(Closed) What gross things has/does your SO done/do?

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Mine licks me and we’ve had the discussion that it has to stop except for maybe a tiny infrequent lick in the bedroom. When I’m trying to figure out the grocery list is not an appropriate time to slobber all over my face/arm/foot whatever. It’s also pretty unpleasant to get a tongue up your nose when you thought you were getting a kiss.

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SO grinds his teeth in his sleep… Makes me SCREAM sounds like two peices of glass grinding against each other.

Also he farts so often drices me crazy and YES TEH JUNK rearanging? WHAT IS THAT?

He doesn’t get BO often but when he does it reaks and he can’t smell it and I have to wash that particular t-shirt 3 times until I’m happy the smell has gone.

Men pffft.

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I’m the neat and tidy one, he is the messy one.  BUT he’s messy without being gross…

Actually, I think I’m the gross one hahaha.  I belch and fart all the time. 

Some of these stories are just … HILARIOUSLY disgusting hahaha. I don’t think we have anything that will match it.

mmmmm… grossest thing DH has done… when he used to smoke as a teen, he spat out his phlegm… I thought that was the most disgusting thing ever. But now? … I can’t think of anything thank goodness

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I’m so glad apparently I am not the only woman dealing with the gross one of he takes pictures of his poops and sends them to his best friend and gets them as well from them. It’s so nasty. 

It’s not so much a gross thing he does but he flosses his teeth everywhere in the house. He walks around just flossing and has these floss sticks and it sounds like he is trying to eat them sometimes. I love that he flosses but come on and quit trying to talk to me walking around the house flossing *mini rant over lol*

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Burps soooo loudly. 

Scratches his butt. 


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FH is really bad about sounding like he’s dry heaving when he brushes his teeth and he’s also really bad about scratching/adjusting his junk whenever he feels like it. Doesn’t really matter where we are.

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@leogal:  lol. this reminds me, my husband and his friends, if any of them leave their phones unattended for any length of time, they will steal it and take photos of their balls, so the next time the friend looks at their photos the first one they see is nuts. 

Also, my husband is normally the neatest, tidiest one out of the two of us. EXCEPT for brushing his teeth. 

I kind of am anal about brushing teeth, the running water flow has to be at a certain pressure to allow the toothpaste and junk in your mouth to go down the tap without getting stuck to the sink. You also can spit in a certain way to make it less messy. Well, my husband has the water FULL BLAST and just lets everything fall out of his mouth, then will not rinse the sink. I have told him this COUNTLESS times and he always says “I DID rinse the sink”. Makes me want to scream.

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DH once sneezed whilst we were kissing – that was kind of gross… But then I farted when we were having sex.  It wouldn’t have been so bad but we were in the doggy position and it was the loudest stinkiest one I’d done in a long time, and I’m a quality farter.

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FI’s really great about all the bodily function/bathroom stuff, so luckily I have no real grossout stories.  But, the weirdest kind of gross thing he’s ever done is probably the time he put a jelly bean in his mouth, carefully stripped it of the candy coating, and then did a mouth to mouth pass to me.  I was like ‘what the hell is wrong with this jellybean!?’

I know, I’m pretty out of place in this thread LoL~

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Some of these are absolutely hilarious. As for my FI? Where do I begin!?

– Constant junk-touching. Sometimes his hand just gently cups it, inside or outside of his pants. This happens almost 100% of the time when relaxing at home, and about 5% of the time in public, which is 5% too much IMO.

– Sometimes he’s too lazy to lift the toilet lid AND toilet seat, so he ends up spraying all over the toilet seat. Is it really that much more effort?

– Even if he does manage to lift the seat too, it’s like a blind drunk trying to hit a target the size of a penny. And then at the end he SHAKES the little fella vigorously in order to get rid of the final dribbles (and disperse them across our bathroom walls, towels, and I hate to think what else). He’ll also throw his clean towel on to the toilet so that it drapes down the toilet sides and onto the floor, and you can imagine what THAT’S touching.

– His idea of washing his hands after using the toilet is putting the tap on and then quickly whipping one hand under the stream. Every guy I’ve been with has done this. 🙁

– He claims to be disgusted when I fart, but he absolutely DELIGHTS in doing his own trademark farts at the most peaceful times that could make an elephant jump. They’re so thick, loud, airy and incredibly sudden, and when they wake me up I smack him hard. The worst is when he does it on me, and it’s like being attacked by a giant air pistol. Interestingly, he never did these in his sleep the first year we dated.

– Chews his toothbrush until it’s ragged, splayed and pretty much destroyed. He buys a new toothbrush every week.

– Oh, and he makes these “healthy smoothies” that consist of anything random found in the fridge and cupbaords. A common one with avocado, berry juice, flax seed oil, grape powder and  ground flax seeds.

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Mine never cuts his toenails like he should. So they get kind of jagged, and Im worried hes going to get another ingrown one. He plays hockey 3 nights a week, how do they not rub against the skate when he falls and slams into the boards? And when we snuggle or go to bed I get scratched. I call them “falcon talons” and he just laughs. UGHHHHH

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@lilchicana:  Ugh yes mine does this too! He blames it on his gag reflex or whatever but I can NOT stand it! What’s worse – his brother does it too…

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Ooh, ohh!

  • The cat-coughing-up-a-hairball sounds in the morning
  • Pooping with the bathroom door wide open
  • Clipping his toenails wherever he happens to be (once even in bed) and leaving the nail clippings on tables instead of throwing them away
  • Stuffing his nasty socks into my magazine basket next to the couch


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Fiance has:

  • Peed on my foot in the shower, just to stress me out
  • Once when I was peeing (peacefully and ALONE), Fiance ran in and sat on my lap (also to distress me)
  • His farts smell sooo disgusting, and he dutch ovens me at night

Such a freak.

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