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Busy bee

Camping is so much fun!! (If you’re not afraid of roughing it and getting a little dirty). Roasting marshmallows and smores under the stars by a big fire is the best!

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Bumble bee
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Well it’s like leaving a nice warm cozy bed in a nice clean home to sleep on the cold ground in the dirt! Lol! Well sort of, as a kid I have great memories of family camping trips, camp fires, swimming, fishing etc. But as an adult…. It’s a lot of work, hot, buggy with a little fun. Still love the campfires though!

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Bumble bee
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yes me!!! Although we no longer do the real actual “camp out” bc we have a trailer, I grew up camping in a tent and heating our food over a camp fire. It was the best time of my childhood. Going to Avila’s Hot Springs, my parents would have a huge tent that was “2” rooms lol and my sister and I would sleep in one by ourselfs. OMG, we looked forward to every camping trip. Listening to the wilderness and roasting smores…it was so fun and such good quality time. We always stayed somewhere where there was showers nearby, so we never did the camping with no showering lol, I guess we weren’t THAT tough.  You should try sometime! These days its easy to get lost in technology and your phone, so it’s nice going and enjoying the outdoors. We camp once every few months, but try as often as we can. 

EDIT: we have a huge trailer that sleeps 8, it’s alot of fun and alot easier to camp this way, I can shower whenever I want and go take a nap or pop something in the microwave anytime, but it’s nothing like camping in a tent. 

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Helper bee
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I especially love the fact that I’m outdoors for such a long period of time!  Falling asleep to the hum of insects and waking up to the sounds of birds is wonderful i think!  As I’ve gotten older though I’ve gotten more creeped out by hearing things in the night.  And like people have said the campfires are great!  You gotta like roughing it and sleeping on the ground though.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I grew up camping, from tent to camper back to tent.  Love it!  From the camp fires to the night sounds of animals. 

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Helper bee
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It’s adventurosome and fun. It’s a great way to experience something totally different than day-to-day life without traveling far or spending a lot of money. There is a big range of camping– set up a tent in a big campground where you can drive up to the site and have a fire pit and bathrooms; all the way to camping where you have to hike miles to set up a campsite with no resources. I have a lot of fun doing it, and I think it also challenges my relationship with Fiance (in a good way). When we’re camping we have to find things to do other than veg out in front of the TV or go to our same old restaurants, etc. If a couple can easily survive a camping trip together, I think they’re set for life 🙂

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Helper bee
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Camping is awesome.  I love to leave the world behind, no electronics, no work or school, no showering or shaving!  We sleep in a tent often next to running water which is so soothing when you sleep.  The crisp air you know has been freshly scrubbed by all the trees. 

Food always tastes good cooked over a tree my Darling Husband just fell.  Burgers and dogs burn up really nice over an open flame.

The still warm embers warm you up on the damp mornings. 

The kids get dirty, fall in the creek, swim in the hot spring, chase butterflies and bugs, and are exhausted by the end of the day.

I love smoking next to the campfire with a cup of percolated coffee and listening to the crickets.

I love getting dirty and worm guts under my fingernails.

I love roughing it and being all “mountain woman!”

Smelling like a fire long after you return home.

I can hardly wait to go camping this year!!!!


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Bumble bee
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I LOVE camping! It’s best when done in a big group. Our group is 40-60 people a year. But I am a hotel snob so to come to terms with roughing it: 

I have 3 queen size mattresses

A battery operated fan

I bring goose down pillows (6 of them)

We bring a keg

Lots of wine

Amazing food to warm up (no hot dogs and soups! We have lasagnea, tri tip, pancit, AMAZING food!)

We have at least two gas stoves on each site which helps us prep meals for everyone.

A water jug with pump for filtered water

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Busy bee
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It’s stinkin’ dirty fun. I won’t sleep on the ground though, I bring an air mattress.

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its keeping half of your clothes on during sex because its cold , lots of booze, and delicious smores.

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Busy bee
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Camping is LOTS of work, mainly because you really have to plan ahead!!  A lot of that just takes time and experience, though, so for your first few times camping, I would suggest going with a group that’s been camping a lot and has a lot of the gear you can borrow.  

Not only is it expensive to buy all the right things for a hobby you might not like (not everyone does!!), but I’ve found that going with experienced campers makes it better because they know what you’ll need and what you can do without.  Camping without the right gear is simply miserable, annoying, difficult, and no fun.  Having the right gear and being properly prepared for meals, weather, entertainment, etc makes things SO much more fun!!

Tent camping and camper camping are also 2 totally different worlds.  DH and I prefer tent camping, but the inlaws only camp in their really nice camper.  It’s still really fun, and I love the conveniences, but we do really like to rough it. 🙂

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Bee Keeper
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I agree, an air matress makes life much happier in a tent. It is so much fun! I love it. We always cooked on a colemen stove, so we had “real” food and also roasted hot dogs and smores. We had a camper when I got a little older which made things easier, everything we needed stayed packed in it, dishes and chairs and lights and such. We didn’t use it for more than sleeping and having an indoor bathroom. 

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Busy bee
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I love camping! But keep in mind that “camping” can mean a wide range of things…i.e., you can go camping in an RV and really be pretty comfortable (electricity, running water, bed, real roof)…or you can go car camping (sleep in a tent, but still be able to bring lots of stuff, including a full-size air mattress; there’s usually a bathroom nearby)…or you can go more extreme camping, i.e., pack on your back, hike/canoe into wherever, no running water, cook over an open fire, etc. 

My Fiance and I both grew up car camping but started backpacking together the summer after we started dating. I’m a super girly girl: high heels, shower every day, never leave the house without makeup, but I love it! It’s physically challenging but incredibly relaxing–it sounds dumb, but it’s a nice change of pace to be concerned with something as trivial as lighting a fire so you can cook dinner. 

Also, whiskey is your friend.

Also, I still bring mascara. Even in the boonies. Especially when I haven’t been able to shower for 3 days.

Maybe ease into it? Go car camping in a nearby state park and see how it goes. If you like it, maybe try something a little more remote. 

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