What has helped you lose weight?

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I use myfitnesspal, weightlift and cardio 5 days a week, and IF 16:8. I also bring my own snacks to work (even though my company gives us free snack/lunches). What really keeps me motivated is the fact that I have lean PCOS. So when I keep at a certain weight body fat percentage, i tend to ovulate on my own more frequently than I would otherwise. 

and honestly, trying on a bikini helps wonders!!

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Honey bee
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Meal prep is key for me.

And finding some kind of physical activity you enjoy. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you enjoy it you’ll do it.

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Cocaine. It’s just so expensive though 😫

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Helper bee
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I just calorie count! 

@slomotion lmao XD

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I use MyFitnessPal to count calories. I trained for a half-marathon and now that that’s over I’m using Beachbody on Demand for my workouts. 

It helps me to set small, short term goals. And to set non-weight related goals. For example right now I’m doing 21 Day Fix on Beachbody so I’m just focusing on not missing a workout and sticking to my calories for the next three weeks. And my short term weight loss goal is 15 lbs by the end of the year. 

I’ve lost 50 lbs since I started and have 35 to go. For me it really comes down to persistence over perfection. Not letting one bad day become a bad week or month or a reason to give up. I’ve been far from perfect while losing weight but if I just keep trying, waking up each day just focused on making good choices and leaving yesterday behind I get results.

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Helper bee
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I live by calorie counting.  As long as you do it right and stick to it, it will 100% work.  I use MyFitnessPal, but I check all the labels and weigh my food myself to make sure the entries are correct.  I also usually skip breakfast.  If I eat early in the morning, it makes me super hungry for the rest of the day.  I eat a small early lunch and save most of my calories so I can pig out on dinner.  Your stomach will shrink as you lose weight and you won’t feel as hungry anymore.  Calorie counting and portion size is everything.  You can lose weight eating hamburgers (if you remain in a calorie deficit) and gain weight eating health foods if your portions are too large.

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Busy bee

slomotion :  I love you.

Crohn’s disease has really helped me stay trim 🙂 .

Okay, snark aside, just cutting out alcohol and sugar is the healthiest way I have ever lost weight.

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Busy bee
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I ate in way smaller portions and I walked 3 miles every two or three days in the week. I did squats on days I walked and I lost 10 lbs in 3 months. I don’t like to run or diet. And I had cheat days on the weekends lol

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Busy bee
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I did 10-15 min light yoga or stretching exercises at home daily, and I reduced eating processed /packaged food quite a lot.

I didn’t calorie count, I didn’t do any heavy lifting or cardio, I didn’t abstain from any food almost but still managed to lose weight.

Edit: I had to check in lbs. In a slow and steady way in a year, I went from 147 to 132 ish. I actually lost 12 more while wedding planning but it wasn’t healthy, so I’m back at 132.

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Busy bee
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For me it was hard bit simple 

Cut out all fast food ( even coffee from take out places – ie times star bucks dunkin)

No deserts or sweets 

No bread 

No milk only in coffee at home or tea

No cereal only rolled oats and fruit for break

Other than that lots of salad with home made dressing 

Veggies and fruit nuts- not salted 

I walked an hour a day 3-5 times a week 

And lost 40lbs after my 3rd baby which was a c Section 

Also no juice no yogurt  if I do eat peanut butter it’s natural and to a minimum 


Good luck !!! Hope I can help it’s a simple way with out needing apps or counting g cals just eating what is mostly natural  and not eating to much 

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Helper bee
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Just wanted to add that all weight loss occurs because of a caloric deficit, whether the person losing the weight is conscious of consuming less than they’re burning or not.

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Helper bee

Almost everyone is busy.  The key is to make your health a part of your daily or weekly schedule.  If you don’t have time for your health now, you will be forced to devote more time than you want to it later, in the form of doctors visits, prescriptions, etc.  Think of it as developing those habits now when you’re young so that is much easier to keep up with in your later years when you will have neither the stamina nor desire to start from scratch.  They will already be an ingrained part of your routine, like brushing your teeth.

