(Closed) What have you “given up” during your pregnancy?

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I’m not pregnan, but I have a three year old. I quit smoking as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Other than that, I ate the same, did the same activities, cleaned the same…nothing changed. I hardly ever drink caffeine, so nothing to worry about there. I’m a vegetarian, so no meats to cut out. It all worked out well too. I gained what I was supposed to gain based on my weight, and she was born one day before her due date, so definitely full term. I don’t think you’re rebellious, just normal.

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Bumble bee

I gave up running and caffeine in the first trimester, but now I go for a (slow, easy) jog once a week and have a single cup of tea for breakfast (no more caffeine during the day). I’ve been pretty strict on following the rules about soft cheese and pre-prepared foods where I don’t know how long they’ve been sitting there or how they were prepared. I also don’t eat salad items from cafes or restaurants – I get cooked vegies instead. I’m vegetarian so don’t have to worry about the meat thing 🙂 I don’t drink alcohol but I don’t really think of that as being extra careful, most people do that these days.

Darling Husband is really big on chemicals so he won’t let me clean the bathroom, put petrol in the car, PAINT MY NAILS, WEAR FAKE TAN, DYE MY HAIR. I started off being really cranky about that but now I’ve accepted that it’s just he can’t do anything helpful yet and it’s his way of trying to look after me and bub. Besides, I’m not complaining abut him cleaning the bathroom 🙂

For me personally with the food stuff, it wasn’t so much that the risk wasn’t worth it (because the risk is SO SMALL), it was that the GUILT wasn’t worth it. That mummy guilt kicked in so quick! When I see other pregnant girls enjoying a salad in a cafe I don’t judge them for their choice, I’m just jealous that they don’t feel guilty!

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When I was pregnat I quit dying my hair, cut back on caffeine, warmed deli meat, no alcohol. I did paint, but it was with the no odor paint and tons of ventilation, and I cleaned- just wore gloves when working with stronger cleaners. My view is it something went wrong would I blame myself or did I take sensible precautions to protect my baby as much as I could.

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I’ve cut out fro-yo, alcohol, I really limit my caffiene intake and I immediately stopped tanning, hot baths and spray tans. I had a small amount of brie on Christmas and had a few turkey sandwiches. I just make sure my food is either super cold or really hot and I don’t eat anything in between (I get sick if I do anyway).

Other than that, I still pick up my 30 pound toddler every day, I use blue cheese dressing on salads, I clean the bathrooms and mop the floors on my hand and knee’s (if I can’t be thorough–there’s no point!) so I’m not super concerned. I take my vitamins every day and try to eat healthy but nothing crazy.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve cut out hot tubs (my husband and I bought one last year when we got our house), caesar dressing, alcohol, soft cheeses, unwarmed deli meat, and uncooked cookie dough!  I lost my taste for coffee so that hasn’t been an issue.  I still plan to highlight my hair and occasionally get my nails done.

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I’m fairly lax with a lot of the rules – I’ve eliminated all deli meat and soft serve ice cream from my diet, even though I’m craving them both.  I don’t eat soft cheese anyway so that was no big deal.  I only eat cooked sushi (teriyaki chicken – yum!) and am not a seafood eater so no issue with the high mercury fish.  

I don’t consume massive amounts of caffeine but the occasional Coke or latte doesn’t worry me.  I still eat all my beef and lamb cooked medium rare (I’d rather have it rare but am compromising and going with medium rare for pregnancy).   I also have the occasional glass of red wine but did stay away from it completely during the first trimester.  

I haven’t limited my use of any cleaning products although when I have to use bug spray (we live in the tropics – killing bugs with spray is a regular thing!) I cover my mouth and nose with a thick cloth and try to hold my breath until I can leave the room.        I don’t use hair dye and rarely paint my nails but wouldn’t hesitate to use them if I wanted.  

Overall, I don’t know if I’m rebellious or just lax.  I don’t see the point in stressing over every little thing and most things I think are erring towards the extreme side of caution so I don’t worry about it too much.  

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Helper bee
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I basically follow the rules on foods such as soft cheeses, deli meat, alcohol. But I must admit I still love caffine. I drink more water when I know that I want a diet coke or iced coffee. (and I enjoy every sip) I figure there are some people out there doing drugs during their pregnancy so I am not going to feel guilty for having additional caffine. I consider myself a “rebel.”  haha

I still clean, paint, cook, chase around and carry a 15 month old. I didn’t change my cleaning products. I totally think it is ok to not live “in a bubble.” We are pregnant in 2012. Being affraid of everything is simply not an option for me.

