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Oh sweety so glad you have an outlet to come to.  I understand why you don’t want to go to your family and friends just yet.  And I can only imagine how freaked out I’d be.  I think that’s normal so I don’t necessarily think its possible to stop that.  But just try your hardest to remain positive.  As the doctor said, its a rare thing for this to be cancerous.  So hopefully it is a parasite.  It can happen!  Maybe it was something he ate while he wasn’t with you.  Or  maybe it was something you guys both had and he was just the unlucky one.  This next week is probably going to be torturous for you both, but he’s lucky to have someone so supportive in his corner!  Please keep us posted. 

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Oh my gosh, hun … I’m so sorry! There’s is NOTHING worse than waiting for test results. I know because it took my doctors three months to diagnose what they thought was a benign lump on my thyroid as cancer. I would sometimes wait 10 days for results, and it drove me crazy. So I honestly know how you feel.

Just know that whatever it is, he will most definitely be fine. If it’s a parasite, you can get rid of it. If it’s cancer, they have SO many treatments out there right now that his chances of surviving are incredibly high. I have a coworker who had stage III lymphoma, and he’s going through a stem cell transplant right now, and the doctors are beyond optimistic that he’ll be just fine. It’s a battle, but one you can live through.

I’m sending happy thoughts your way! I really am. You guys will get through this. In the meantime, stay busy. It helps.

10 bucks says it’s just a parasite! 🙂

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Oh, this thread is freaking me out… my Darling Husband also has had digestive issues since puberty, but he flat out refuses to go see a doctor about it. I forced him to go once, and the doctor didn’t do anything! All she did was tell him not to eat before bed and take a Zantac every morning. Well, that made things worse – he wasn’t sleeping (who can sleep on an empty stomach?) and the Zantac was actually GIVING him heartburn, which he never had to begin with! So I don’t blame him for not going back. 🙁

But now I’m thinking about every possible thing that could be wrong! Maybe he just needs to go see a different doc… but his insurance is so crappy that sometimes I feel like we can’t even afford it.

I wish you the best for you and your SO! I know waiting for test results can be sooo hard (just check out the babies board! LOL).

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Hang in there! I hope you get the diagnosis soon and I hope everything works out. I can’t imagine waiting for the tests! Sorry you are going thru this!!

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It sounds like you have some doctors that are taking this issue seriously.  You need to keep going with the testing until you figure out what could be causing this issue. 

As you said, try to be patient, yet be your own advocate.  If they promised you results in a week, make sure you get them in a week.  Take things one day at a time. 

Why did they think that it may be hodgkins?  Next time he has bloodwork done ask that they do a SED rate as well (you have to request it in the work up).  I finished treatments for hodgkins 3 years ago 🙂

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Its hard not to freak out.  The important thing though is that he is actively seeking an answer rather than ignoring it.  That is a positive step in the right dirction.  Wishing you guys the best!

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I hope it will be ok!! There are a few things that can cause elevations in eosinophils though, and I would have thought that if the dr thought cancer/other nasty thing could be the cause, they would have starting running those tests already instead of waiting for confirmation that it’s not a parasite infection.

How did the allergist test for food sensitivities, do you know?

Good luck, waiting for test results can be nerve wracking, but regardless of the outcome, things will be ok!!!

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I know it’s tough but your doctors sound like they are on top of it.  They probably just said that because it is a chance, but it sounds like it really is rare.  I’m sure that he will be okay, but on the off chance he isn’t, just find the best doctors to take care of him and it will all work out.

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that wait seems to take forever… i hope that it is nothing big and that recovers quickly! best wishes

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You are in our thoughts. Please let us know that your SO is ok, as I am sure he will be. It is so wonderful that he went to a doctor and is catching this early.

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My prayers are with the two of you.  Keep us posted. 

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This is a tough issue for some people to talk about, so I’m sorry if I’m bringing up something sensitive.  When women have depression, we often feel more sad/lethargic/uninterested/etc.  When men have depression, it more frequently presents itself as a stomach problem.  They may not even know they’re depressed!  My friend went through something similar last year…he was working at a law firm that was stressing him out a lot, and all of a sudden he started having all of these digestive problems and lost a lot of weight.  They ran a lot of scary (and expensive) tests…and it was pretty awful.  Then one doctor suggested that it could be depression…Serotonin, a neurotransmitter that gets off balance with depression, is regulated in the GI system, so serotonin imbalance can present as stomach problems.  It still wasn’t easy to deal with, but it was a lot less scary than some other things they had been talking about!  Might be something to look into.  I hope everything works out okay…please keep us posted!

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Hi TinyTina… I’m a bigger hypochondriac than I like to admit, and am always in fear of the “C” word… not only for myself but for loved ones, so I totally get why you are anxious and worried.

Because of my hypochondria (ha), I end up watching a lot of medical shows based on different diseases… one of which is called “monsters inside me” which is all about people that have parasitic infections. One of the things I’ve learned is that parasites can hide out in your body and “hibernate” for long periods of time (years, even) before they become active and start causing symptoms. So even though you both typically eat the same thing each day, he may have had this parasite for a long time, without it being active.

Also, whenever I get freaked out about the possibility of something being cancer (trust me, I can take any symptom and find some type of cancer to fit it), my Fiance always makes me say the mantra, “don’t worry about cancer until its cancer”. Oddly enough, thinking that thought makes me calm down a bit. There isn’t reason to worry about cancer unless its officially diagnosed… and that’s a bridge to cross if you ever get to it.


So… deep breath. And don’t worry about cancer until it’s cancer.

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