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  • poll: What would you use in my situation? Remember in MY situation.
    Wood : (14 votes)
    30 %
    Engineered Wood : (15 votes)
    33 %
    Laminate : (10 votes)
    22 %
    Luxury Vinyl : (7 votes)
    15 %
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    katy13:  I have a small dog and hardwood in my new house… and as cute as her little paw prints are on my floor… I cringe having to clean it, because I have heard you’re not supposed to use too much water etc on them!

    I saw on a home reno show, a really nice ceramic tile that has a wood finish, It looked like wood floor but was actually a ceramic tile. I have tile in my enterance and it’s super easy to clean when puppy gets her muddy paws all over it! 

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    MadameHibou:  I love the wood grained tile too. That’s what we’re putting into our kitchen. All the look of wood without the hassle. We are going to be living in a humid environment also, you don’t want laminate or engineered, and I can foresee issues with the grain popping up on wood. 

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    katy13:  you can put a heating system under the tiles, it doesn’t cost that much more, especially since you’re already considering hardwood. We’re trying now to consider whether or not to put it in but we’ve been leaning towards doing it. There was a flip or flip episode a few days ago and they put the greyer tone of the woodlike tiles in a bathroom, it was gorgeous. It’s the same color were using which matches our style.

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    katy13:  My parents redid all the flooring with tile in parts of the house and laminate in the bedrooms/hallway.  They LOVE it and have lots of dogs, lots of friends dogs over, and all are big.

    The laminate doesn’t ever scratch, very durable.  It’s SUPER easy to clean.  You don’t have to seal it. And, in my opinion, it really looks like wood.

    We discovered two significant things that can cause damage so far: water and a hard hit.

    Extended exposure to water will warp the floors, just like wood.  We keep the dog bowls in the bathrooms, kitchen, or backyard now to prevent that (we have some “swimmers”).  I don’t know what they would act like in a super humid climate, but we live in the Bay Area of California, so it’s fairly humid.

    We had one dog who loved to take those huge, heavy bones onto the bed and nudge them off the edge.  And then do it again.  He loved the noise.  It was hilarious, untill we realized the floor was denting slightly.

    So, there you have it.  I vote for laminate all the way in bedrooms and living spaces. Tile in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchen.  Anyplace there is a significant chance of a large quantity of water.

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    tksjewelry:  I wish I had known about this… my house is opn concept, and I have hardwood in my kitchen! Not my first choice lol

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    I never considered having vinyl flooring throughout the house until we moved into our condo and I love it! It’s great at minimizing noise, it’s easy to clean and it’s so durable. You can’t even tell it’s vinyl, everybody who comes into our place is shocked when we tell them it’s vinyl (my so’s ain’t even redid her floors in vinyl after seeing ours) 

    This is what we have, but it a darker Walnut finish;



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    Sorry to hijack your post OP, I know this isn’t what you want, but we rent a house in a hot and humid climate, and the landlady put the wood effect tiles pps are discussing in our 3 bedrooms. It looks good, I don’t deny that, but it’s rough and not very nice on your bare feet, and is a pain to clean because of the ridges. I think it would be great outside, but I would never choose to put it in my home.

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    katy13:  I personally have engineered hard wood. My parents do too. We both love it. I would not recommend real wood because of the humidity. It expands and contracts depending on the weather, just like bamboo. I live close to the ocean in a VERY humid city and am very familiar with that kind of thing. If you get it wet and leave it for a while (if the dog has an accident or you spill water and don’t notice for a little while), you could ruin that area. I think laminate and Vinyl look cheap and will not last forever. Eventually they will start peeling in corners and high traffic areas. Plus if your dog is crazy, he could scratch them.

    Engineered requires little maintenance. I vacuum 2 times a week and use a swiffer to give it shine once a week. I have an extremely rambunctious boxer and my parents have 2 dogs and 3 cats. No scratch marks or anything. You can get the “hand scraped” look to hide any even better. Here is hand scraped:

    My house:

    Have you thought about tile? My FI’s parents have it throughout their whole house and it looks great. I know you love wood, but tile is honestly the best thing to stand up to the climate and pets. Plus it looks super classic and will never look aged. Easy to take care of if you keep up with vacuuming once or twice a week and swiffer every so often.


