What happened between you and your ex best friend that ended the friendship?

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I could write a novel on the situation, but the short answer is that she faked cancer. That was enough to end the friendship on its own (cancer is a tough subject for me; I’ve lost a number of family members to it), but then she tried to make me into a villain to all of our friends for calling her out.

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I was reading responses from this thread when it first started. Now that it is alive again, I’ll contribute my story.

I’ve had quite a few ex-BFF stories but most of them are your typical “We just stopped talking and grew apart” situations, which is totally true. My Maid/Matron of Honor was one ex-BFF I stopped talking to after my wedding. Nothing incredibly bad happened between us other than she was a shitty Maid/Matron of Honor that I thought I could trust and who would rise to the title. She also started a lot of drama intentionally with me and my mother, knowing my mom and I don’t get along.

 Anyways, the one ex-BFF story that still is bittersweet to me was with my friend in college, let’s call her Lisa. We both met freshman year of college in one of our classes. Found out she lived down the hall in the dorm AND was dating a guy I knew from my hometown, we also had a bunch of super ironic moments where we knew we were in the same place but never met before college. We talked about all of our plans for sophomore year, where we would live, how I could use her apartment because it was close to campus, all that fun stuff. **This is important for later on in my story** Now, I never over-used her apartment and ALWAYS texted her if I was going to stop by. I knew where the key was and literally only used it twice without her being there. I think one time it was because I couldn’t get home from the snow and another time I had an awkward break so I went to her house to nap. All of the other times it was mutual – to watch the Bachelor, study sessions and all that. I mean in a year, we became close we had plans of us talking how we would be each other MOH’s at our weddings.

First semester of sophomore year rolls around, we’re both more involved with school but still had classes together (similar majors). I actually was taking a class that Lisa took earlier in the semester and borrowed her books. This class ended right at finals before we had winter break and before we both went home for break I wanted to be sure she got her books back. For about 3 weeks, I tried texting her maybe every other day or so (it was odd for us to not talk at least once a day via text) and it was a simple “Hey, what are you up to today?” then a “Hey, you okay? I was gonna bring your books back” and no response. It was odd but I let it go, figured she was busy with finals. Still no response No response a week later so I just shot her a message once a week and it got to be the day I was heading home for break and I’m like okay, I’m not getting stuck with your books so I dropped them off at her apartment door with a note that said “Hey, wanted to give your books back. Hope everything is okay, I’m here if you need me.” At least 2 days had passed and I knew she had to have gone home and picked them up but she didn’t text me AT ALL. So in total it had been about 3 weeks since I’d talk to my best friend and it was like a sudden ghosting situation but I’d assumed it was just an end of semester business.

I finally texted her and checked if she got her books, sorry if I bothered her just wanted to be sure we were okay and hope she had a good break. She responded to me with this book, basically a text break-up, saying things like she didn’t appreciate me taking advantage of her, using her apartment constantly, always trying to hang out with her and it pretty much ended by her saying ‘I think we’re just going in different directions, have a good life’ Uh… what. Everything she said was all lies and I politely just apologized for making her think I was ever taking advantage of her and that none of what she said was true, I felt way differently because I was trying to keep our friendship going. All she responded was “Its just not a good time for us to be friends right now.” That hurt BAD.

I never responded to her and its been 3 years. Still gets me to this day. I helped her get through so many girl BFF things in college, multiple break-ups, family drama, etc. I hope she is happy now, I truly do but it stings when I see her do stuff or post pictures on social media. She has a boyfriend now (she was all over the place with guys in college) and I hope its working well for them. Ugh, makes me sad she was probably the best girlfriend I’ve ever had.

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I learned that people can become gun-obsessed political nutjobs. 

That’s all. 

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