(Closed) What if your husband started to go bald?

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Darling Husband keeps his hair buzzed pretty close normally, but I can’t stand baledness. His dad (who I have some issues with) is bald but it is related to chemo not genetics. Luckily it appears his family keeps their hair well.

I think preference has a lot to do with what you grew up around, my dad and grandpas always had a full head of hair, my dad just turned 50 and is barely even gray, let alone bald, but I have some friends whose dads were older or just got bald early and they don’t mind that their SO either shave their heads or are already balding but I think it would drive me bonkers. The inverse could also apply, you DON’T want them to look like a person you didn’t like. 

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I’d just let it be, unless he seemed to be affected by it (attitude change, mopey, etc). Then I might bring it up to see what’s bugging him or if we could help it. 

However, I just figure that as we age, our bodies change. Yes, you can exercise and eat well to stay as fit as possible, but menopause does women no favors, generally, and baldness can’t be helped. I figure I can’t make too much of an issue if he goes bald, since my tatas will likely be heading south for the winter season of my life. 🙂 

I only would offer advice/bring it up to Mr.ND for something that is 1-easily changeable, 2-affecting his demeanor, and 3- affecting our relationship. I see it as I only got to marry 24 yr old Mr.ND, not live with that 24 year old forever. Neither of us are going to look the same in our 40s, 60s, or 80s, and that’s life. 

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Fiance is bald, its one of the things that attracted me to him. In fact I havent dated a man with hair since I was a teenager, I just do not find it attractive. Bic it all the way baby!! I also dont like clean shaven faces. Fiance shaves his head and has a goatee, just the way  like it.

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I would be pretty excited- i think baldness is hot! My Fiance thinks I’m totally crazy, he’s so afraid of going bald. Vin Deisel certainly pulls it off though!

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My Fiance is going bald at 37, but I actually love his head shaved so, it doesnt bother me once he shaves it all. What I hate seeing is men with a little tuft at hair at the top of their head when everyone can see that they are balding…lol

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My Darling Husband grows hair everywhere BUT his head. 


(he HAS the Rogaine, but it’s languishing in his drawer. I don’t think it does much and when he uses it it’s reminiscent of the Advantix flea drops we put on the dogs, so I’m fine with it languishing)

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Not much to be done if Fiance starts to go bald. It’s also really quite likely that he will since his mother has a lot of baldness in her family (which is the side it is carried on). If he does I will probably push him in the shaving head/goatee direction since I happen to find that look very attractive. However, I’m not sure how well he would pull it off. He might have a lumpy head underneath all of his hair. 🙂 

I figure we’ll cross that road when (if) we get to it!

Another point is that it depends on HOW one goes bald. I personally am not really bothered by the bald spot on the back of the head, but I am not as much of a fan of losing hair in the front.

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I don’t think he’s going to have that problem, but if he did I would probably tell him if I didn’t like it. He wouldn’t like it though, so I probably wouldn’t even need to say anything.

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Hubby already is going bald. It bothers him way more than it bothers me. I’ve always thought Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) is sexy, so…….

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Oh my Fiance is 26 and will be bald for sure. It wouldn’t concern me except for he has a soft spot from when he was a baby and I have a feeling he will be extremely self conscious about it. It will be wierd but I think he’s cute no matter what.

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