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I’m 41 as well and I am active on the infertility boards and the Pre BFP boards.  I had my 2nd myo in Sept which was part of the reasoning for my fertility issues.  Plus I feel comfortable on the IF cause there’s other Bees our age or have dealt w/ fertility roadblocks.  I also like Pre BFP boards cause I am actively TTC, even though shorter timeline, so its nice to discuss symptoms etc.  

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Ok I forgot to include my suggestions.LOL

-download a fertility tracker on your phone.  I use My Days. I have pre ovulation cramps so I actually know when a couple of days when I do.

-Use OPKs because due to our advanced maternal age, every ovulation cycle is golden.  @ our age 5% chance each month.

-Egg quality is usual our issue so there’s a ton of info about what you can do such as fermented cod liver oil and liver pills.  I take cod liver oil, food based prenatal, calcium/mag, nettles, and liver cleasning herbs.

– Find a RE into addition to your OB.  RE deals primarily w/ reproduction so they tend to be more aggressive.  Because I will be 42 next yr, I have 3 months instead of the normal 6 toTTC natural.  Its all about egg quality.  42 is when there is another significant drop in fertility.

-Go organic for meats, veggies, and fruit.

– Science doesnt know everything.  Just cause your 41, it doesnt mean you cant naturally get pregnant.

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@melisslp: I use Clear Blue.  Some Bees have purchased the monitor but since I have such a short window, saving my $$$ for fertility treatments.

Reproductive Endocrinologist- Its a specialized subset of OB/Gyn

I’m on HelloBee as well. I go back and forth. 

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@melisslp: 1st of all: I’m so excited for you:) 2nd: have fun getting off of BCP…they have done things to your body that will take months to reverse…I hate myself for ever using them (obviously they saved me from potenially having like 4 kids by the time I was 19yrs old buuutt anyways…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I agree with everything the PP said and more:

to check O status:

    1. Chart your temps with a BBT


      1. use O prediction test strips


        1. monitor extra white cervical mucus (EWCM)

        and as far as everything else goes:

        I’d see my doctor and have her run an abdomin ultrasound just to see if your uterine lining is thick and heavy enough to even sustain an embryo and to see if your ovaries are in tact and healthy. I don’t think you need an RE at this point but then again you do fall into what they call the mature maternal age? Or whatever they so graciously named it ;/

        I can tell you where I buy everything and how much I pay (I keep everything dirt cheap bcuz God knows how long this process will take). If you want details on any of the stuff I just listed or mentioned (uterine lining thickness/charting) let me know i’ll happily go into major deets but I didn’t want to be telling you stuff you already know.


        edit: As far as what group you belong to: whatever group you wanna belong to! ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Annnnnd thanks for reading the novel I apparently wrote…yikes!

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        @melisslp: You definitely fit right in here! There are a whole batch of TTC boards, but the Pre-BFP is great for general chatting. There’s also a charting board, if you’re doing that. The IF thread is great if there are certain reproductive issues that are preventing an ‘easy’ pregnancy. Welcome to this section & good luck for 2012!

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        @melisslp:   Congrats on starting TTC!  Yay!  I just wanted to chime in as an “older” TTC’er.  I was SHOCKED but it only took us 2 months (3 cycles of trying) to get our BFP.  I am just beginning my 10th week and so far it is a sticky littler bugger too.  I feel so grateful.  The first two months we tried like heck.  I hadn’t been temping, etc but I had been charting my period for over a year and had been off the pill for that long too.  I knew my “window” and so we were really focusing on making deposits at the right time.  The month that worked was a month when we didn’t focus and just had fun.  I’m just under 38 so we’re close in age.  I thought I’d share to let you know that sometimes it can, and does, happen quickly. I hope you’re in that camp!  I would recommend making an appt with your OBGYN to discuss TTC and their philosophy on older women.  I wanted to know how aggressive they would be if I needed them to be.  Turns out I didn’t need it, but it’s good to find out if you and your doctor are on the same page – it just makes it a heck of a lot easier.

        Oh, and get used to the term AMA – “Advanced Maternal Age”.  It’s on every piece of paper they give me.  lol.  But AMA does not mean high risk so it is very possible to be older and have a very healthy, safe pregnancy.  Good luck!  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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        @melisslp: Good luck with ttc!! What blood tests did you have done? I also highly recommend an RE if you don’t have any luck in the next few months. RE’s specialize in getting women pregnant, whereas OB’s specialize in pregnancy. I’ve been seeing my RE for 15 months now and he really knows his stuff. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions! ๐Ÿ™‚

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        Yay, how exciting! We’re going to start TTC soon as well, either this cycle (like today!) or next cycle, in January. I’m 33. I plan to post on the Pre-BFP and Charters threads.

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        @melisslp: Hi. Welcome to the boards!! I am also relatively new to posting.  Everyone is so nice and you not only learn alot but you also don’t feel alone.  I’m in my late 30’s and Darling Husband and I have been TTC our first child for a few months.  We are starting cycle #5.  I just started charting on Fertility Friend last month (I don’t have a phone w/ apps. lol).  Since I stopped bcp in July I have had much shorter cyles.  but FF told me I ovulated last month!  Anyway I just wanted to welcome you! It is nice to know there are other ladies out there in my age group who are on this journey!

        GOOD LUCK LADIES!!! hopefully we will have some BFPs soon!!!

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        @melisslp: I’m 41 too and just passed the ttc 1 year mark. Please know that 41 is not 38, or 39 or even 40. The stats for our age group are not good. My RE said that unless a woman has had a kid before, most 40+ have some sort of outside help to get pg.  

         You have to be aggresive. Do not wait 6 months, you don’t have the time. If you aren’t pg after 3 months, have your hubby do a SA (you may have to pay out of pocket, but they are relatively inexpensive). Also, start having your OBGYN do some tests. (It can take several months to go through all the tests) If you are irregular or other menstral issues, they can code it (and have it covered by insurance) as that instead of IF.

        Read Taking Charge of your Fertility. I would start charting as well as checking EWCM. I was able to show my OBGYN my charts that were showing I wasn’t Oing and we were able to start preliminary testing prior to the 6 month wait.  

        If you can afford it, buy the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. If not, then def use OPK.

        I would also read Making Babbies: The Proven 3 month program for Max fertility. Look into accupuncture and Chinese Herbs. That is my one regret, I didn’t start taking Chinese Herbs prior to starting ttc. I’m going to start this month, but it would have been much better (especially to help regulate hormones) if I had started last year.

        Good Luck and I really hope you beat the 41 year old odds!


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