(Closed) What have you “given up” during your pregnancy?

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Blushing bee
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i am also in the ‘it’s ok in moderation’ camp. i didn’t drink caffeine(no coffe or pop), smoke and rarely drank alcohol before i was pregnant so that has been no biggie at all. i still it blue cheese, deli meat, sushi(yes i’ve had spicy tuna rolls about 3 times since being pregnant, i needed them!), i’ve gotten my hair colored, i eat runny eggs, seafood(a constant craving!)…basically i do everything they suggest you don’t do. the only thing is i’ve started ordering burgers well done and steak medium well…i would much prefer a medium rare/rare steak. now i don’t do all these things every week. i’ve definitely cut back on all things. 

the only things i’ve really ‘given up’ are the things i cant stomach right now, red sauce, cooked green vegetables, pizza.

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Worker bee

I gave up alcohol (which I used to drink once a week maybe a glass or two  of wine), reduced how much coffee i drink (used to have a cup every morning, now it’s a cup once a week), and reduced my workout load and intensity- part naturally because I am ALWAYS tired.

Other than that the rest (food) was easy because I am vegetarian and don’t like sushi.


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Worker bee
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Um wow, let’s see…

No alcohol, sushi, soft cheese, unpasteurized stuff, caffenaited tea once a day, coffee about once a week, running/working out intensely, no ibuprofen or other medicines unless prescribed by my OB. Also more on the lookout for undercooked eggs/meat. Gross! Oh yea, and my sleep. haha

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Helper bee
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I gave up sushi, unpasturised/blue veined cheeses, raw meats- no saunas or steam rooms!


I have one cup of coffee a day (200mgs caffeine) and one glass (125mls) of red wine every few weeks. I’m limiting fat intake and dont gorge on sweets or treats.

I’ve done absolutely tonnes of reasearch and am happy with my desicions during pregnancy.


I have been reading lots about cultural pregnancy differences (japenese women continue eating sushi/ french women drink red wine moderately/ Irish farmers continue to drink unpasteurised milk straight from the cow) its fascinating to read!!!


I hate the scaremongering out there- peer pressure & media etc making women feel SO guilty about personal choices made during one’s pregnancy!


I guess if you dont know why youre giving something up- you probably should avoid it until you learn all about it and can make an educated decision about your prenatal choices 🙂

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Blushing bee
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I gave up social smoking, hard liquor and beers with an abv >6, raw sushi, raw meats, unpasteurized cheeses, my daily cup of coffee because it makes me feel icky, artificial sweeteners, hot tubs, and Nyquil.  Oh and Aleve for headaches/cramps… and going out and staying out late… and most sex positions…

I still have a glass of wine or beer once a week, color my hair (i thought this myth was debunked a long time ago), eat runny eggs, eat soft cheeses that are pasteurized, and eat at sushi restaurants but order cooked stuff, but I am seriously craving a spicy tuna!!  I gave that up bc I had food poisoning once which was enough to scare me away, but as soon as I’m not preggo anymore, I am going on a serious sushi binge.

@cacamillis:  Speaking of scaremongering, I definitely had a friend freak out when I ordered tofu pad thai.  She was convinced that soy proteins could make the baby a hermaphrodite!! I told her she can pretend to be an expert when shes the one pregnant. I’ve also had people tell me that peanut butter could kill my baby even though we have no history of peanut allergies on either side.

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Bumble bee
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I was good for the first trimester, but now, at 35 weeks pregnant, if I want a freaking bowl of soft serve from Peachwave, then I go get a bowl of soft serve from Peachwave. I’m not drinking caffeinated coffee, but I drink iced tea daily, and I probably eat deli meat at least 3 times a week. I also helped paint the nursery (though it was low VOC), and I paint my nails all the time. My hair still get dyed every 6 weeks, and I’ll admit I’ve had a couple of sips of beer.

I didn’t think I’d be this relaxed, but 10 months ends up being a really long time when you’re liimiting yourself on some of your favorite things. I will say I am going to chug a beer the day I get home from the hospital, though. I am so ready for a beer. 🙂

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Busy bee
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I gave up alcohol, all painkillers (even preggo safe Tylenol), cleaning the cat litter, and deli meats, but that’s it. I still have caffeine nearly every single day and did even in the first tri, I eat seafood, eat cooked sushi, have scrubbed bathrooms, had my hair highlighted a few times, eat soft serve, eat soft cheeses, I peeled wallpaper in our new house a few weeks ago (38.5 weeks now), and while I didn’t paint, I didn’t freak out about being in the house after DH had painted. I think with most of it, it’s just a matter of trusting your intuition.

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