(Closed) What have you found in people's homes that you totally judged them for?

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@joya_aspera:  As far as I can tell, Corelle is not made with melamine.

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@Rachel631:  I lysol my soap bottles….because people touch it with ” poopy” hands. Thats how much of a freak I am. I drink tap water and I hate when I go to Paris and they charge me for water when it should be free! Like you on principle. I only buy bottles for my Jog… And I am from Mexico city so I am used to boiling water…. 


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@vermonster:  HAHA funny you should mention that… my dad loves condiments, like he will not eat one meal without some sort of condiment.  I don’t know if he gets scared of running out or what but if we have less than half a bottle of something he goes out and buys a new one (like the big ones that should take at least a month to finish half) So our fridge is full of doubles and tripples of condiments, mom and I try to control it by combining bottles but it gets hard after a while.

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@iarebridezilla:  I had this friend that was crazy about animals, he used to breed rabbits so he had A LOT of rabbits. He also loved dogs. I went to his house once to meet his pets, and went to go use the bathroom and one of the dogs had pooped on the carpet, and it had been sitting there a while! I’m sure that wasn’t the only place in the house where that had happened. I remember feeling totally horrified!

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I’ve found that the people I’ve visited who had animal droppings on the floor and lived in bad mess had some sort of mental illness, so I don’t judge too hard.

Worst experience of judging-in-regards-to-female-products was when I flatshared with 3 other girls and 2 guys. One evening I went to the one, shared bathroom, and someone had left an open tube of vaginal-something ointment on the sink. Eeeeeeeeepp! I was tempted to yell “NOT MINE!” when I got out of there so *I* wouldn’t get judged for it.

I judge non-native English speakers living in a non-English speaking country for having art of any kind with English phrases up. Or prints, unless they are somewhat original.

I judge people who wear outdoor shoes indoor. Oh, and I totally judge people on their bookcollection, which is ridiculess, as most of my bookshelves are covered in fantasy lit…

I also judge the hell out of my flatmate as his toothbrush never appears in the bathroom for at least a week after he’s home after sleeping away – unless he never bothered to bring it away with him in the first place.

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I will preface this by saying that my job entails me to be inside of people’s homes all the time.   I see a lot. 


I judged someone when I saw the gray leather padded bathroom.   Mostly because it was a bathroom with GRAY LEATHER PADDED WALLS.  I mean…really??? I don’t even know what to say about that.  


And not something that was IN the house, but I HEARD while at a house…  I was appraising a home, and the owner/husband was working in the garage while listening to a sex-help radio show.  How did I know it was a sex-help radio show?  Because I could hear the caller talking about orgasms and vaginas and penises while I was IN the house…. which was funny because I was like “oh family picture, family picture, cute one of the kids….nice radio show the husband listens to…wonder if the wifey knows..”.  So when I was outside measuring the garage, and the husband saw me rounding the corner, he flat out LEAAAAAPED across the garage to shut the radio off. It was almost comical, between the distance he leaped and the fact that he thought he was hidiing anything.  As If I hadn’t heard EVERYTHING at that point buddy, LOLOLOL.  


And my absolute favorite house horror story:   The nurse who lived in a townhouse with 5-10 inches of TRASH on the floors of every room of every house, dog poop on the walls (howw???), so much dog poop on the deck that I couldn’t go out onto it.   I was in heels, I was sinking into old pizza boxes and mcdonalds wrappers, I couldn’t even SEE the flooring,and I was *horrified* that she worked with either sick or old people and lived that way in her house.  This wasn’t a hoarder house (I’ve seen those) but just like EW, disgusting manner of living.  And yes, I judged her.  EW. EW. EW. 



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I took a long (3-4 day-ish) visit to see a friend in another state.  She and her hubby had taken a vacation and just come back a couple days before I arrived.  While they were away the hubby’s work mates were watching their house and dogs.  However they didn’t do a good job because the dogs pooped in the house and the whole house STUNK!  We had to keep the front door open during the day!  It still stunk when I left.  I totally judged her for not calling a carpet cleaner (or even cleaning herself) before having guests over.


Otherwise, I don’t judge for things that can’t be controlled, like a bathroom or kitchen that needs renovation in a rental.  I totally judge for general cleanliness.




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OMG I love this thread. My friend doesn’t crate her dogs when she goes out and they poop and pee all over her kitchen floor. I love her to death but I have to say I do judge her for not crating them, only cause they obviously have to be and its the kitchen. (She has crates for them but just doesn’t use them) 

Also the smell, cigarettes, dirty/wet dogs, cats all make me think you are too lazy to clean and make sure your house doesn’t smell. My husband smokes and I have two dogs and I make sure my house doesn’t smell!


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Too many knick-knacks KILL me! I have one small shelf of keepsakes, and no knick knacks at ALL!

I also hate dirty toliets. I was once at a “lively” party (hosted by a 30 year old couple with a kid in their $300,000 suburban home) where I ended up throwing up, and there was an inch-thick line of mould on the toilet! I knew I had to throw up in it, but it was so gross I REALLY didn’t want to!

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@iarebridezilla:  Carpets in the bathroom. Just no. Also tacky pictures of flowers. Idk why but I just really hate them. 


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@nerdybird:  I completely agree with this.  I watch a lot of House Hunters, and people get so snobby if there aren’t granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

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@strawbs:  By this, do you mean onesies? Because if so then noooo! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! They’re so warm and snuggly.

That said, if I’m wearing one and the doorbell goes, I always try to put something over mine before I answer. I don’t want them to think I’m some sort of Furry or other type of person with odd sexual fetishes…

EDIT: And before I get flamed, yes, I do know that being a Furry is not primarily about sex. However, there is a negative public perception that it is about sex, and I’m not keen on being associated with that. Especially seeing as I am not a Furry.

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my FI’s dad’s cat is allowed to walk everywhere in his unit..there is cat fur all over the kitchen, on the stove top and everything and the cat sits up ontop of the ktichen cupboards and it stinks of cat urine it is disgusting i always cringe having to eat off any of his plates or using any of the cutlery its gross


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