(Closed) What embarrassing thing has your child said/done?

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When my oldest daughter was about 6 she told her entire daycare and teacher that I was going to have a baby. I was NOT pregnant. When I picked her up at the end of the day her teacher was like “I hear you’re expecting!?!?” Noooooooooo. So funny now… but not so much at the time!

Just this weekend my 4 year old daughter got wide eyes in the cashier line at Target and said loudly “mommy, I’m going to ask you something LATER!”. I had heard that tone before so I was like – ok! As soon as we stepped out of the store she was like “mommy, was that person boy or a girl?!” I was like “I don’t know, but they were sure fast at checking us out!”  So glad she waited till we were outside!

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I don’t have kids, but my 4-year-old niece asked her mom if I was going to marry her daddy (my brother). Definitely awkward, but more funny than anything, as kids that age don’t always understand how families work πŸ˜› It’s also pretty common for little girls around that age to say they want to marry their dad, so whatevs.

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I don’t have kids, but apparently my dad took me to the park when I was really little and he had to use the bathroom. I wasn’t old enough to leave outside, so he took me in with him. A few days earlier, my parents had given me a quick lesson on the anatomy of the female/male body (the whole “where is it not okay to touch” talk, etc). So, having just learned the word penis, I walked into the washroom with my dad and quite loudly exclaimed “daddy you have a nice penis!!” Apparently all the men stared him down so hard and he took me straight home cause he was so embarrased πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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futurebrideesq:  I do not have kids however I apparently was a real asshole on one particular occasion. We took a family trip to Branson Missouri and I was probably about 5. And we were staying in a hotel and I said that I wanted room service. Well no one cared. And my parents and my brother and I went to the hotel restaurant to have dinner.  I was pissed. I did not want to eat anything there and I was being a little shit. I probably was also super tired and grumpy from amusement parking all day with no nap. Any how my dad is trying to get me to be interested in eating in the restaurant and not the room. They had all sorts of memorbilia on the walls. One was a white Elvis jumpsuit. So dad says to me “Hey megs look they have a suit that Elvis wore” apparently I SHOUTED “WHO CARES! ELVIS WAS A PRICK!” bahahaha I had no idea what I was saying. But holy shit did I get scooped up and shuffled back to the hotel room where we had room service. lmao I think my parents were both mortified that I knew and repeated such a word but also that they would get chased from Branson with pitch forks. They weren’t happy to reward my bad behavior but I think at that point they’d just had it. lol 

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futurebrideesq:  she was 4. In the middle of the grocery store (and loudly, might I add), she says: “Mommy!!!! Do you have big boobies or small boobies?!” FML πŸ˜‚

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I was looking for Marsala wine to make chicken Marsala at the grocery store and my son said very loudly “Mom please stop drinking so much.” There was a store employee right next to us too. I rarely drink- once a year at most. I was so embarrassed. He did it to be funny. He’s 15 now and anytime we go by the liquor aisle at the store he says “Mom, try to resist.” My son has a great sense of humor. 

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Two good ones- 

My youngest cousin got it in her head when she was around three that “popular” meant “cool.” So anything she liked was immediately popular, and she liked to say things like “Your earrings are so popular” or “Your dress is very popular, where did you get it? I want one!”  

Another story- I was once in a public restroom and heard a mom tell her daughter “Mommy’s pregnant so she has to go potty now. You should go too.” To which the little girl replies, “But mommy, I’m not pregnant!” I about died laughing at that one!

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almostaudrey:  once at the mall I went into the bathroom and a little girl and her mom were a stall over. The little girl exclaimed “Mommy! You have a VAGINA!?! I HAVE A VAGINA TOO!” lol I was like well she’s not wrong lol 

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Mine are still pretty young to embarrass me, but at their first birthday party one of my girls totally sucker punched a boy a few months younger. We were joking that maybe they’d get married someday and she just pulled her little fist back and clobbered him. I felt terrible, but it was pretty funny. Maybe she’s gay and we can tell her that even at a year old she wanted none of the boys πŸ™‚

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Took my daughter to her great grandfathers funeral when she was about 4. She didnt really understand what was going on. Her dad was carrying the coffin and the whole cemetary was silent when she shouted to her dad ” hey dad what’s in the box?”. I wanted them to bury me instead.

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My littlest sister yelled the F-word at Easter dinner. My mother, embarrassed, said to my grandparents “oh my goodness you just never know what they’ll be exposed to at daycare!” and then my brother said “Daycare? You told me to get the f— upstairs twice just today.” Hahahaha roasted.

Once I was alone with my brother on a bus. I was 15 and he was 4. We both have very red hair. A lady commented on it and he buried his head under my jacket. The lady and I kept talking for like fifteen minutes until it was our stop. Finally, I stood up to get off and my brother pokes his head out from my jacket and tells the lady “my doggy got his pee pee cut off.” I died.

Oh, and my dad also used to tell everyone he didn’t know where my red hair came from and that I was the mailman’s kid, not his. Old joke, ha ha. My mom used to get mad about this joke and kept telling me not to listen. So when a lady asked me where all my pretty red hair came from when I was, like, four, I said “My daddy said it’s from some other man but mommy says that’s not true.” They both turned bright red and scurried right out of there!

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