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Sunshine024 :  They haven’t gotten to me too much, thankfully, but he’s convinced that once we do have kids old enough to understand the puns, they will love them. I think they’ll roll they’re eyes at him just as much as me, but I’m sure it’ll only encourage him more. 😅

Another one I thought of is drinking all my damn water! We each have a water cup that sits around the house. I’ll go and fill upmine, and if he empties his, he’ll walk over, drink most of mine (leaving about one mouth full) and then walk away without filling it – usually right after I’ve gotten up to fill it too. Ugh! I hate it. He has gotten better about filling it back up for me, if we’re eating a meal and I’m glaring him down.

I’m also completely guilty of leaving unwashed dishes on andinthe sink -not in the dishwasher – which sounds like it’s annoy a lot of you! So I understand where your SOs come from with their habits. Thankfully, my husband is the same way and doesn’t mind.

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mysterygal101 :  lol I also get dressed in the dining room, though I was the only one but our bedroom is tiny and cramped with no good light and the mirrors are at awkward height (+ the dining room is near the washer/dryer so I can grab clean stuff and ditch dirty stuff with ease)

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jayquellen :  I’m the punny one in our marriage, and eye-rolling is a surefire sign of success. Throw in an “oh my god…” with the eye roll, and I know I’ve done my job. 

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Oh, Lord. Where do I even begin. I often question myself how I could love a man so much he makes me so crazy. Just this morning I was lamenting to my best friend about how I don’t get near enough credit for being his wife. 

In the spirit of griping, here are a few things that drive me bonkers (like many others):

-never puts food away

-leaves his dirty socks/clothes on the bathroom floor even though he BUILT a hamper in the bathroom

-hoards unnecessary documents

-has stinky feet (LOL – but, seriously PU!)

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Mine used to leave dishes in the sink rather than putting them in the dishwasher until we figured out about “acts of service” being our mutual love language-  and that a clean kitchen, with an empty sink and clean counters, makes me happy. Now he is really good about it! I really can’t think of any habits that drive me nuts that he still does. It annoys me when he throws the empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom trash can instead of putting it in the recycling bin in the kitchen, but that’s minor. He spends a lot of time playing video games but I know that will have to change when we have kids so I don’t begrudge him now. 

No wait, I thought of one – farting. He does it way more than I do, and has smoked me out of our bedroom on a couple of occasions in the middle of the night! Like I had to go sleep on the couch for some fresh air. 

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Not thoroughly looking for something and me having to get up and finding it right in front of his face the whole time. Lol. Think thats an across the board issue with men. 

I am also the housekeeper… it kinda annoys me when he comes home and asks me why something is a certain way… “Why is this here and not there in the bathroom (with a frustrated tone)”… “um… I cleaned the bathroom today… and it was wet after cleaning it so I left it in the shower to dry… duh”… lol 

He doesn’t do like any chores at home because he works like 80 hours basically and its pretty physically intense stuff… and I work from home and have it really easy so it just works out better that way… but sometimes his obliviousness to the process of cleaning a home just annoys me… I don’t care if he does chores or not! Just don’t be shocked and pissy about it when you get home lol. Hope that makes sense?

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Oh! How could I forget?! If he’s not hitting snooze on his alarms constantly, he’s letting them go off for minutes at a time. He uses his phone for alarms so he has them set to songs and – no joke – the same song will play for 3 times! I can’t STAND repetitive things so by them he’s getting hard jabs to the ribs. 

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When l am in the kitchen and my hands are all covered with food, he will come in, pull my jeans down and run off. He also wants to share food when we eat out, half and half of each dish. Yesterday I wanted a meat feast pizza…went to the bathroom, came back and he said ‘ive ordered salad, so we can share your pizza and my salad’. I don’t want fucking salad, I want my pizza to myself!!

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This thread is great! Haha. I’m lucky that my Fiance is actually pretty tidy. Like washes the dishes before eating tidy! I can’t complain about that!

The two things though are:

1. He sucks at eating at a cafe and keeping it romantic – either the phone is glued to his face, or he scoffs his food down and asks if we’re ready to go before I’m even done. Romantic, hey?

2. He seems to hoard juice. He buys so many bottles of juice, and they take over the fridge. I swear we have at least 4 opened bottles of juice plus at least 2 unopened at all times. Not even different flavours!

But I can forgive him because he really is on top of keeping things neat, plus he just cooked me soup because I’m unwell.

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This is too easy.

What drives me crazy is my husband’s need to leave traces of everything he does during the day. I know exactly what he’s been up to based on the detritus left behind. When he retired we had it out because I said I was not going to be his personal maid service/assistant cleaning up after him all day long. He was just entirely too used to that when he was working.

He has improved, but it’s like a coach once said to me, “Much better, still no good”. 

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Worse problems to have, but he has a hard time telling me no. From where to go to dinner, to using expensive dip on stick potato chips or nixing a clock I love…he’ll just clear his throat out of nerves and not tell me no. We are working on this…

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My hubby is pathologically incapable of throwing out an empty toilet roll and he leaves nuts, bolts, screwdrivers everywhere in the house. I find them in my washing machine often. I’ve found a screw driver in my fridge more times than I care to remember. Much to my chagrin, my husband also thinks our shared underwear draw is a good spot to put important bolts, screws, car wiring bits etc for temporary safe keeping!! A few months ago, I was in a hurry to get to work and went to put on a pair of fresh undies before making a dash out the  front door. Was sitting in my car about ten minutes later when I realised something was digging uncomfortably into my butt cheek. After doing some digging around, I found  a capacitor  from some circuit thing my husband was fixing, stuck in the lace of my undies. When I got home he got an ear bashing from me because I knew that he’d put it in our shared  underwear draw for safe keeping. 😡

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Oh man, where to start? 

– He doesn’t close the cabinet doors (neither does his dad or brother) 🙈

– He doesn’t throw away the old toilet roll and put a new one in. 

– He spends a lifetime in the loo. I think he does it to get a break from me 😂. 

– His clothes ALWAYS hang over the laundry basket even when it’s empty. 

– He sits in the shower. 

– He bites his nails. 

– He hates wearing pants at home but will not go shirtless, I don’t understand the logic. 

– He does not look at me when I’m pointing out something to him and so he will not find it. Added to this, he sucks at following direction when I tell him to do something and will always do it wrong. 

There’s probably countless other things but oh well, I still love the man. 

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I am so relieved to read about the pantsless thing. As soon as the weather is remotely warm, there he is in only tiny shorts which actually look like underpants. Often with a shirt hiding them. I have to give him time to cover up if there is a visitor. And his legs are his worst physical feature too so there is no desire to show off there…..

And this asking where things are without looking for them, it’s like some sort of tic.

“ where’s the dog?” Like if he doesn’t wait ten seconds she will be right there jumping up. 

“Where’s the iPad ?” That’d be this iPad right here  in its accustomed charging place next to the lamp would it? 

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