(Closed) What is a “Young Bride”?

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Typically, anyone younger than the bee posting at that time 😉

I think of young brides as women under their mid-20s – so, around 24 and younger. 25+ seems like average age to me, and then 35+ seems like the “older” brides… there’s like a 10 year ideal where people get to just be normal and then the others on either side have age labels.

ETA: I live in the South and think those ranges apply to men as well.

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I’ll be 22 on the big day, and Fiance will be 27. I’m confident in my choice, I can’t wait to be married to him!

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It’s all relative. I was a “young bride” by a lot of people’s standards, but to me under 20 is young simply because -teen is still associated with the age. I’m not saying anything negative about marrying then though, because we all know marriages work for different people at different stages.

I agree with PPs that it depends on where you are in life. I was still 21 when we married and DH was 23 (we’ll be 22/24 next month) BUT – I graduated with my Bachelors when I was 20, DH got his at 22. We both had/have jobs, we own our home outright (paid cash) and we’ve lived together for 3 years and been together for longer. I don’t think that we needed to wait until we were some arbitrary age to marry simply because *some* people think we’re young. We honestly got no comments from people who KNOW us because we have been together for so long and are extremely stable in general. All we got was, “Finally!”

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@mrskmk:  Yes exactly! People assume even more about younger brides than older. Like we haven’t completed college, don’t know how to support ourselves, or don’t know our spouses/haven’t been together “long enough” (or spouses-to-be.) I do get rather annoyed by that line of thinking, probably because none of that applies to me…lol.

My mom was doing the same thing! She had wedding magazines conveniently pop up around the 3 year mark, haha.

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I say 22 or under. 

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for some reason I had this magical mystical age of 24 in my head most of my life. I was 23 when I got married and I, personally, think it was WAY to young… does turning 24 make any difference, no, not really, but just my preference I probably should have waited a few more months to sign the piece of paper in my mind.

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@Kkaattii:  Well, I know where I need to move! I was 18 when I got married and I’m a housewife:) Up north that’s considered incredibly strange and *gasp* appalling!

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Under 25, I think. I was a young bride.

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I got married when I was 21… I guess that’s young? But… I was also out of college (and supposed to graduate from grad school 3 months after we got married, but I delayed it 1 semester due to wedding/marriage/etc).  

Also… I went to 4 weddings last year:

  1. Bride turned 21 just a few days before wedding (but groom was 26!)
  2. Bride was 22 or 23 (and groom was similar) 
  3. Me – 21, 22 two weeks after wedding (DH was 23, turned 24 two months later)
  4. Bride turned 22 6 months before wedding (groom was 29)

Three weddings this summer:

  1. Bride is 23ish? (and groom is similar)
  2. Bride is 20, will be 21 a month later (groom will be 20, turning 21 9 days later)
  3. Bride is 23 ish (groom is similar) 

However… We are all Christians, and I do think the tendency of Christians is to get married young (I’d say mostly because of celibacy, just personal opinion)… So that may explain my scenario


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when i get married my fiance will be 25 and ill be 2 months shy of 25.

i feel like i might be in “young bride” territory, and i’m sensitive about it, haha.

idk why but 25 sounds so much better to me than 24. (but i have a late fall birthday, so i always feel this way- all my friends were basically born in the same year but their birthdays fall much earlier. i always feel young).

but i guess id officially consider a “young bride” in a (whoa! you’re getting married?!?!) way as 22 or under. basically, anyone still in college.

i distinctly remember as a little kid saying i was going to get married at 23. it just felt right at the time. i don’t know where i got this idea- my parents were married at 30 and 32 and had me at 31 and 33, haha. but i was close!

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23 and under, I think. I’m 26 and while I consider myself young, I don’t consider myself a “young bride.”

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I’m 21, and I definitely consider myself a young bride. I think 25 and under.

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