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Buzzing bee
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I haven’t cut too much. I had a pedicure this weekend and the lady asked if I wanted to use the special no-formaldehyde/no-smell paints and I just looked at her confused. It’s not like I’m going to be licking my toes and I really liked the color I picked out!

I still have a 2 oz “glass” of wine every other week or so. Just to keep me sane on particularly rough days. I did cut raw sushi (but still enjoy cooked rolls). I try to heat up my lunch meat, but have definitely slipped a few times. No soft cheese (which I don’t really like anyway). And I’ve reduced my workouts.

I’ve also “given up” shaving my bikini area, but that wasn’t really my decision. At 30 weeks, it just requires too much contortion. I plan on making a waxing appointment soon.

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@Ree723:  I’ve never heard any warnings about soft serve ice cream/frozen yogurt before – can you explain? (Ice cream is now a staple item in my diet, though i tend to gravitate towards the hard ice cream, full fat versions these days)

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Bumble bee
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I’m a vegetarian so I don’t have to worry about any meat.

But I cut out all coffee (which was easy because now it makes me gag) but before my BFP I would drink at least 4 cups if not more a day.

I stopped running even though I know I technically still can I am just paranoid after I hit the 12 week mark in 2 weeks I plan to start taking really slow runs.

I don’t use any strong smelling cleaners anymore because I am paranoid and I haven’t had to use spray paint for anything but we are going to start painting the babies room soon and I fully plan to do that.

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Bee Keeper
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I gave up alcohol and cut back on caffeine (avoided in 1st tri, now in 2nd tri I’ll treat myself to ice tea a couple times a week).

I didn’t eat much lunch meat before, so that’s a non-issue for me. I already used all-natural cleaning products, so that doesn’t worry me. I still eat sushi, but I do choose the rolls made from cooked fish now that I’m pregnant. I do get my hamburger cooked through since it’s ground meat (I normally eat it pink in the middle), but my steak I still eat medium. I still eat my eggs with a runny yolk.


I think some pregnant women take it to an extreme. And it’s often those women I notice haven’t really researched what they’re afraid of, they’re running on fear rather than facts.

  • I see people freaking out about eating feta on a salad, but they missed the part where it’s only unpasturized soft cheese that should be avoided, and pasturized soft cheeses are fine.
  • Microwaves don’t escape the microwave, that’s why the door is designed the way it is, the wavelengths are too big to get through the holes.
  • I see people avoided all fish when in reality they should just be avoiding high-mercury fish, and eating the low-mercury fish is actually good for both mother and baby.
  • Etc.

(I hated reading the 1st Tri boards on TheBump, it seemed almost daily someone would come in with a “OMG I accidently ate ___, have I harmed my baby?!”)

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Bumble bee
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I had a lot of complications during my pregnancy so I did end up becoming super strict with myself but it was more of a “let’s try to avoid any other possible mishaps” thing instead of just being overly paranoid without researching stuff. Most of the things that I gave up were recommended by my doctors or the genetic counselor that I saw throughout my pregnancy.

Obivously I nixed all the biggies (alcohol, tanning beds, stuff like that) right away. I also avoided second hand smoke, skipped the caffine and stopped dying my hair. I didn’t eat any fish that could have high mercury levels. I didn’t eat any unpasturized cheese. I didn’t clean the cat box. Only ate cooked sushi. I already used natural cleaning products and ate mostly organic so there wasn’t a big change in that.

I guess I really didn’t go to the extreme, even though it felt like it at the time.

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Bee Keeper
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I gave up alcohol, deli meats, soft cheeses, fish with high mercury levels, coffee and caffeine tea. I do get caffeine from other sources such as chocolate but do drink caffeine free tea. I also love my sushi and raw oysters so I gave those up. I still color my hair, but have a cleaning person 1x per week so I don’t have to worry about those chemicals. But the thing is I hardly desire much, I am so sick right now that I just eat what I can get down.

I was a double major in psycholgy in college, with one of them being child psychology. I learned so much about development and how certain things in pregnancy can affect children later on in life so I think I tend to be a little more cautious, but consider it reasonable caution.

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