Also, if you have (or will have) kids, you will do them a HUGE disservice by not bringing them up in an environment where health is a priority.  And kids see & take in e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! What they see you do, they will do. 

I did not grow up in a healthy environment and struggled w/ my weight always.  Many years ago, I lost about 50 lbs and for the most part have kept it off.  How?  Exercise and healthy-ish eating.  I say “ish” because I don’t follow any particular diet or eliminate any particular food group – I eat carbs, I eat meat, I eat sweets, but ALL in moderation!

– Make friends with vegetables and fruit and include them in some form or other every time you eat.

– Ditch all prepackaged foods and mostly eat real food – ie,  food your great grandparents would recognize.  Shop mostly the perimeter of the grocery store.

– But that means I have to cook!!! Yes.  You do.  Set aside one of your weekend afternoons and prep your meals for the week.  If you have healthy leftovers in the fridge, you will not be forced to stop for fast food on the way home from work.

– drink a LOT more water than you think you need to; and

– You may as well make friends with exercise now, cuz you’re gonna need it when you get older if you want your organs and bones to keep working and you want to feel good.  Find something you like to do – doesn’t matter so much what it is  – just move!  I go to the gym around the corner from my house at 6 am for 35 mins, 5 days per week, rotating between bike, treadmill and elliptical and always with fun music blasting in my headphones.  I hate it (the music makes it much more bearable) but I know I have no choice.  Yes, you DO have time, you just have to find it.  Before work?  Lunch hour? After work?  Buy a stationery bike and ride while you watch tv?

– if I did it …. literally anyone can!  You CAN do this.  No excuses. 

Good luck!

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Honey bee
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gthgv :  I lose motivation all the time, but remind myself of my goals.  Consistency and discipline will get you there, motivation will not.  What helps me stay consitent is having a plan.  I’m very busy and travel a lot for work, but I have a coach who provides macros for me and I do it even when it’s hard and when I’d rather not.  I recommend MFP as well – I log my food every day so I make sure I hit my macros. 

I also have a workout plan that changes depending on whether I’m in a cut (fat loss phase) or reverse dieting (reset metabolism).  Currently, I’m fairly deep into a cut and lift 4x a week and do 5 cardio sessions per week.  You definitely don’t have to start with that much gym time.  If you’re only going to do one thing for fat loss, it should be focusing on your nutrition.  It is HARD.  I do get it.  You just have to find a way to change your lifestyle that is sustainable.  

ETA: The only thing that works is a calorie deficit.  That’s why Whole30, Keto, Paleo, etc. work for most people – they’re eliminating food groups in a way that (usually, but not always) results in a calorie deficit.  I eat “indulgent” foods when I want, just not in the quantities I want.  Today, my office had a pizza party and I ate two slices of pizza.  I logged the pizza and planned my other meals around it so that I can still hit my numbers.  If you don’t do well with restrictive eating, look into IIFYM (if it fits your macros).  When your macros are lower, you do end up eating mostly clean foods (and should anyway for your general health) but I feel less deprived because I know if I really want something, I can fit it in.  

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Busy bee
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Counting calories and watching portions helped me the most. Naturally, those two things go hand in hand. 

My best weight loss was when I did portion control containers combined with eating more frequently, but in less amounts. I didn’t calorie count during this, I started counting calories after this worked. So I went from eating 3 square meals a day to eating 5-6 meals, and I think the reason it was sucessful was as another bee mentioned, I was eating small “snack” sized meals at appropriate portions instead of pigging out at 3 meals. 

Another HUGE tip/secret I can give is to not deprive yourself. I know it sounds whacky, but the stricter I was with my “diet” the less weight I lost. If I was hard on myself, I would go overboard on a cheat day or meal or whatnot. However, if I felt like eating ice cream one night or had a craving for the cookie in the breakroom – I indulged, I just made sure to get back on track with better food choices the next day. If I had a few drinks at happy hour one night, I’d be sure not to drink the rest of the week. Things like that. 

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