(Closed) What irritates you the most at home?

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Bumble bee
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Hahaha!!! We were so excited to move to a place that has a dishwasher as dirty dishes were a topic of contention with us. Now FH does the same thing you mentioned! He either leaves the dishes on the counter above the dishwasher or puts them in the sink.

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What irritates me the MOST at home is not my Fiance, but rather our cats. One or both of them, I can’t be sure, is bound and determined to ruin an area of our carpeting. Right where the carpeting meets the stairs that lead from the lower level “man cave” to the kitchen they scratch in that corner and it drives me freakin crazy! We have tried cutting their nails every week, we put things over the corner (they move them). they have scratching posts. There is NO REASON to try to destroy the carpet in my beautiful new home except that they’re evil! (to be clear i actually really love the cats but this one thing makes me want to scream)

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Darling Husband comes in and drops everything in the front hall blocking the entrance to the dining room and the top of the stairs (down to the basement). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly broken my neck trying to get to the stairs/nearly falling down the stairs. It makes me NUTS!!!!

He’s also a collector of papers and a piler. I’m not going to say I’m the neatest person around, but oh my god. He literally has BOXES of random paper in our basment because when we tidy up he just throws it all in a box and then never goes through it again. And then he wonders where ____ is. Duh.

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Buzzing bee

My FH likes to make up obnoxious sayings and songs and sings them so loudly….right at the most important part of a movie/show/song. It REALLY pisses me off. Maybe if he was saying something of importance it wouldn’t bother me…But singing about how he’s the man, and whatever else strikes his fancy really makes me go off like a bomb.

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Agreed! Men can be big babies sometimes. After moving in with my fiance I can now see why women with children always say their husbands are just like the kids. Men loved to be cared for and that’s all well and good, but I’m not your mom. I love taking care of him, but sometimes he just assumes I’m going to take care of everything. I have to stop myself and just tell him You need to __________. Fill in the blank with whatever you want (fold clothes, finish the dishes, clean up after dinner, etc…) Honestly if I didn’t stop myself from doing it and remind him he would just assume I will do it all. He’s a great guy and he does help out, but I think there is some sort of connection missing is most guys brains. They just don’t get it. If I was you I would try to stay calm and gently remind him what he needs to do. It’s been working for me, so far and no fights. He usually genuinely feels bad once he realizes.

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Bumble bee
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Haha…great thread! I thought of the answer to this in an instant.

My pet peeve is when Darling Husband puts away the dishes and leaves the glass snapware without the lids snapped on. He just lays it there in the cabinet separately, then the lid gets misplaced and there is not enough room for the other snapware. Then I have to go through and sort, rearrange just to get them all to fit. Or worse, I try to stuff one more in and the lids all fall out on my head or the floor.  If he just put the lid on, everything will fit and stay organized.

Darling Husband said he just wants to make sure  the interior dries out so he likes to leave it open to ensure that. I told him to just leave it in the dish drainer or the side if it’s wet at all. Apparently he prefers his own agenda (clean dishrack in the morning) or he is just really forgetful (at least once a week for the last 13 months!).

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Bumble Beekeeper
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My one cat pees in the same spot every other day – no matter what we do, spray, powder, natures miracle, etc nothing stops him from doing it again!!! It sucks 🙁


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Blushing bee
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My Fiance loves to strip the minute he walks in the door.  Shoes, socks, shirt, undershirt all end up on the floor in the living room. Then he wonders why he has no socks… Well, if they weren’t all crammed behind the couch or under the coffee table, and were upstairs in the hamper where they’re supposed to be, I might have washed them!  It drives me nuts to have to walk around picking up clothes everyday.  I’m thisclose to picking them up and hiding them somewhere until he’s out of clothes completely… Though, knowing him, he’d just buy more and the cycle would continue, lol!

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Bumble bee

I’m a total clean freak and my husband… well he’s just not! My 3 year old is the same way, so it drives both of us nuts when he comes home and throws everything on the floor. Where it lands it stays!! Our daughter will walk around and say “daddy pick up your mess!” It cracks me up =) She’s my little mini me!

I also hate towels on the bathroom floor, worn underwear IN the bed and when he decides to wash clothes (once in a blue moon) and then leaves them in the dryer so they’re all wrinkled and I end up having to wash them again anyways! One of my biggest peet peeves is dirty and unrinsed dishes in the sink… and when he puts my stainless steel knives in the dishwasher when he knows they rust! Ugggghhh men! lol

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Helper bee
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Oh, there is so much.  lol 

Darling Husband puts his dirty boxers in front of the hamper, not in the hamper.  How hard is it to lift the lid?  Seriously?  There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work and having to pick up dirty underwear.  He also leaves crap lying around everywhere. He leaves his hat on top the couch, or on top the dogs cookie jar.  Mail has a specific place in the office to go, but it’s always laying in the kitchen along with 800 little notes that he’s written to himself to remember things.  It drives me nuts because I hate clutter.  Either put it in a drawer or a nice basket or something, but stop leaving it all over my counters! 

And I love my dogs so very much, but they shed like the dickens.  Most of our house is tile floors and I am constantly picking up dog hair tumbleweeds and throwing them away.  It’s insane how much hair these dogs can shed. 

One more, our washer and dryer are in the garage and Darling Husband insists on parking his big ole SUV on the side next to the washer and dryer so I have to squeeze to get to them and am constantly smacking into his rear view mirror.  If my small car were next to the laundry, I wouldn’t have the problem, but if he gets a dent or paint chip on his car from laundry baskets, it’s not my fault! 

That actually felt kind of nice to let all that out.  Thanks for the post! 

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Helper bee
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dirty socks everywhere. i’ve found them on the dining table, on my pillow, everywhere. sometimes not even pairs. just one sock. also announcing when he has done any normal chore. “i did the dishes honey! can you believe it!” yes. i do the dishes all the time.

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How my tv magically ends up on ESPN everyday! FH doesn’t even live with me yet and this happens. I want to call Directv and see if I can remove ESPN. lol

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@CorgiTales: Oh man, I laughed out loud at your post.  My fiance and I have two cats, too, and I’m always yelling at them “THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS!”  😉 

Dirty clothes!  My fiance doesn’t like it when I do his laundry because it makes him feel guilty…so instead, we always have a massive pile in our bedroom!  Luckily, his mess never seems to spread to any other areas of our house 🙂

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