(Closed) What Have YOU Done For Him Lately? :)

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@PumpkinSpiceChai: Oh, I’ll play!

Today, while he’s at work, I’m going to organize the piles of wedding crafts that have taken over the house and are driving him nuts.  And, since he’s working late tonight, I’ll make him dinner and deliver it to work for him, because he often gets too busy to remember to feed himself.

Oh hell, I’ll do the laundry too. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I crocheted a hat for my Fiance. He was cutting his own hair and forgot to put the attachment on the trimmer so it ended up really short! He complains that his head is always cold now, so I fixed that problem Smile

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My Fiance has been having a bad few days. He’s all moody and caught up in lawyer appointments so last night I picked up a 6 pack of his favourite beer and cooked him a prime rib roast with all the fixings!

** I should note the significance of this is that I DO NOT eat red meat or pork so cooking meat like this dose not happen in our home!! Plus prime rib is his favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

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@PumpkinSpiceChai: Right now he’s out of work, so I brag about him constantly than come home to ask about his day, tell him how good looking he is, get him a beer, compliment all the things he’s done, take him out for dinner or beer, and other wifey things.

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My Fiance is currently sick with a sinus infection and pretty miserable.

On Tuesday he said he was going to clean up the apartment after work. So when I got home before him, I made a nice pot of chili (comfort food) for dinner and then I cleaned up most of the apartment so he could just sit on the couch and veg.

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While my Fiance is at work on Saturday mornings, I clean the house and do all of the laundry. On Sundays I usually try to bake him something. Last Sunday I made his favorite “Monster cookies” and the week before was an apple cake.

I think I will try something new this weekend Wink

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My SO has been working like crazy the past few weeks, so I made him homemade turkey pot pie and chocolate chip cookies.  He made the mistake of bringing them in to work and he had to share… — yes, a coworker actually asked him for a few bites of the pot pie too.

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@da3lyn: My Fiance works some hours on weekends and I do that, too! I am home more than he is throughout the week (student hours!) so I take care of most of the housework, but weekends are my baking-for-Peanut time.  I usually make a batch of cookies, as well as either scones or muffins.  The cookies are his afternoon treat every day; he takes a few to work each morning.  The muffins and scones I make as healthy as I can, and he takes them for breakfasts.  Otherwise he ends up eating (*gasp*) pop tarts, and then he doesn’t understand why he has a tummyache.  We have mostly nipped that in the bud with the whole wheat fruity muffins and scones ๐Ÿ™‚


Today, in light of this challenge, I cleaned out the bunny’s litterbox–usually a Peanut chore–so he won’t have to do it tonight.  I hope he notices!

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it’s usually a norm, but with my work/school schedule Darling Husband has been picking up a lot of the slack around the house…

even last night when i got home from work (his last day off before going back after our honeymoon) he’d cleaned out our hot tub, re-filled it and was putting together my new office furniture!

so i decided to get his hw for his class printed out, cooked dinner and dessert, and got the coffee ready for his first morning back!

it’s nothing, but he appreciates it :), which makes me feel like a queen!

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i just got him a button-up, military-style hoodie, and a harmonica, cupcakes and flew down to see him! he’s a giant and wears 2XLT/XXXL, so it’s hard to shop for him. i also got him 2 more button ups this week (maybe i’ll save them for x-mas). he’s flying up to visit me and our families this weekend so i’m going to try not to hassle him to go look at venues with me (i’m checking this week everyday after work so i’ll only make him go if i find “the one”) and keep the wedding talk to a minimum lol. honestly, since we’re long distance we don’t really have this problem since everytime we see each other it’s a special occasion and a day-brightener! but for this weekend, i’ll take it easy on him and not make him do all of the important wedding things we should be doing. x_x i’ll just wait ’til thanksgiving… gulp!

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Haha this is sooooo cheesey but a few weeks ago i bought him some fish at FINtastic and a little aquarium. i dropped them at his apt at lunch with a little note that said, “out of all he fish in the sea you are the one for me” haha He loved it.

i always try and do something sweet, little post its in his laptop bag or around the house just little surprises here and there…i get it from my dad..he is mr romantic…he does things like this for my mother all the time.

We dont live together but basically.. i moved back to my parents in june to save some cash for the wedding but i stay with him most days so im always trying to restock the necessities, toothpaste, shower stuff, laundry det….its the little things that matter most.

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I do alot of things as little surprises for my husband & he does for me too. We really enjoy surprising each other (not in gifts, but just little thoughtful things like a special meal, or going a little our of our way to do something for the other.)

Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and I am taking the reigns and planning the whole shebang! Can’t wait!

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Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and I am taking him out to dinner at a nice Brazilian steakhouse AND I invited his friends for a surprise dinner! Im very excited for him! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I actually always go out of my way to do things (big and little) for my partner to make them feel good or that I know they will appreciate. I don’t find I have to ‘remind’ myself or ‘challenge’ myself to do these things, as I enjoy doing things that make my partner happy.

Example – If I know that my partner has had a rough day at work I’ll cook something for supper that is one of his comfort foods –even if it’s not my favourite thing in the world. Or, if he is having a difficult time de-stressing from work (which can make it difficult for him to ‘enjoy’ family time etc) I’ll take the dog & munchkin to the park for an hour or two so that my partner can have that time to relax, rather than be driven bananas by to go-go-go of a 4yr. old. 

I go out of my way to do dishes (or other chores that he particularly hates) because I know I would rather spend time with him in a good mood, rather than hear him grump & grumble about having to do dishes (this street goes both ways, as he will often take on tasks that I find incredibly heinous, like cleaning the cat box).

I also generally dole out massages on a daily basis, without being asked. I know that my partner spends a lot of time doing physically intensive jobs at work, and some days he’ll spend upwards of 4 hours traveling (driving or flying) which I know gives me a sore back, so I try and be as conscientious as possible.

Also, baking, since I’m the only one in the house that does it, I know that it’s special whenever I do it, regardless of the circumstance (holidays or just because etc).


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