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@picturemeurs:  when I went for my first apt, the nurse (also my aunt) took my medical history, asked about my last few periods, etc. I went in due to lack of ovulation, and long irregular cycles.

So I told her about all my spotting, gave her the dates of my last 5 cycles, showed my charts, talked about my temping, and just general health (weight gain, birth control, family history, etc).

When the OB came in, he reviewed all that data with me, did an internal exam to check my ovaries, etc, and then talked to me about what he thought was wrong, and gave me a req for blood work to see where my horomone levels were. I also asked for a prescription for provera, as I was on CD 76 at that point with no ovulation in sight. He gave it to me, but told me not that he wasn’t concered about a missing period until it hadn’t shown up for like 3 months.

My OBGYN is male, and honestly, I probably would have tried for a female, but as I mentioned, by aunt is his RN, so I knew I’d get in to see him faster if I asked for a referal to him.

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It can be awkward for sure, but if you find a doctor you really like and are comfortable with it’s great to know where you stand health-wise.

I love my current doctor (a woman) but if I ever had to switch I would not go to a male.  I’m sure they’re fine at what they do, but my thinking is that I don’t want to have someone doing things to parts of my body that they do not have and therefore can’t imagine how it FEELS to have those things done.  Not that going to the gyno is painful or anything, i’d just prefer to have someone messing around down there that can relate to how things feel and might use that insight to make me more comfortable.

A male dentist? Fine because he has teeth too.  A male eye doctor? Fine, he has eyes as well. A male basically any other kind of doctor, great!  But not for my lady bits.  I know its crazy, but there it is.

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My first appointment was last year. I went because I wanted to get on BCP. We talked in her office about my medical history, me wanting to get on birth control and what would happen on e we got in the exam room. Once in the room, she did a Pap smear and gave me a prescription for birth control. 

i was really nervous about it to begin with, but now I do t know why I never did it sooner. I am going back for my first time since May for a pre-conception appointment on Tursday. 

Hope all goes well. Since you are TTC now be sure that they draw your hormone levels. That’s one of the main reasons that I am going. 

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I have usually seen male OBGYNS, including when I first started going in high school. It’s never bothered me. These mena re professional. I’ve seen women, too, mostly while I was in college because our student healthcare facility only had women in gynocology. They were great, too. Gender doesn’t really matter to me. My current OBGYN, a man, who just delivered my baby 2 weeks ago, is AMAZING.

Since this is your first time ever, they’ll give you a pap. Make sure you are honest about this being the first time so that he/she knows you are nervous. The doctor may use a smaller speculum and may warm it. You will also be given a breast exam and be shown how to give yourself one. You won’t have an U/S. You’ll also be asked your medical history and since you are TTC, you’ll want to discuss that. Normally, you’d discuss birth control, but you won’t need that convo now. You should know the date of the onset of at least your last period and your average cycle length. If you don’t, they’ll deal, but it’s helpful.

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I’ve been to both male and female and I honestly perfer men. The women I have been to are slightly more rough, because they have “been there/done that” and the discomfort seems to wash over them. The men I find tend to want the uncomfortable part over with as quickly as I do, they are also more factual (which meshes with my style) when I have a question. The one I go to now has 3 kids (his wife had 2 miscarriages) and he is very open with talking about his experiences and what advise he would give his wife.

What usually happens is
Before I go, I take a pain reliever about 30-60 minutes prior (really, it just makes me feel better, I’ve gone without and don’t notice a difference) and make sure I’m wearing a panty liner.
1. I check in and they ask for the date of the first day of my last period-so have that handy.
2. I pee in a cup (not sure what they are really testing for).
3. The RN takes me to another room, she weights me and takes my blood pressure and temp.
4. I am escorted to the exam room. I change into the exam gown (opening in front, wear nothing but socks, so wear some comfy/cute socks).
5. The MD comes in and we chat, questions include any changes (inlcuding diet, exercise and sex life changes) or concerns (I’ve talked about everything from orgasms to types of Birth Control to becoming a vegetarian to my freak outs over how many eggs I may or may not have left and any major health finds from over the year)
This part gets graphic 6. The MD examines me, because I go to a male doctor, I can always request a female be present in the room. I never have felt that was necessary. This part takes a total of about 3-5 minutes.
       The pap smear consists of him inserting forcepts into the vagina to keep it open (do some deep breathing during this part), then takes a long cotton swab (or sponge/brush) and swabs the inside of the cervix. He swishes that around a test tube with solution, THEN he removes forcepts. This part lasts about 60 seconds if the MD is experienced. To me, it feels uncomfortable (not painful), vulnerable and chilly. Just try to relax, the tighter you clamp up, the worse it is.
       He then performs the pelvic exam by inserting gloved fingers into the vagina and pressing down on my abdomen with the other hand. This lasts about 30 seconds and isn’t incomfortable in the least.
       Finally he performs the breast exam.
During the entire time, he keeps chatting with me and avoids eye contact when touching my lady parts. After the exam, I have the opportunity to talk (again), but usually it is just pleasantries, anything concerning (or anything I asked him to look at while down there), and then a good bye. I put on my cloths (if you forget a panty liner-search through the drawers, OB/GYN tend to keep some in stock) and show myself to the check out desk. 
7. For the TTC exam, the only thing different is we talked more in the beginning (have your questions written out so you don’t forget them), my husband joined me (but I asked him not to stay in the room for the physical exam), I had blood work done and received a flu shot.

Don’t feel like just because you went to this MD first, you have to stick with them. I tried at least a half dozen over the last 10 years, and I wouldn’t dream of switching.

Good luck!

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Who has done your annual pap smears?  Your GP?


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I’ve been to both men and women and tend to prefer men.  Like @KH:, men tond to be more gentle.  Women know women’s threshold for pain, men don’t so they take it a bit easier.  I’m pregnant now and while I love my current (female) OB, I wish I could go back to my hometown and have my old (male) OB deliver my little guy.  He was just so awesome.

KH gave an excellent idea of what to expect at a general GYN visit.  That’s exactly how it happens.  For a preconception visit, you’ll discuss your cycle and any issues/concerns you may have.  Then, there’s usually bloodwork to test for any hormone imbalances.  If you haven’t had a cycle for a while, they’ll usually prescribe something (Provera tends to be the norm) to kick it into gear.  I don’t think I had an ultrasound until I was sent to my RE. 

Good luck!

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