(Closed) What general actions/things in life really piss you off?

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Worker bee

  • When people are obnoxiously loud for no reason
  • When they scrape their teeth across silverware *shudder*
  • When people stand 3 inches behind me in a line ( I will step backwards into you and then apologize..Oops, soooo sorry!)
  • When you are sitting in an empty movie theater and people choose the seats either right in front of, or behind you….really?
  • When people slurp drinks like coffee. Let it cool off for two seconds!
  • When people are rude to watiers/customer service people, I feel the need to apologize for their behavior.
  • Rudeness in general, just be a decent human being!

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Bumble bee
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LOUD NOISES.  Seriously.  I am super sensitive about sounds to the point of probably acting like an insane person at times. 

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People who cough into their hands, especially when sick, and then don’t wash them, and proceed  to get on with ordinary life, touching everyone/everything. I actually ask people to wash their hands, and send my students to do it every time (or encourage the, to cough into their elbow). Germs don’t magically disappear into your hand people.


This one is oddly specific, but lack of trolley/cart etiquette at Japanese Costco. Basically, Costco is fairly new in my area, and the only place in the region (or country?) where you get big carts. At every other supermarket there are only tiny, basket sized trolleys. As a result, there is no concept of traffic flow. We joke that Japan is the most orderly place on earth, until you get into Costco. I go in expecting to have ot reroute because people have parked up mid aisle for a chat. People don’t push their carts to the side to use shelves, they just stop! There is no sense of direction of traffic flow whatsoever, just a big free for all (with a lot of apologizing). Heck – I once couldn’t go down an aisle because two people were catching up, and their carts were end to end across the entrance to the aisle, literally blocking the entire aisle. Combine this with tie fact it gets extremely packed at weekends and you have utter mayhem. And great prices ;).


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Oh boy, I am the queen of getting irrationally annoyed by minor issues.

– People who leave shopping trolleys on their nature strip/out the front of their house. One house near us builds up a collection of around five or six trolleys before someone finally reports them to the local supermarket and they send someone out to collect them.

– General inconsiderate behaviour on the road – not indicating, tailgating, doing 20km/h under the speed limit in the fast lane, playing music so loud that I can hear it in my car, over my own music, with my windows closed.

– People who take loud, long personal phone calls on public transport. SHUT UP. I don’t care about how your cousin’s ex slept with your uncle’s best friend or your itchy genitals.

– People who are rude to customer service representatives for no reason. Do you really think the supermarket checkout operator is responsible for setting the prices on items? No? Then what exactly do you think you’ll achieve bitching her out for ten minutes about how your coffee is now ten cents more expensive?

And my number one pet hate right now: The Fitness Freak.

Occasionally telling people you’re dieting, eating healthy, attending a gym or have lost weight: Great!

Making every conversation about the calorie and fat content of meals, Facebooking everything you eat with “healthy dinner! #kale #quinoa #healthyeating #organic”, and talking about how you have ‘haters’ who don’t support your ‘journey’ = PUT A SOCK IN IT.

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@Corgi-cariad:  Oh, the dog poop one drives me crazy. I work for a footy club (Aussie Rules football) and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had players come off the field stinking up the change rooms because some idiot left their dog’s poo on the middle of the football field and all the players have run through it.

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Helper bee

I have a lot, but I will only list the ones that are currently on my mind.

-The lack respect so many people have, in so many areas in life.

-People not driving safely, whether it be speeding or not using your turn signal, etc.

-Women and men that think the clothes you wear, what you drive and all your material things are what make you successful.

-Parents that force their children to do what they want them to do, rather than just allowing their child to be an individual.

-People that stay in terrible relationships and keep making excuses for their significant other.

-Women and men that “control” their significant other. Nobody has “control” over you but yourself. You are not the boss of your SO. You have no right to belittle them and/or tell them what to do or what not to do. (I know a few people that are this way, unfortunately.)


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I don’t like a lot of things listed already but the one that really gets my goat is seeing people talk down to people they perceive as being “below” them. It is so rude to talk down to cashiers, servers, grocery store baggers, etc.  It doesn’t make you superior. It shows a total lack of class,  manners, and common curtsy. 

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Worker bee

@lulu_honey:  we must be twins!


Also, when you have to sign into a website to track a package. What does ebay or amazon have against me tracking my package through the carrier?!?

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