(Closed) What household machines/tasks can your S.O not operate/do?

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  • poll: What machines/tasks can your S.O *NOT* operate/do?

    Dishwasher *CAN'T*

    Microwave *CAN'T*

    Clothing Washer/Dryer *CAN'T*

    Grocery Shopping *CAN'T*

    Cooking (outside of a microwave or boiling water) *CAN'T*

    Taking Care of Pets *CAN'T*

    Taking Care of Child(ren) Without Help *CAN'T*

    Vacuuming *CAN'T*

    Dusting *CAN'T*

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    So far I’ve never seen my husband dust anything in the entire house, even his office.  However, he’s perfect in every other way so I have no complaints, lol.  🙂

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    My DH’s capability is one of the things that I love about him. Having said that, while he’s absolutely sound at fatherhood and stepfatherhood, looking after animals, washing up, laundry and other household tasks, he is hopeless at DIY and cars. Like utterly hopeless! So he’s mainly forbidden to tackle anything that requires a toolkit. I’ve lost count of the number of occasions when he’s enthusiastically thrown himself into fixing something only for the words “Oops, I’ve encountered a little problem” to follow shortly afterwards.

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    I’m really lucky, because DH helps SO much around the house – even does all of the grocery shopping! I don’t let him do the laundry, because I am very picky about how my clothes are washed, so I do both of ours. I also take care of the pets, but I am leaving this weekend os we will see how he does with that on his own!

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    Ugh… Reading this poll makes me depressed. He CAN do all of these things, but I am the one who always does them. Sometimes he will do them because I will ask him to help me, but never on his own decision. Dirty plate? In the sink. Laundry? Pile up until he’s literally out of underwear and has the nerve to say WE need to do laundry as he panics trying to find something suitable. In terms of cooking, he’ll never suggest we make something at home, it’s ALWAYS “what restaurant should we go to tonight?”

    I don’t believe he has ever vacuumed, dusted, or otherwise cleaned anything in the 3 years we’ve lived together. Sigh. I don’t really mind it right now, but there will need to be a giant work shift if we ever have kids. I can’t do it all forever!

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    @Sea_Ashley:  Yeah, I don’t let him do laundry either because he thinks everything regardless of color or type of fabric goes into the washer and dryer.

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    To me all of these CAN”TS are really WONT because I know someone will do it for me.


    Obviously if you never do these things you will have misshaps when you do, but eventually you figure it out and with al lthe information on internet and videos on youtube really no one has any excuse.


    My husband is a clean freak, but I still clean house, because it isn’t soley his responbility. He a great cook as well. 


    I think part of being an adult is being able to do the bare minium, ie making simple dinners, cleaning up after yourself, which really isn’t that hard. I would never date or marry someone who behaved like child and expected me to do all those things for them.


    Case and point my Twin brother. We had a big family four boys plus me. So we all had to pull out weight. By 13 we did our own laundry, had chores to clean, and each took turns including my father cooking meals once week. My Mom cooked the other days.


    I was horrified for the poor girl who he never called his girlfriend or introduced to the family, cleaned his apartment and and his clothes because he didn’t “know how”. Whne I asked him why he was taking advantage of her, he claimed he wasn’t that she wanted to do those things so he let her. By the way he was never that into her and she took over a year to get the hint. Meanwhile she cooking, shopping, cleaning his apartment, and even called me up to ask what gifts to get family whom she never met because he refused to introduce her!


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    He is awful at loading the dishwasher, so I pretty much tell him not to ever do it. He takes like 4x as much space as the dishes in there need, and they’re stacking in such a way that they’d never get clean because water couldn’t possibly get to some places. 

    He also has never done the laundry so he probably doesn’t know how to operate our machines. 

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    He can’t really do grocery shopping.  Well he can, but it’s a disaster.  So I do it since I actually like to.

    He also seems confused by doing laundry.

    Otherwise he can do everything else.  Sometimes he doesn’t use much common sense (IMO) with things like cooking or loading the dishwasher but he does them.  He doesn’t cook really but he does chop for me.  Now he can cook (somewhat) but I’d rather do it myself because if it were up to him we’d be eating spaghetti, rice, mac and cheese, and pizza for dinner every week.  I know he can because he’s prepared meals in a restaurant (like bar food) but if it’s not something you can do in a couple minutes at home he doesn’t want to do it.

    His chores are vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, cat litter, emptying the dishwasher, and taking out all the trash.  He also helps chop veggies for me.  I clean the kitchen, dust, do laundry, pick up clutter daily, grocery shop, and cook.

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    I voted for grocery shopping.  FI is capable of grocery shopping on his own, but will avoid it at all costs because he doesn’t think he can pick out the “right” items.  I.e., if I put “14 oz. can of crushed tomatoes” on the list, he will stand in front of the tomato shelf, paralyzed with indecision, for fear of bringing home the wrong crushed tomatoes.  So 95% of the time we go together, and he mostly serves as cart-pusher or fruit-picker-outer (because I don’t eat fruit).  I would just go by myself, but we live in an apartment and have to park on the street, and there is no way I’m going to haul all of the groceries 2-3 blocks to the apartment all by my lonesome.  Once we have a house with a driveway/garage I have a feeling I’ll be going alone while he stays home with the theoretical children.

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