(Closed) What embarrassing thing has your child said/done?

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heputaringonit:  she is a little sod, but I adore her 

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futurebrideesq:  My son is only two so he hasn’t said many embarrasing things in public yet lol. However, a few months ago I was traveling to Vegas with him to go visit my mom (she lives there) we are seating in the waiting area at the airport, he is playing and runing, the all of a sudden he stood still farted really loud and screamed at me mommy I farter! I almost died! lol but it was really funny too.

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I don’t have any kids of my own yet but I half raised a little girl who is now 5. Last summer (4 years old at the time) my boyfriend (at the time, now he is my fiance!) and I took her to get ice cream. We were sitting down eating and this older man came to her with a pack of skittles asking if she wanted them. Something was very obviously wrong with his voicebox and his voice was very cracky and high pitched. She takes the pack of skittles and he sits down a couple of tables behind us. It was very quiet and she proceeds to say very loudly: “WHY DOES THAT MANS VOICE SOUND SO WEIRD! ITS LIKE, SO WEIRD…!! WHY IS IT LIKE THAT?!?” and she went on and on and on…. lol. We were about to die of embarrassment!!


Another one about me when I was like 3…. my mom had me in the stroller one evening walking around our local high school track, trying to get some excersise in and there was a really heavy set lady in front of us. She said that I started yelling “MOMMY LOOK AT THAT LADY SHE IS SO BIG. SHE HAS A BIG BUTT. SHE IS SO BIG.” Lol. My parents tell me I used to also announce to the world when I farted and I would say “excuse me, I pooted!” even if it was silent, in church, in restaraunts, etc…

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The Christmas that my was son was 3 (he’s 13 now) he was OBSESSED with Thomas The Train. We brought him to the mall to see Santa and when it’s his turn he rushes up to Santa and plops on his lap and Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas my son–without hesitation–says “PUSSY!!!” Santa did a double take (as did we!) and I quickly realized he meant PERCY, the train. 

I had a lot of laughs that Christmas whenever someone asked what he wanted LOL. I think the best response was when a friend of mine (guy) asked him and he told my son “me too” LMAO

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Not my kid, my SO’s niece… we were at a 5k waiting for her dad and my SO to finish and her mom, sister and brother were there with us. We sat down under a pine tree to get out of the sun and I warned the little girl (about 5 years old) to be careful because you didn’t want to sit on the pine cones and hurt your butt. As soon as the word “butt” was out of my mouth I realized I had made a mistake. Sure enough, as we got up to return to the track, she blurts out, “Thanks for teaching me about butts!”

I died laughing, but I still had to explain to her mother. After I did, she just rolled her eyes and said, “Oh, don’t worry, she’s been talking about butts all week.”

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chigirl217bride:  My nephew was like that! He was 5 when we got married and he said to me one day, “I know what you’re doing”. I was like, uhhh what? He goes, “You’re going to marry Uncle ______”. I said yep, and youre going to be our ring bearer! His reply was, “I think I’m going to be sick that day”.

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Back Story: My brother & I went to a private, religious school (Pre-school thru elementary).

My brother was about 3, I believe, and my mom packed my brother orange slices in a ziploc baggie in his lunch. He was having a difficult time opening it and under his breath with every try he was saying “G*d Damnit, G*d Damnit, G*d Damnit.”

Luckily the teacher had a decent sense of humor and knew us well enough that this was not the normal at home haha. My mom was mortified though and we think he probably picked up on that term when our grandfather was visiting, but still the irony of all of the curse words/phrases he could have learned & it was that one that he repeated at a religious establishment!!

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weatherbug:  Hahaha why do they not want to attend our weddings?!?!?!

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futurebrideesq:  We were watching Snow White on video and my small daughter asked me what an “old hag” was (the evil queen takes a potion to turn herself into an old hag), I told her it was a very ugly, very old woman.  Later we went to the supermarket and you guessed it, we drew level with a very elderly lady reaching for something on the top shelf when my daughter excitedly leaned towards her out of the shopping cart and pointed, squealing “Look Mummy! Is old hag! Is old hag!”. She was so proud of herself for finding one and clearly indignant at my lack of appreciation as I sprinted down the aisle, so she helpfully shouted it until we’d turned the corner. 

Another one was her school diary when she was little. She did get sweets (candy) and watched videos (this is pre DVDs!) but they were rationed in favour of healthier/ more active things. As a result they were highly prized. So at the end of term this diary came home and we read it. Virtually every weekend, irrespective of the outings and fun things we had done, read “I wotchd videos and ate sweties”. One variation was the Sunday entry that read “I wotchd videos all day becus mummy was porly and daddy was drunk.” 😬

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My little cousin was about two and our family used to do weekly get togethers at our grandparents house. Well this particular evening we had extra guests visiting from overseas and we decided to do lots of seafood on the BBQ for dinner.

My little cousin was sitting in his highchair eating his food and babbling away to himself. No one was paying attention until he kept repeating the words over and over …..mmmmm…I love porn!!! The whole table just stopped and looked at my uncle thinking what the EFF are you saying around this kid?!!! We then worked out he was enjoying his prawns (Australian word for shrimp) and wasn’t pronouncing the word correctly!!! Lol!!!

The overseas guests still tease my now teenage cousin about this!!!

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My daughter just the other day was playing a video game and I guess she couldnt figure out a part and she was like, ‘mom, I am sooo stressed out right now’….

I looked at her and said, ‘you’RE 6 years old and you’re STRESSED OUT’? Like, seriously?

Not really embarrassing but my son told me the other day (he just turned 8) that he likes TWO girls in his class (my heart is aching just thinking about this..not good) and he wants to marry one. I told him, girls are expensive. You need to finish school and GET A JOB first.lol And, you can’t like TWO girls in the SAME class…this will not end well….smh

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Butterfly6:  You are going to have a little heartbreaker on your hands.  Does he know which one he wants to marry?  Or he just knows he wants to get married, but no idea to which one yet? 😉 lol

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