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Wow how exciting!! I cant give you first hand advice as pg with first, but from what I’ve read it varies so much from one women to another!! One thing seems to be certain, wOnt be long now at all. Get your hospital bag handy and wishing a wonderful delivery!!! 

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@PrncssDva:  Pre-labor progress is not determinant of labor onset or how labor will progress at all.

1. You can lose your plug and then it grow back if baby isn’t ready.

2. Some moms ftm/stm/ttm will be 3, 4, even 5 cm for weeks before labor starts while others will have NO pre-labor progress and then bam, go into labor. Some start labor with good progress and then have slow moving labor while others totally closed and then baby in just a few hours.

I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear, BUT I guess my point is to just enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy and time to yourself. 😉

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I am very happy for you, it is so exciting isn’t it?!

My experience was different then yours as I was moving much slower, I labored at home for over 50 hours with no progression. I have a good feeling that you will go quick though!

I started to lose my plug about two weeks before the actual day. Loss of plug is not a good indicator but should be noted to the doctor. I was also spotting heavy at that time, called hospital and was told that as long as I was not soaking a pad, then it was fine. I saw a bit of white stringy stuff when I went to the bathroom, I was told later that could have been the vernix that the baby was slouthing off. I was having contractions here and there, they were painful but they came and go.

Appointment a week before the day of, I was 1 cm and the baby did not drop. I was 50% effaced I think she said.  She said it could be weeks or it could be days. Contractions were still tolerable with plenty of breaks in between. She noted the spotting and my blood pressure was 140, but she did not seem too concerned about it. I was also swelling up pretty bad in my face and feet during this time. I have read about ecclampsia and hypertension…but I don’t know if that was what I was going through.

 2 days before contractions were extremely strong at centimeters apart (some less then that), went to the hospital twice but was sent home as I was still 1 cm and baby was high. Told I was in early labor, dehydrated and to practice pain management at home. That was tough…I spent a lot of it on the couch as to not wake my husband. I felt pretty bad for him…I would curl up and whimper every 5 minutes and then start crying as they peaked for a few seconds. He was scared and would try to comfort me, thus he wasn’t getting any sleep either. I would crouch in the shower and in the bath. Laying down seemed to make it worst. Did not want to eat anything and would have to stop walking to hold on to something.

My water did not break until I vomitted on the day of, although I suspect I was leaking a bit earlier then that. Baby was still high and was not dropping, because my water broke there was a sense of urgency so I was induced and got an epidural. Didn’t work, nurse seemed highly dissapointed…they waited the whole day to see if I would improve and then they said they were worried about infection as my water broke and something was keeping the baby from dropping. I agreed that I did not want to risk the health of my baby. Got an emergency c-section.


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The first time, my water broke with no other signs of labor for another day, baby was born 11 hours after the first contraction.

The second time, I lost my plug, water broke an hour later, baby was born three hours after that. Hopefully your little one comes soon, but there’s really no way to tell!

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I really can’t help you since I had my little boy at 32 almost 33 weeks. I went into labor and they couldnt get it to stop so he decided he wanted out…

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I think I went into labor about a week after I lost my plug, but I also spent 7 weeks at 2cm+ (31-38weeks) and then had my son at 38 weeks.  Keep active, stay hydrated, cook meals to stash in the freezer, and enjoy the last days/weeks in relative quiet 🙂  In most hospitals, babies born before 37 weeks have a 24-hour minimum NICU stay; I know you can’t really control it, but I wouldn’t go experimenting with wives’ tale labor starters (spicy food, sex, raspberry leaf tea, etc) for another week.  Congrats and I hope you have an easy, breezy labor, but not for at least a week! 

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@PrncssDva:  Yeah…it was a gush…I did not like it lol

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