(Closed) What funny quirks does your pet have?

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Honey bee
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I have pugs, so their mere existence is a funny quirk.  

One of my pet’s funny quirks is that my turtle went on a diet recently.  SO spoiled the turtle so much with fish and pellets that he got fat.  How does a turtle get fat, you may be wondering?  Well, they can’t retract their heads anymore, and the space between his front legs and shell, which should be hollow, would bulge out when he’d swim.  The turtle’s usually cute, friendly, and swims towards you to beg for food when he sees you.  During his diet he became really mean.  Like snapping turtle, hunter, MUSTEATNOW kind of aggressive.  Moral of the story?  Everyone’s angry on a diet.

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Busy bee
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My cat is such a nutball. She REFUSES to let me take a nap during the day. If I am laying down on the couch or the bed, she’ll come up and start pawing my head. She doesn’t do this late at night, but there is a war on naps at my house. Also if she wants attention she’ll jump up on my leg – like up to my hip if I’m standing. She also enjoys hanging out in the kitchen while I cook, licking the pans as soon as I leave even though she knows she is not supposed to, and playing with the iPad. 

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Buzzing bee
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my kitten plays with anything

he also has to stretch all the way out when he sleeps!

i also cant use the computer on my bed when hes around, since he chaces the mouse across the screen!

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Sugar bee
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We have two kitties: Java is a 12 year old tubby tabby, and Moe is a 6 year old ginger Maine Coon. 

Java loves tv. She gets completely enthralled, especially when a nature show is on. Sometimes if someone is playing a video game or using a pointer tool on the PS3, she will run up to the tv and follow the pointer around. She also runs up to her automatic litter box everytime it runs, and she bats at it until it stops again.

Being a Maine Coon, Moe is really super vocal. I think he knows more words than he lets on. He is also really good at getting his way. A neighbour thought he was homeless and has been feeding and sheltering him all winter. He goes between the two houses and stops for a meal and a nap at each one. 

He also loves the bathtub. He will drape himself over the side of the bathtub and if we are having a bath, he cries to be let in. Both kitties do all kinds of weird things… too much to list really.

Moe’s photo won’t upload, but here is one of Java.

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Bumble bee
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We have a kitty named Maja who likes to sit in any open window and WAIL at anyone who walks by. I’m not talking a delicate little mew but a full on epic howl that makes it sound like she is begging for rescue. The best is when someone stops and talks back to her, it’s so cute and I’m so glad that they don’t think we are torturing her and call Animal Services. 

Our other cat Eisley like to drown things so we often find toys and dead bugs in her water dish.

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Lol. these are hilarious.


my two cats are full of quirks. meet Tina and Zelda:

The wierdest of the two is DEFINITELY Tina. She is obsessed with her daddy, and insists on sleeping on top of him. Her favourite place was on the back of his neck, but then she got too big for that and started falling off.

she also likes sleeping on laptops, and will do anything to sleep even partially on a laptop, even if it’s ridiculously uncomfortable. 

Every morning she goes into a sucking frenzy, and spends a good half hour sucking on FI’s thumb, while he’s trying to get some sleep. If his thumb is not available, she’ll knead and suck on my bathrobe. 

This quirk is definitely the most disturbing: when Fiance is on the loo, she HAS to sit on his lap. No matter what Tina is doing at the time, as soon as she hears Fiance in the bathroom she DROPS EVERYTHING AND DASHES to the bathroom like a bat out of hell. Then she sits on his lap and sucks his thumb while he does his business. Needless to say, I find it extremely disturbing. 


Oh, and she talks to birds.

She’s so stinkin cute.


 ETA: oh and I forgot to add, she has a thing for little balls of foil. well that’s putting it mildly.

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Helper bee
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these are all so funny, especially the cat ones because I’ve had cats with some of the same quirks! 

I sneeze multiple times in a row usually, and my all-black cat will look directly at me and “meow” while i am sneezing.  it’s like she’s saying ‘bless you’ This same cat is obsessed with “blanket caves” and insists on being under the covers with me every time I am under a blanket. 

My gray tabby used to do this thing when he was a kitten where he would nibble the tip of your nose, but it was kind of like a kiss.  so cute but kind of weird.   

@Fall_In_Love22: My one cat does the same thing where he arches his back, looks like he’s on his tiptoes, and starts running away to the side.  His eyes get all wide and he looks like a halloween cat. 

