(Closed) What drives (or did drive) you crazy about wedding planning?

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emitchell456:  I drive myself crazy, I have a planner and yet I still cant trust her to do the footwork, so I do it. All by my own choice, I know I am paying her to do it, but I just cant let go!

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Sugar bee
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We’re still 6 months away from my wedding, but I would have to say that the thing that has driven me the most crazy so far has been unresponsive vendors. Some were fantastic and responded really quickly, whereas others were absolutely hopeless. Trying to book in cars for myself, my Fiance and our bridal party was an absolute nightmare as it seems that the whole industry (at least here in Australia) just like to take their sweet time responding. Fortunately, we’ve booked in everyone that needed to be booked – now it’s more just making all those little purchases – so hopefully this problem is over!

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emitchell456:  People who were hyper concerned with shit I didn’t care about. My aunt was VERY concerned about the snacks during cocktail hour. I knew it would be less than an hour and was at noon with a heavy lunch following. I was literally going to buy big tubs of popcorn & put it out. She was having none of it and kept asking and asking about the damn snacks. Thankfully, she got so fed up with me that she offered to not only plan it all and set it all up– but PAY for it as well. So awesome. 

My BFF/MOH on the other hand… man did she really really care about stuff that meant less than nothing to me. It got to the point where I put an embargo on wedding talk with her a good 4 months before the wedding. It sucked that I couldn’t go to her for help/advice but it saved our friendship because I couldn’t take her constant critiques and questioning every last thing. 

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Busy bee
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That everyone has  an opinion about the wedding and they all feel the need to tell me. 

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Worker bee
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honestly, what drove me crazy about wedding planning was seeing how much certain things cost!!! 

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I was driven crazy by two things.

1. Trying to find a good balance for blending essentially 3 different cultures at my wedding. What is the norm for one set of people was rude/unheard of by another. That was delicate and tricky to navigate.

2. Taking myself out of some of the communications. I found myself being the go between for certain vendors that I helped myself when I took myself out of the equation and got them talking to each other!

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I was in charge of planning the religious (Vietnamese) ceremony for my sister since I was making the trip to vietnam to get a bridal outfit for her and the bridesmaids’ outfits. All according to her instruction and theme. Mom couldn’t help but insert herself into all kinds of situation like asking why I don’t pick out different colors for each bridesmaid so they look like a rainbow.  Sister said no so she “told me” to do it anyways without telling the bride (even though blue was her theme and she explicitly telling me what she needed me to do). Mom wasn’t paying and she kept being pushy everyday to the point that my sister used me as a middleman to shut her down.

Me on most days:

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Helper bee

Everyone’s opinions! Our families try to be helpful by offering advice, suggestions, etc. but it just makes me crazy. I basically have everything planned already, so when they give me suggestions I get annoyed. Example: I tell my Future Mother-In-Law about what flowers I have chosen. She says, “Oh, that will be so pretty! You know what other flowers I love? Roses! Wouldn’t those look beautiful in your bouquet?” Well, sure. But I’ve already made the decision so please stop talking. People mean no harm, but when I hear so many opinions my mind starts spinning.

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MexiPino:  +1 totally agree on people who are so concerned with things I don’t care about…this past weekend it was my in laws driving me crazy about dumb shit I don’t care about, namely the following:

1. Mother-In-Law kept pestering me about our registry (it’s not a priority for me and don’t even know if I want one). She insists we need one and MUST put the info on the invite. When I told her I didn’t think I want to include registry info in the invite and said she’s always seen it included and how are people supposed to know (we don’t have a website)…then she KEPT BRINGING IT UP ALL WEEKEND. Like calm down if I’m not too worried about it you need up relax.

2. Father-In-Law kept asking for months if my dad is wearing a suit or tuxedo so he can plan…how about you wear whatever the hell you want and stop worrying about what my dad is wearing (I’ve told him my dad has always worn a suit to every wedding but he keeps on asking…I think he wants me to change my answer to a tux bc he REALLY wants to wear a  tux lol but I told him wear whatever you want).

3. My aunt telling me when I had a plate of food in my hand (the first thing I’d eaten all day) that I had to be careful because I needed to slim down and get ready for the dress…um EXCUSE ME?! I told her I tried my dress on and it looks just fine thank you very much and gave her the dirtiest look I could. 

There is more stuff but I can’t list it all and that is the most recent 

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Sugar bee
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All of it. Is that bad? I love my husband, I love our marriage, but planning our wedding DRAINED me.

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Im very indecisive so it’s sippwr hadr to pick stuff. When I seem to pick someting other’s opinions make me doubt my choice. We are having our wedding at a cottage andbgoing for a rustic/vintage cottagy theme (not farm/barn level of rustic, but still rustic) my mom didnt understand this “style” so a few weeks ago when I shared some decor ideas she just said why you want everything like this? Are you gonna wear a burlap potato sack instead of a normal weddimg dress too? Note that I never mentioned having burlap or hay… maybe if I was having a barn wedding on a farm yeah, but we are having a cottage rustic vintage theme not a farm theme… there will be no burlap. She just doesn’t get it and it’s so frustrating…i think she had a totally different image on her head as to how she thinks a wedding should be… and I want my wedding to be us, not what it “should be” like no we are not having silk and crystals and feathers. Ugh.😡

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Busy bee
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+1 to all of these….

I got married 1 week ago…it was a wonderful day but even with the planner I’m indecsive and didn’t care about all the little details that my Mother-In-Law or anyone asked me about….

My hubby was like why don’t you want to talk about it. I’m like bc I knew I’d never be a fan of this stuff. I got stuck talkin to his mom for 45 minutes about flowers. I’m like “whatever is in season and looks good…and matches my colors”. She went on how her daughters knew they wanted this or that…


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Is everything the answer? I answer, everything.

Invitations and guests are currently at the very top of my list. No grandma, my godparents who I haven’t seen in 12 years and who I’m 99% are homophobes are not invited. They don’t even know I’ve been dating a girl the past 11 years, why would they be invited to the wedding?

My venue manager is really pushy! I hardly said a word during our meeting! I have to send her a long email detailing what I want and how the wedding will run my way. I hear  you 

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ana2017:  , my sister keeps insisting we have RAINBOWS. This is not a goddamn BIRTHDAY PARTY, I’m sure people can tell we’re GAY without goddamn rainbows. Stick to your guns, do your wedding your way.

I can’t recommend wedding planning across continents. Not being able to walk up to your vendors to talk, or visiting your venue to plan is a real kicker.

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