I figured he might want my ring if something happened and I didn’t come home.

    ETA: I’m talking about my wedding ring. I didn’t have an engagement ring. 


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    • Wedding: July 2012

    Honestly, my rings just mean I’m married. I’m not really into the whole “they’re a symbol of this or they’re a symbol of that.” 

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    • Wedding: December 2012

    Encore Bride here…

    Right from the time I was a Young Girl, I’ve like jewellery

    And as a Teenager I was fascinated with Weddings and the Rings that went along with them

    In HS I would day dream about the day some man would buy / give me an ERing as a promise of their love / our future etc.

    So ya, I’ve always seem them as symbolic, in several ways.

    When I got Engaged / Married the first time (circa 1980) most women were given a ring (often a surprise) from their Fiance and they didn’t have much say in said ring

    That is exactly how my Promise Ring came to be.

    I was sort of a modern woman for the time (also kept my maiden name) so I knew I wanted / needed more say in this regard when it was time to get Engaged

    As my Hubby-2B and I had talked quite a bit about Marriage and our Life Plans / Timeline getting Engaged wasn’t going to be a total surprise

    So we planned out when, and so by extension it was easy to plan out the fact that we’d shop together (something very rare then)

    My Ex told me his budget, and we found a ring that we both liked that met our needs

    Lol, back then I didn’t know much about Diamonds, and neither did My Ex… we just went with whatever we liked / could afford.

    My Rings were very very important to me.  I always figured my man had made a significant “sacrifice” in buying them, and appreciated that

    They were symbolic of our commitment / promise.  And I wore them proudly, rarely taking them off in over 20 years.

    The idea of an Upgrade NEVER enterred my mind (never heard of such a thing until I got here on WBee).  My Rings were forever… they represented the Promise, the Marriage, and as much where we had come from, and where we were going…

    I used to even joke (ok maybe only half joke) that if we ever lost our rings, that we’d have to get remarried (vow renewal) so that our new rings could be blessed / truly symbolic of our marriage

    This time round… and 30+ years later

    My feelings haven’t changed a lot.  I knew I wanted Rings that I HAD TO LOVE… so Mr TTR & I shopped together

    Altho he was reluctant to reveal much about his Budget, other than to say, I’ll tell you when (if) I feel we are getting into territory that is too expensive

    Mr TTR cared as much, if not more about learning about Diamonds, and making sure that WE GOT the best quality Diamond(s) for our Budget

    My job was to find the Ring / Setting that I was happy with

    It took us 6 Weekends and plenty of Jewellery Stores… but it did happen

    In the end I got a GORGEOUS ERing, that I know represents many things.  It definitely is more than I ever expected, so a symbol of Mr TTR’s love for me (and how he ALWAYS treats me special). 

    It is the symbol of his Promise to Marry Me, and along side with our WBands a symbol of that ongoing Promise … Forever.  The one we made to each other (Vows) on our Wedding Day.

    Which is WHY I know that I am not going to be even considering ever Upgrading etc (just not in my minds eye of what the Rings represent)

    Hope this helps,

    PS… I DIDN’T VOTE… as your Poll only offers one option (if it had been a Multiple Option Poll, I would have)


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    • Wedding: May 2013

    My e-ring and my wedding ring mean different things to me so I voted for other:

    My e-ring is a daily reminder of how much my DH loves, appreciates, and knows me.  He picked the ring out completely by himself and it is absolutely perfect for me.

    My wedding ring is a symbol of our promises we made to eachother on our wedding day.

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    • Wedding: June 2015

    @tiff-tiff-tiff:  For us it was more of a physical representation of our committment. I believe things have the meaning you give it, and so for the two of us it was something beautiful, classic, elegent, and fun. He also liked seeing it as a form of financial committment, and so his interpretation was to commit all of his savings towards the ring, as a sort of symbolic “here you go, we’re in this to win this” move. I support us financially for the most part, so it was sort of equal on both sides =)

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    @tiff-tiff-tiff:  I think what my ring will mean to me is a promise, and a symbol of our love and commitment. I am uncomfortable with the idea that it would be a symbol of how much I’m loved or appreciated, because that implies that its value means something about how much I’m valued, but I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a ring that cost under a certain amount (I think spending more than $1500 would be crazy for my SO and me, so that gives you a frame of reference about my ring cost ideas). But I have to admit it is a little bit of a symbol of how much I’m appreciated. It’s a pretty darn special thing with a lot of meaning, it needs to be able to last and be beautiful!

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    My wedding ring will be a symbol of my promise to him. My eband doesn’t really mean much to me, it’s just a ring.

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    • Wedding: June 2015

    My ering is symbolic of his promise to marry me. Plus I get to look at it and think of him 😉

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    • Wedding: January 2015

    I won’t be changing my last name, so my ring (well, our rings) are our outward symbol that we’re married.  

    The wedding set itself is pretty, but totally replaceable.

    Oh, and I don’t use the terms engagement ring and wedding ring in my real life to describe my own rings.  I’m not wearing anything until we’re married, so I have a wedding set – a band + a solitaire.  

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    • Wedding: April 2012

    My e-ring is a reminder of my husband’s love for me. He put a lot of time and effort into picking it out, and made sure that it reflected both of our personalities. I didn’t have any part in choosing my ring, and I love that it shows how well he knows me. 


    My wedding band is an outward sign to show that I’m married, and a reminder of our commitment to each other. Our bands are almost identical and were made from one piece of gold, and I love looking at mine when we’re apart and knowing he is wearing the same thing. 


    I don’t wear my e-ring most of the time, only for special occasions, when I want to admire it, or when my husband is traveling and I really miss him– it’s like having a piece of his heart on my finger. I always think about the moment he proposed, which was the first time I ever saw the ring. On the other hand, I never take off my wedding band. It’s a part of my daily life, just like we are committed to each other for every moment in life, the good and bad and mundane. When we have a fight and I’m extremely angry at him, I look at my ring and am reminded that we have chosen to be bonded together for life. That no matter how much he might piss me off in the moment, he is still a part of me.


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