(Closed) What exercise and food are you planning today? Motivation thread!

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Honey Beekeeper
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@zoecn:  I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your path to 115! Those are exactly the numbers I chose (127 to 115) when planning for our wedding!

Darling Husband and I do 1 hour walks as often as we can (we usually get in about 3 miles or so) – and I’m also on 1200-1300 calories, depending on how much exercise I get each day.

Good luck!! 😀

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Bumble bee
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Good luck! I am planning to eat clean and not OD on yummy protein bars. Also planning on making it to hula hoop yoga and barre afterward! Oh and not eat a huge bowl of cereal today- ugh it’s healthy cereal but the carbs!!

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Honey bee
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Good luck! I can only tell you what is working for me… 1400 calories a day. I don’t eat my calories that I burn. I only ever consume 1400. I do cardio ie: running, elliptical, recumbant bike for an hour 4 days a week. Then I do 2 days of toning and strength training. I have lost 15 inches and 23 lbs in 10 weeks 🙂 Good luck!!!

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Busy bee
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I’m going for a 30 minute walk at lunch then jogging after work with FH.

As far as eating, we eat pretty healthy everyday.

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If you have an iphone or smart phone that gets apps….I use the app called My Fitness Pal. its a blue icon with a white shadow of a person jumping. I log all my foods and stick to a strict 1200 cal a day. I’ve lost 15 pounds in 3 months…..but I still have 20 more to go! Keep up the good work! Today was my Friday fun day at the gym 10 minutes stretching, 45 min cardio and another 10 minutes stretching! Have a great weekend!

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Sugar bee
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I’m getting over a stomach bug so I’m on the BRAT diet today… but I plan to go to bootcamp tonight since I’m feeling 90% better.

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Sugar bee

I’m doing the Couch to 5k program right now, and today I’m starting Week 6 of the program (10 minutes running, 5 minutes walking, 10 minutes running – eik!). Also been working in some strength training after my runs.

Since today’s a heavy exercise day, I’m eating a bit heavier than usual (gotta provide FUEL for that workout!):

Breakfast – plain Greek yogurt

Morning snack – iced coffee + 2 clementines

Lunch – peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread; 1 can Progresso lentil soup

Afternoon snack – baby carrots + carbalicious energy bar

Post-workout snack – Green protein shake (kale, spinach, blueberries, banana, protein powder, almond millk)

Dinner – whole wheat pasta with chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms

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Sugar bee
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Haven’t worked out in the past week and a half except for one day due to a nasty cold.  Plan on getting back to it with a run this weekend and some strength and cardio as well.  Plan on eating lots of protein today and no bar tonight!  Haha… Fiance and I went to our bar last night for dinner and a couple drinks.  Aiyeeeee…lol

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Sugar bee

Good luck to you!  Today’s a pretty normal day for me.  Breakfast is yogurt and toast, lunch is a sandwich and apple, and haven’t decided on dinner yet (we may go out for dinner tonight).  And a few cups of green tea in between.

After work, I’ll go to the gym with Fiance to do some weight training.  Fridays are usually dedicated to legs and abs.  We normally do about 45 minutes of squats, inclined sit-ups, leg presses, and some of the other machines depending on how we feel.  We usually don’t include cardio on Fridays, but we may go on a light 15 minute walk afterwards (leg days are kind of tiring for us).  On other gym days, we would do a mix of weights and cardio.

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Buzzing bee
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Ive been doing a “squat challenge” for the past couple of days, plus my daily walk with my dog. The squat challenge is basically you start at 50 squats, then you go up by 5 for 3 days, theN A day of rest. Then you jump up by 10 then up by 5 for 3 days then a day of rest, then you jump up by 20 then up by 5 for 3 days, etc. It’s a 30 day challenge and I’m only on day 5 and my legs are jello! Lol

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Buzzing bee

I eat around 1700 calories a day (net between 1400-1600).  I don’t eat processed foods, dairy, added sugar, or grains.  I like to keep my carbs under 120g for the day and my protein above 130g.  The only time I go into the inner aisles of the supermarket is to buy almond butter (and I should really just make my own, but I’m too lazy), oils, and toilet paper. All the fresh stuff is on the perimeter, so that’s where I shop.  My rule of thumb is that if it can go bad, then eat it.  If it can’t go bad, then skip it. I eat this way 80-90% of the time.

For breakfast, I usually have something egg-based. Scrambled with potato hash, omlett, frittata, etc.  I also have a latte with almond milk.  For a mid-morning snack, I loooove Jamie Eason’s pumpkin protein bars.  For lunch I usually make a big batch of soup on Sunday and portion it out for the week.  This week I’m having chipotle lime chicken soup.  For an afternoon snack, I have Jamie Eason’s turkey meatloaf muffins. I go to the gym after work then I have a protein shake.  For dinner, I mix it up, but it’s usually a lean protein (chicken or fish usually) and grilled/roasted veggies.  I make a lot of stir frys without the rice or lettuce wraps. If I want a snack at night, then I eat celery with almond butter.

I go to the gym 6 days a week for about 90 minutes.  Monday I do chest, triceps, abs, and a 30 minute HIIT run on the treadmill.  Tuesday and Saturday I have leg days (leg press, weighted squats, leg curl, hamstring curl, hip abductor machines, calf raises, and seated calf raises). Wednesday is back, biceps, and the HIIT run.  Thursday I do an hour spinning class and abs.  Friday I do shoulders, abs, and the HIIT run.  On all the days, I stretch for about 15 minutes when I’m done.

I lift heavy weights (3 sets of 8 reps).  The weight should be enough so it’s really hard to do the last rep in the set.  Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program is great for starting out.  I try to switch up the exercises and my schedule every month or so so I don’t get bored/my muscles don’t get used to the exercises. 

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Blushing bee
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yoga! not only will it melt you & de-stress you but also tone you! yoga with a nice walk is always a great way to go. i might do that today and make a huge salad for dinner. i’m talking the works def avacado, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, chick peas, onions! filling! right now i’m enjoying soup <3

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Honey bee
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Just did a zumba class (so fun!) and making salad with mango and blackberries for lunch. Probably another salad at dinner with chicken- I love salad:) I do weights and squats every night. I’m 5’5″ and trying to lose the last couple pounds before our wedding- 2 more weeks!  Good luck with the 10 lbs- I’m sure you will do it!!


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