(Closed) What fairly trivial "bad manners" thing bugs you the most?

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Texting at a restaurant. I get so tired of going to dinner with people and feeling like I’m competing with whoever is texting them all through dinner. You are here, with me. They can wait 2 hours like people used to have to *all the time.* I feel like I’m the only one bothered by that, because it seems everyone does it.

Also, interrupting people who are speaking. That gets to me, but I do it now too, probably because I spent so much time being interrupted, and I got sick of it. No excuse, though.

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@iarebridezilla:  Erghhh, PEOPLE NOT SAYING THANK YOU when you hold the door open for some one! I say “THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” in a really loud voice. People who allow their shopping trolly to lie width ways across the shopping isle! So inconsiderate. I HAVE MANY BUG BEARS, but I will take up this whole thread with them, lol.

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People letting the door slam on me bothers me, too. I always make sure and say “OW!” really loudly, and then they usually apologize.

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When people push into an elevator or a subway before others have gotten out – the elevator isn’t going anywhere with the people still in it, so just freaking hold your horses!

I admittedly laugh at people that all hussle and shove each other when they line up to board a plane; at least a plane that’s being boarded by seat number. Regardless of WHEN you get on, you’re still sitting in the same seat! The plane isn’t leaving without you! Why hurry up to basically get your butt on the plane to sit there and wait for everyone else to board? DH and I enjoy watching this debacle from the nearest bar, while we finish our drinks. 

I’m sure I have others…

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I hate when people bite their forks.

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@iarebridezilla:  I have been catching myself do that lately!  I’m trying to stop, I promise!

I hate when people make any kind of noise with their mouth.  


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@MrsTahoe:  omg the subway thing drives me nuts. It will go MUCH FASTER if you just let everyone off first.

Two others for me, Men not letting women off the elevator first. I get it if its packed but if its just two of us I expect him to defer to me and people who put their bags on the seat next to them. Are your bags tired? Why do they need a seat?

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people who talk on their phones while shopping, waiting in line, etc.  I don’t mean the “hey hon what kind of milk was I supposed to get” type of thing.  I mean the long conversations.

The fact that we live in a society where stores and restaurants have to post “please end your phone call before placing order” at the register kills me.  It’s so rude.  

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When people don’t put down that lil divider stick thing while checking out at the grocery store. I have to reach past them awkwardly and all over their groceries so I can grab it and be able to start putting my own groceries down.

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People, men or women, who don’t hold the door open for you when your hands are full.  I always try to do this – out shopping, at Starbucks, etc.  It drives me crazy when people don’t.

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@sweetpea87:  Oops, I do this all the time. (So does Fiance.) I usually don’t have any interest in the conversations that are happening around me if we go with other people, so I get on my phone and check Facebook/Twitter/etc. I get bored really easily and my mind wanders, so I either stare off into space and am in my own world or play with my phone. 

I really hate it when people talk with their mouths full, or chew with their mouths open. Gross.

I hate when people don’t hold doors or don’t say thank you if I do.

I HATE IT when people are late, especially chronically, and/or for no good reason. FI’s brother and SIL are chronically, ridiculously late. They blame it on having a kid, but really, they’ve always been like that, and it got worse when they had a kid because they don’t prepare for anything. Meeting us for lunch at 12:30? SIL jumps in the shower at 12:15, then FI’s brother. Neither of them gets the kid ready until they’re both out of the shower. Oh, look, it’s already 12:45. No call, and oh, they don’t answer their phones when we call them. 1:20, we call and they finally answer. Oh, they’re getting in the car now. No, really, they’ll be there in 5 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, we call again, they’re “stuck in traffic.” It’s literally a 2 minute drive from where they stay, down a road where there’s no traffic. I think they finally showed up at 1:45.

I hate it when people interrupt me. I get so angry when this happens. I love her, but FI’s mom does this ALL THE TIME. We’ll be in the car and I’ll be talking about wedding stuff, work, whatever, and she’ll come in the middle of a word and be like, “OH I LOVE THIS SONG!” and turn up the radio. Or we’ll be sitting in her living room and I’ll be talking about something and she’ll jump in to ask Fiance something completely unrelated. I’ve just stopped talking until someone asks and then make it a short answer.

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