(Closed) What have you overcome?

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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A lot.  But here’s a few:

  • Physical, emotional, and mental abuse by my mother.
  • My bipolar/depression.  It’s still a struggle every day.
  • Constant curveballs thrown by life.  Financial struggles, my health, etc.

Every day is a working progress, but I’m still here and going.  I don’t expect anything to ever become easier.  I will never give up though.

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Honey bee
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Probably no where near as hard as most people, but…

My parent’s toxic relationship and their divorce.

Seeing both grandfathers die to lung cancer, several other deaths of family members followed.

Dated a sociopath, was put into debt lending him money, was taken to court by a debt buyer, case was dismissed in my favor, still dealing with this debt buyer. Credit is blown.

Dated a bunch of douches.

I have essential tremor which makes certain tasks difficult.  People don’t understand it and I just tell them I am nervous so I don’t have to explain.

Had to work 2-3 jobs to get through school, this ended up causing me to be in school for about 5 years until I was able to get my associates. 

Now married to the love of my life, carrying his child, working in the animal field which I always dreamed of, learning more about harrassing debt buyers so I was able to get a few to leave me alone, have a bunch of close friends that love me and I don’t let my tremor get the better of me (will probably look into medication for it in the future).


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Bumble bee
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Being raised in a low-income home and not receiving  proper medical care that has resulted in lifelong health problems (I should have had corrective surgery as a child).

Become a teen-aged mother of a child with severe medical problems.

Domestic abuse that forced me to flee with my child and nothing but the clothes on our backs.

Being ripped-off of EVERYTHING I owned by friends I loved and trusted with my life.

Being on welfare for several years as my child’s health was so bad she required almost constant hospitalization. No car – I/we walked or went everywhere by bus.

The death of my child three-weeks shy of her 21st birthday.

Going through two divorces.

Being “dumped” by my SO of 20+ years because my depression after the death of my only child and the fact I do not drink alcohol made me “no fun anymore”.

Being forced last year to move from the paradise of my home that I lived in the past 15 years along with the extreme worry of what to do with all the sanctuary cats.

Having t ofind a new home and construct a cat sanctuary, move and relocate the cats in less than 2 months (the weather was almost constant rain – not good for construction).

The horror of my former landlord poisoning 7 of my beloved cats.

Almost dying in my recent car accident and I am STILL in therapy to try and regain the use of my left hand.

And I am still here, loved, have my fur babies who are in excellent health, a fairly nice place to live and a career that pays fairly well.






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Helper bee

In no particular order:

Sexual abuse. Neglect. Emotional abuse. Alcoholism. The death of my first pet, Abigail (she was 10 years old and the best dog ever!). Homelessness. Poverty. Ignorance (I just graduated college!). Bad credit (my score is 720 now!). Feelings of self loathing, worthlessness. Obesity (I’ve lost 30lbs and am now at a healthy BMI),

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Busy Beekeeper
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My moving to Toronto with my father when he was never around for the first 15 years of my life, the lost of my daughter, my mother’s gambling problems growing up, being in jail (long story). I am stronger today and I am who I am today because of what I was able to overcome in my past. Nothing will ever make me forget my past but I also don’t dwell on it, it makes me push to the future (if that makes sense).

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Helper bee
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I have been through so much too… the common thread for all of us seems to be pets! How I’ve depended on them for solace in times of need. I think people with hard lives are often drawn to animals as a source of comfort and unconditional love.

Being the daughter of lesbians in 90s, when everyone thought gays were evil and had AIDS

Never knowing my parents as a couple

Alcoholic father

Growing up with a stressed out and very poor single mother

Sexual abuse as a child

Finding out at age 12 that my dad had fathered another child when my mom was pregnant with me

Dealing with my troubled sister, watching her life fall apart as she dated abusive men and basically abandoned my nieces

Raped by a cab driver

One very abusive boyfriend

Drug addiction

Being kicked out of schools

Now, I am a recent college graduate. I have just married the love of my life. We are on our way to financial security. I have never been happier in my whole life.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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you ladies seem to be overcoming a lot of life’s challenges.  mine doesn’t seem so bad.

i had my son when i was 17.5.  his father, my highschool bf, wanted to marry me and become a family but i knew that i didn’t want to be with him forever so i broke up with him.  he was not a reliable father more like a father of convenience and not a positive influence on my son.  he didn’t show up numerous times to pick him up, didn’t call for months, got into drugs and hung around not nice people. 

not many people know this but i made the decision to cut him from my son’s life and raise him on my own.  he was only a year old.  a child needs a family with stability even if there is only 1 parent.  i worked my butt off to put a roof over his head and put food on the table and never accepted a dime from his father or from any social assistance.  i felt that my child was my responsibility, not the taxpayers.  my family was very supportive when it came to childcare when i worked so i was grateful for that.

i managed to work full time, go to school and raise my son.  it all paid off.  27 years later, i have personally and professionally achieved everything that i ever wanted.  i even retired 10 years earlier than i thought i would.  after all of those challenging, yet enjoyable years, it is finally time for me.

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@KT808:  @couawilou:  i couldn’t even imagine losing a child.  i am so sorry.  i get emotional just thinking of how tragic that would be.  ((hugs))

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Sugar bee
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Early childhood abuse, resulting in undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  My parents had no idea why I was acting the way I was (terrified of the slightest touch, strangers, the dark, being seperated from them in public~ just to name a few), so there were some difficult years where I just thought I was the bad kid in the family.  That messes with your head, y’know?  Then I was raped and it triggered all the symptoms again.  My first boyfriend became abusive and I finally left, after too many years, only because I became pregnant.  I struggled with depression and anxiety through out my life, only to break down and talk about it all. when I realized I was potentially suicidal.  It’s taken a lot of dedication and good counseling to overcome the distorted beliefs and fears I had, and the support of a loving, reliable man has made a huge difference in my ability to trust and know what it is to feel safe. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@couawilou:  Oh gosh.  I never knew you lost a daughter.  🙁

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Bee Keeper
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I want to give each and every one of you a huge hug.

I have had a very lucky life. Nothing I’ve gone through compares to most people’s struggles. But in the spirit of seeing the range of experiences people have had…

My parents’ divorce when I was 7, and moving with my mom from upstate New York to Texas, where I had a very hard time making new friends.

Daily bullying in 5th and 6th grades.

Supporting my Darling Husband for years through long term, hard-to-treat, severe depression and anxiety.

Emotionally supporting him through a year of unemployment that was the partial result of that depression and anxiety.

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Worker bee
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I’m praying for everyone in this post. When I just read it and know what I’ve been through and how I’m trying to overcome I love to see others do the same. Life is so beautiful how when you believe things can get better. 

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