(Closed) What drives you crazy about your significant other?

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Oh, god and sometimes he puts his shoes on the bed!  Ugh!  His SHOES on the BED!  I don’t care for shoes in the house much less on my BED where I SLEEP with my FACE!

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Buzzing bee
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My husband often has to have a snack right before bed.  Today I found an eaten apple core on the carpet by his bed.  Gross!  So annoyed.

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LOL, I feel better about my husband reading this! Some of the things that have been mentioned here would drive me bonkers!

The few things I can think of…

1. Taking his shoes off and leaving them right in front of the door for me to trip on when I walk in. Is it so hard to put them by the wall??

2. Being too much of a planner! Every week before we go grocery shopping we have to plan out a dinner schedule for the whole week. It’s nice in a lot of ways, but I’m used to just going and buying whatever I’m out of or what looks good and winging it. Also, getting out the GPS anytime we go somewhere new. I’ve found some of the coolest places by “taking the scenic route” as I like to call it so unless we need to be on time let’s just enjoy the ride.

3. Getting out of the shower without drying off and getting not only the tile, but also the bathroom rug wet. It weirds me out stepping on a wet rug in the bathroom, like someone peed on it! Oh, and then putting on his shirt without drying his back. If I see him get out I run over with a towel to dry it 🙂

4. When he clips his toenails he cuts them all raggedy. But neither of us can stand the sound of a nail file so I let it go.

Oh, and this is not really his fault, but the TP always ends when I use it so I’m always the one to replace it.

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Its funny how I keep thinking of things that I could post on either of these two posts (what drives me crazy about him and what drives him crazy about me). I guess we have a lot of reciprocal type things that we disagree on and drive each other nuts. 

The one I was just thinking of was the way we communicate via email and text. I am a total technology person and I would love to just email and text all day. His job is a lot busier and he doesn’t do either “just because.” It drives me crazy that I’ll text him something silly and he doesn’t respond… whereas he says: it didn’t require a response (technically true, but come on throw me a bone! haha). It drives him crazy (I am thinking.. he has never said this) that I email him 47 times a day about stupid stuff. haha. 

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Helper bee

I like to call my BF the midlife man, even though he is in his late 20’s and I in my mid 20’s.   He listens to talk radio, watches CNN/MSNBC/etc., and has a penchant for soft rock.  Every. Day.


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Oh my gosh, these are too funny!

My husband is a mouth breather. There, I said it, and it drives me nuts! And sometimes, like everyone, he has really bad breath, and I can smell it from across the couch. He gets mad when I tell him to breath through his nose, but I’m like, “Dude, I don’t want to smell your burrito all night long!” And he also has one of those very “wet” mouths. Like saliva everywhere, and it grosses me out when we eat sometimes, but only when he’s super relaxed and not worrying about being polite. Ugh, so frustrating, haha.

It’s a good thing he’s cute 🙂

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Worker bee

The things thats bugging me most about him at the moment, is he sometimes seems completely incapable of making a simple descision. 

We were in Burger King at the weekend, and it actually took him nearly 30 minutes to decide what burger he wanted.  I know he’s watching what he eats, so a BK is a big treat for him – but geez, it’s just a burger!

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lol, this board is awesome.

my number one is probably this: he NEVER refills the brita water.  drives me NUTS going to the fridge for cold filtered water, and it’s empty.  FILL THE FREAKING WATER IF YOU SEE IT’S LOW!!!  IT’S THE EASIEST CHORE IN THE WORLD!!

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#1 thing: He never freaking stops. He’s always going, and sometimes I just want to bum around and stay in my pjs and only eat coffee….till like 3pm but still dammit I want to be a bum. 

2. Talks about how he wants to change certain things like he wants to lose weight but doesn’t change his eating habits, doesn’t work out and just complains. I’m a doer, if I want to change something I will. 

3. He likes educational tv, I like stupid tv, like dumb reality shows and he makes fun of me for it. 


I still love him anyway

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@cbgg- My boyfriend doesn’t like to gossip either, and MAN does that drive me crazy!! To his credit, sometimes I forget he’s not my girlfriend. For instance he recently told me I talk to much about the Kardashians….Never even realized I had a problem! HA! I guess sometimes they gotta put you in check.

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Bumble bee
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1. He is L-A-Z-Y. About almost everything. He works 9.30 – 5.30 every single day, comes home and watches TV, surfs the net or plays computer/video games. He does cook, but it never occurs to him – oh I should clean something, or oh I should tidy up the living room or do some vacuuming. Only when it affects him directly. He often doesn’t close cabinet or dresser drawers or doors, and frequently leaves the shower on (our shower thingy is a sep knob you turn to put the shower on, so that if he doesn’t turn it off, and i shower after him and turn on the hot & cold wihtout paying attention, i get water dumped on my head). He rarely puts food away when he’s done using it or cleans up teh stovetop or countertops after cooking stuff.

2. He is often completely oblivious. He often asks where things are when they are staring him right in the face. He rarely cleans anything without me asking him to do it first. He wears glasses 90% of the time for chrissake – why can he never see ANYTHING?? I put bills on the fridge and he never reads them, and the cable bill (the biggest) is in my name so I always have to tell him what he owes me and when he needs to give me his part. URGH!

3. He never cleans out or checks the fridge before going shopping. So we end up wasting lots of food. He always buys the biggest size of anything when only need the smallest amount.

4. He is never consistent about telling me when his plans are or what time he’ll be home. Not that I want to know his whereabouts at all times, but sometimes he’ll tell me he’ll be home late or to have dinner w/out him before he leaves in the morning, and other times he’ll tell me he’s made plans mid-day and i won’t hear from him until he’s home, and other times he’ll tell me he’s made plans either in the AM or mid-day, but then send me a text when he’s heading home. Oy!

And yet…… 🙂

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Sugar bee
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Oooh good post.

He has terrible sinuses so he (a) has no sense of smell thus can’t tell when his clothes smell or his feet smell or he just in general smells so I always have to tell him; (b) mouth breathing which I hate more than anything in the world; and (c) leaves his f***king tissues all over the apartment. So gross. I can’t blame him for a or b since he was born with crappy sinuses, but pick up your nasty tissues. COME ON.

Also, he pronounces things wrong a lot and continues to do it even after I correct him (nicely). He does it because he knows it drives me INSANE.

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Busy bee
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His temper is the worst! He is easily stressed out, and he is a procrastinator..

However I’m pretty sure all three of those things also describe me.. so we’re a good fit.

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Helper bee

Sounds really corny but he doesnt know, make that will not, load the dishwasher efficiently.  Huge bowls on the bottom, cups lying down (lying down!!!) and it drives me up the wall since I always have to re-do it. 

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Busy bee

There are a few things, but the biggest is when I walk in the door from work or class and the first thing out of his mouth is ‘what’s for dinner?’…drives me nuts especially when he has been home for a while.

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