@FutureMrsCassar: wow, you can tell your cat is obsessed with your Fiance, so cute!  one of our cats is obsessed with my Fiance like that too, following him everywhere when he is home, always laying on him, sleeping on the top of his head like a hat at night, meowing at the door when Fiance is gone for a long time…I could go on and on! 


Anyone else’s cats do that chatter when they see birds?  Ours definitely do, and sometimes my one cat does it when he gets yelled at (we call it “back talking”)

Here is a photo of one of these weirdos on his own personal “stove-bed.”  Since he insists on sleeping on top of the fridge (next to the stove), I put a towel over the stove when it’s not in use to prevent his fur from getting all over it.  He decided this would be his new bed. 


 And above are my two weirdos after I got a new throw, they didn’t even give me time to take it off the store hanger.  haha! 


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Bumble bee
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@cerulean713:  haha your cats are adorable! yeah the chatter when they see birds is ADORABLE! it’s like they’re trying to get the birds to come nearer. d’awww. 

lol and I can SO relate to that picture of the throw. my cats are like that with EVERYTHING i buy. they’re particularly excited when I buy bags, clothes, and things that come in boxes. they HAVE to get inside the box, then they spend about two days in there.

The funniest was this one time when Future Mother-In-Law got us a fluffy floor cushion. It was meant to be for Fiance since he likes playing wii games on the floor. But of course, it was claimed by Tina the minute I walked through the door. In fact she’s on it right now. I just took a picture 🙂


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Helper bee
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Lol my cat has my antisocial tendencies… She has to eat separately away from the other cats and doesn’t eat when anyone (human or animal) is looking at her, she doesn’t like cats coming near her and has her own bed when the other four have to share.

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Helper bee
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@ FutureMrsCassar: that is hilarious….my black cat would definitely have claimed that pillow too, she loves soft stuff.  my cats also have to “snoop” through everything I buy, even groceries, and they especially love when I get packages because they get the boxes too! 

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Bumble bee
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Helper bee
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I have two cats Dusty and Shadow. Dusty (gray/white color) is about 3 years old and she is very much a lady. She refuses to eat treats unless it is on a separate plate from her dry food. Shes a maine coon so she likes to be very vocal too. If she wants anything done like say a window or door open, she will paw and meow until I give in and open it. Oh she also sleeps with her tongue out. It is adorable!

Shadow (black) is still a kitten so he does all kinds of quirky things. I swear he thinks hes a big dog. He likes to lick faces just like a dog would to say hi after coming back home. When he is happy and purring he drools… alot. He also loves climbing into plastic bags. Most recently he has started randomly licking inanimate objects too. Here is a picture of him licking the bed when we were moving furniture as well as a couple more of them in action 🙂

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Blushing bee
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My dog is an odd one. She won’t eat food from a bowl, it must be on a platenor tinfoil. And then, the food must be at least six feet from her water bowl. When the princess wants to eat, she will take a bite of the food off the plate in her kitchen, put it in her mouth, sit in her spot in the living room to eat it, then turn around and run backmto the kitchen for another bite. I have no clue why she does this. She also won’t eat anything unless we cut up a treat on top of it.

She also has a thing for used tissues, so much so that she will go into the trash if she senses a used tissue. Oh, and forget about thunderstorms. She shakes so badly, and insists on being carried during the thunderstorm. Lately, we’ve taken to locking her in the bathroom with the lights off, since there are no windows, and at least she will fall asleep there, otherwise, we are walking around with a hysterical 25 pound dog on our shoulders.

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Honey bee
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My FH’s cat Mia likes to sleep in the nook where the microwave sits. I can’t count the number of times that I have gone to the microwave early in the morning to heat up something and I’ve been scared out of my wits by Mia suddenly appearing from the dark depths. Haha. In order to get up there though, she has to open a drawer and climb over. So she’s crafty.

My kitten, Minerva, only wants attention first thing in the morning and if you’re using the bathroom. Other than that, my job is to feed her to leave her alone. Although I’ve heard other cats being lovey only if their people are in the bathroom, so I guess it isn’t too quirky.

My dog has many cat like tendecies. We bought a laser pointer for the cats, and the dog enjoys it more than they do. He also arches his back when he stretches and he plays with his tennis balls like a cat, like batting at them at such.

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