What irrational/nonsensical thing do you do?

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Sugar bee
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brittnamrogo :  Yes to the pool phobia! Like, how is a shark even gonna get in there? I don’t know??!! But I’m scared to death! 

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Busy bee

I have anxiety so these are probably a result of that.

-I can’t sleep with the door open, I just don’t feel safe, which is silly because I’m sure murderers open doors when they kill people, but still

-I can’t sleep without a reasonably heavy blanket/duvet on, even in the summer and I have to have it pulled over my neck so my ear is covered. In the summer if I’m really hot, I just stick various parts of my body out from under the blankets, but my neck and ear are always covered

-I cant stand anything sticky or greasy on my hands like moisturiser, luckily I don’t have dry skin! 

– If anything makes a noise it shouldn’t, for example, if the washing machine starts vibrating more than normal, or my window wipers start sticking I freak out and can’t use them until it’s fixed. I first noticed this when I was 7 and I would have major anxiety going on my swing in the back garden because it would lift out of the ground slightly when I swung on it.

– I don’t like carrying cash on me at all because I’m scared of losing it or someone stealing it (but strangely don’t worry about valuables like my phone?), again this probably traces back to my childhood when I saved a lot of my pocket money up to take with me on holiday (around £30, which was a lot when I only got £2 a week!) and then got pickpocketted. 


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 So, when I go to sleep the door has to be closed – but not quite. Like, there can’t be an obvious gap between the door and the frame, but it can’t be actually closed all the way either. The door needs to be lightly touching the frame.

… luckily my SO indulges me, even though there is major eye-rolling every night.

Also, all my money needs to be organized by size (Euro bills) and they all need to be facing the same direction. When I lived in the States, ATMs gave you the money like this and now I just can’t without it and everyone thinks I’m so weird because all the bills are different colors and sizes and there is no way I would pick the wrong one.

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having a strong urge to buy foods that i’m craving and not eat it

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morethanyesterday :  lawd help me I am the same way! LOL I expect instant results than get discouraged when I don’t see them its really insane haha.

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Sugar bee

Worry incessantly about things far in the future that may never happen and run endless scenarios to mentally calculate unlikely risks.

I’ve travelled alone in SEAsia for 6 months, bungee jumped, and i love scary roller coasters and rock climbing and snowboarding etc. – but I’m TERRIFIED of driving cars. I’ve had numerous panic attacks and avoid any situation where I have to drive somewhere unfamiliar – which has been super limiting and people think i’m insane… 

Talk to inanimate objects – especially technology. I’ve been busted more than once in the office telling the printer not to be such an asshole or asking my computer “why would you do that to me?”

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Busy bee

I like to book hotel rooms that are on the lower floors. Shorter elevator rides and I want to be able to get out fast if anything happens.

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dressed as a mascott to surprise my fiance along with a proposal

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sable :  I do this too, but I leave the toppings on the cheese.  It’s the best way to eat pizza!

I used to have an issue with alarm clocks too.  I’d have to check it at least 10 times to make sure it was set before I could fall asleep.  Then if I woke up in the middle of the night I’d panic and have to check it again.  I’ve never been one to sleep through an alarm, so there’s no real telling why I used to be this way. 

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