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    I have engineered wood in my entire downstairs. I cannot stand it. Sure, it looks great to have the all wood look downstairs (especially with an open concept), but my dogs have ruined the floors. Ruined. Them. It makes me sick when I see the heavy traffic areas…they are so scratched. Oh, and pet hair. Yeah, have fun trying to keep that clean. If I could go back, I would spend more to get the tiles with the heated option underneath. As it stands, I will probably be replacing these floors in the next 5-7 years (just had them installed a year ago). 

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    We have laminate that looks like hand scraped wood and we’ve been very happy with it. Our dogs tear ass around the corners and I have yet to see a scratch on it. I did debate hardwood for a while, but I was concerned about it getting scratched and/or warped, plus the obvious additional cost.

    The ONLY thing I don’t like about the laminate is the noise my dog’s nails make on it. It’s an obvious clicky noise that does not sound like wood. Other than that one small annoyance, I’m very happy with our choice.

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    I have luxury wood look vinyl in the living room, kitchen, and baths. I love the way it looks. I have two cats and they haven’t scratched it up. However, I have a bar stool that for s

    ome reason scratches the crap out of one plank. Maybe from a different batch?  They are water resistant and are fine in my humid master bath.  However…since I have dark planks they are always dirty! Foot prints, paw prints, and cat hair everywhere! I bought a stick vac and swiffer wet jet but it’s impossible to keep up

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    I just went through this whole thing for my house… we ended up with Laminate. (Pergo Visconti Walnut from Lowes to be exact.) We’ll be putting it everywhere but the bathrooms.

    One thing to worry about with laminate is water. So make sure your dog’s dishes have mats under them. Keep your wet shoes on mats. Don’t put it in the bathrooms. Have a mat anywhere else that might get wet – like in front of the kitchen sink. Make sure to dry up spills/accidents quickily. My parent’s dog marked his territory near the couch one night (my brother’s dog was visiting) and we didn’t notice until the next day and it ruined their laminate in that spot. (They just moved the couch back a little to cover it up.)

    Enginereed hardwood – From what I gather it’s more expensive than laminate but still basically laminate. A real wood veneer on top of the same mdf or plywood backing.  It’ll have all the same issues as laminate but just with a softer surface – which will scratch easier than laminate. It can’t be refinished. I really don’t see the appeal for it. <br /><br />Have you looked into bamboo? It’s very hard and is real hardwood but a lot cheaper than most hardwoods. However, it can’t be refinished like most woods. So if you like the look of it, that could be a good option. It comes in a variety of colors not just “bamboo” colored. 

    Real hardwood. It’s expensive. I’d do that if I could afford/justify it. It can be refinished many times and it’ll look great for 100+ years. We seriously considered this option. But ultimately decided that we probably won’t be living in the house for more than 10 years so there wouldn’t be much benefit for us other than maybe resale value. (If that’d even raise it enough to be worth it? I doubt it.) However, if you see this being your “forever” home, i’d consider the wood. Though I’m not sure what kind of climate you’re in and how the 2 react. I’m sure your local flooring experts will know and can advise you on that. 

    Now Luxury vinyl. This isn’t a bad option. I would have advised against it before but my future-sister-in-law just had this put into her kitchen. It fooled me. I thought it was laminate. It felt and looked like wood. It’s great for water. Spill all your want on it. Probably good in humidity too. I think it’s a great option now. Vinyl seems to have a cheap stigma about it but times and technology has changed and the good stuff looks really great. I would price it and consider it if you have kids (or plan to) and if your dog tends to get things wet/slobber/mark territory. 

    Just make sure to see samples in person. Touch it. Does it feel like wood? Does it look like wood? There’s so many differences between companies and colors. And even colors within the same company on the texture/look/feel and even locking mechinism on these types of flooring. When we were compareing different colors of Pergo we noticed there were at least 3 different types of locks and some were obivously better than the others. 1 you could easily snap off with your hands. That’s not good!

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