(Closed) What don't you and SO have in common?

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He’s a sports fanatic. I have no interest.

I love museums of all kinds. He has no interest.

Neither really bothers me as it wouldn’t be logical to force each other to like something we don’t. However I must admit I’ve always wanted him to go apple and pumpkin picking with me and after 11 years of begging he still refuses. 

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We have different tastes in music and he’s way better with techy gadgets (i.e.he built our computers).  We have very different personalities, but very similar tastes in everything else.

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My SO is very much into video games (computer games not console). He’s asked me to try and play them so we could have that in common, and I tried years ago but it’s just not my thing. I also love football, and he couldn’t care less. 

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Our basic hobbies differ greatly. DH likes fast cars and seems to always have a youtube video or a Motor Trend MAgazine open. That I don’t mind very much. It’s his hobby of gun collecting I HATE. We’ve had quite a few fights over his guns as he knows I hate them and he still bought several before we got married.

We also differ on movie choices. While I can sit through some pyrotechnic heavy action movie I prefer not to. He loves the Transporter movies while I get together with a girlfriend every few years to marathon the Hannibal Lector or Saw movies.



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Hmmm I wish we both liked cooking. And by that I mean he likes to and is good at it, but I am not and wish I was.

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I’m the cook in our household, as he is only comfortable with basic grilling and putting things in the toaster or microwave.

He’s more of an “indoor kid.” He doesn’t like taking long walks, sitting out on our deck, camping, or going to the beach. Me — I love the outdoors.

He always needs a tech gadget in his hands (smartphone or tablet) or some other kind of electronic stimulation, such as the TV being on. Me — I don’t need that constantly.

He doesn’t like going to bars, whereas I enjoy it on occasion.


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@msaperry:  I love to read and he isn’t such a big fan (although he does read books every so often and he does have some that he really likes).

Also, my guy is an Accountant (a CPA now). He’s really good at his job and (most days) he loves it, but when he talks about it all I hear is the teacher’s voice from “The Peanuts.” Everything he says goes right over my head, but I make an active effort to try and understand.

He enjoys watching basketball and football; I tolerate it and watch with him, but I usually have a book with me for when I get bored. I also like to watch horror films occasionally, but he isn’t such a big fan of that. We both like comedies though, so it works out just fine. 🙂

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I like to make a solid plan and stick to it when it comes to going out and he prefers more spontenaiety. 

He’s a gamer and I am absolutely horrible at games (though I enjoy watching him play them and talking with him about them… I am just really bad at playing them, so we can at least engage on the topic, I just can’t do it with him.)

The latter doesn’t cause many issues unless we are at a standstill on what to do with the television. The former is fortunately not often an issue either because we just don’t go out that much… but when we do, we often bicker lightly beforehand about planning. (I wonder what’s so awful about making a plan, he feels like planning takes all the fun out of it.)

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Our tastes in food are VERY different. He hates beans, veggies and cheese and I love them!


He is not physically active. I exercise just about every day plus I do a lot of heavy-duty outdoor work.


He loves TV, I have not watched TV in years. He especially likes cartoons and sitcoms which I think are stupid.


He loves watching sports and I cant stand it, except for ice hockey. Even then, I don’t give a rats ass who wins. However it is a good excuse for a night out as dinner is usually involved!


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DH is also a sports and video games monster.

I’m just happy he got rid of his smartphone… She used to play with it during family gatherings, which my family considers VERY rude!

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right there with you, OP….sports!  i’ve grown to like them more and try to impress him with my knowledge, though, haha!

i have had to set some limits around the smartphone stuff…like after 9PM, I’m all tapped out.  has worked pretty well…although football season is right around the corner, so ugh!

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Our music tastes can clash. We have a lot of similar likes, but then he is such a big fan of this weird ass underground hip hop and indie music that often has really vulgar titles… ugh. I refuse to listen to it when we’re together, and he respects that.

Our food tastes are different since he is one of the pickiest eaters I know. He hates pasta and potatoes, and those are practically two of my food groups. PASTA? I make it once or twice a week. He is coming around though and has gotten much better at trying new things or things he thought he hated but hasn’t had in 10+ years. I have also explored Indian food, which he loves, and I now love it too.

He also adores soccer. I hate it hate it hate it. He has gotten me to like cricket though! I’m a baseball fan, and he has watched some games with me.

So we do try to find common ground on these issues, and no matter what we respect them.

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He collects guns…I’d prefer they not exist.  That’s probably the biggest one.

I voted for Obama, he thinks he’s awful (he is a libertarian).  I am so unhappy with our government, though.  =(

I believe that someone’s nurture is much more important than their nature, and he thinks nature plays a larger role.  This spawns some REALLY interesting debates!

He is a huge Yankees fan, I grew up a Red Sox fan and am a Phillies fan.  


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