(Closed) What is going to be different about your wedding this time?

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  • Wedding: August 2009

Well the only thing that will be the same for me is, well nothing!

I eloped the 1st time around when I was 18. My ExH was in the military and talked me into marrying him. I never had a dress, I wore jeans and a tshirt. I never had a wedding cake, wedding dress,  ceremony with family, or even a dinner out let alone a reception.

I am having a small 25 guest ceremony at my reception site. The venue is very Unique…it’s actually in a Train Station. I’m having a friend do my wedding cake, and with only immediate family attending so we can splurge on details that matter to us.

The one thing that I want to splurge on is photography! I never had a single photo the 1st time and I really want a portrait of me and Mr Coffee to hang on the the wall!

This time I am wearing a white dress with a Train….. and I don’t care what anyone says! I will forego the veil. My hair is very short right now and I wish it was long again but, I had my brain tumor surgery in Nov 2007 and oncology follow ups after that.  My hair is finally regrown to a presentable length and I really don’t want extenstions cause my hair is so brittle now. I hope I look pretty even with short hair, maybe I’ll use a head band or a smll tiara.


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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

Lat time was a very detialed, choreaographed affair. I did all of the work myself, and while it was a small wedding (25 guests) it was a fairly formal affair.l I wokred my asparagus off, and it was perfect! Excpet that I married the wrong man. I still  wonder what would have happened if I had told my current fiance’ (and true love) where the wedding was..he was ready to show up!

This time, we’re going to Vegas with a few close friends in tow. No matcing ribbons, no $$$ in a reception, this time, it’s about us, not impressing other people. It’s going to be perfect.

The only ‘same’ I have is wearing the same dress (with some modifications), and that I’ve turned in to a cheesy, bride-guide reading nutcase, who obsesses over different versions of the color blue.  



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Honey bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

Any new encore brides out there (or grooms) who wish to give us new perspectives?  How is your day going to be unique this time?

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  • Wedding: March 2010

I’m a new encore bride!  This wedding is completely different than my first.

My first wedding was totally dictated by my in-laws.  We had it in a large Catholic church with full mass…a traditional reception and it was over by 10 p.m.  We were also married in January as I was graduating college in December and his parents would not allow us to move in together before being married (would disown him!!)…lots of things wrong with this picture!!

This time around we are doing things the way we want and no one else’s opion is going to change that.

We are getting married at Walt Disney World in Florida.  A small, intimate wedding of no more than 40 people. I will have my Moh but no bridesmaids, and my fi will have a best man but no groomsment.  My brother will be our officiant.  We are going to have a small reception followed by a private party with fireworks.

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  • Wedding: June 2010

I’m an encore bride, too. I’m having a lot more fun planning this one already. THe first time was a destination wedding in the Caribbean with 11 people and then a reception back home 2 weeks after (which I was not a fan of, but his mother insisted  – & we spent way too much). I had a blast but a lot of things were not as I would have like due to the wedding package at the hotel, his mother thinking she could invite 45 people that we had never met just because she paid for them, etc . Also, my Maid/Matron of Honor accepted to be Maid/Matron of Honor at someone else’s wedding so she could not be at my reception.

10 years later…

This time, I am so excited about planning and making it special & personal. We are doing a semi-destination wedding since it is in Sedona, which is 1 1/2 hours away. We’ll have 30-35 people at a state park for the ceremony and we are looking at a private reception venue with an outdoor terrace. It’s his first wedding & his family is so excited and supportive. AND my Fiance is actually interested in planning! That caught me off-guard at first as I am kind of a control freak, but now we are having fun together with the details and I know which parts are really important to him.

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  • Wedding: September 2010

Newbee here too.

I’m hoping to do almost everything differently. My first wedding was a huge to-do. It was a resort in my home town and I was married in a tiny chapel where all of my family members have been married. Sadly -I was the first and only one to get divorced.

I am just beginning to plan my wedding and we have discussed recreating our first date. Something very small and intimate – 40 people. I don’t think we will have any attendants.  An outdoor ceremony followed by a dinner at Vidalia in DC.  Fiance would also like to have a larger “reception” for all of our friends.

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  • Wedding: August 2009

My first wedding was at a little place called “The Hitching Post” which is similar to a Vegas style chapel, only in Idaho. There were 5 people there and it was basically a spur of the moment idea. No reception, no nothing. In fact, I don’t think a lot of my family even knows it ever happened. Which is a-ok with me! We were seperated within a month and officially divorced a year later. We had a son who was about 6 months old when we were married and I got pregnant with my 2nd son the week of our “wedding.”

This time around I am doing everything completely different. My ex is not in my sons’ lives, so it is going to be a celebration of my Fiance and the kids (we also have a 5 month old little girl together) coming together as a family. They call my Fiance dad so they are excited that this will officially (sort of) make him their dad. I have a white dress and a veil. We are expecting about 60 people and have a caterer, photographer, the works! The best thing about it is that my family loves my Fiance (they hated ex), so I feel like they are truly celebrating with me instead of mourning a horrible mistake.

It is so awesome to see other women in similar situations who ignore the stereotype associated with having a wedding celebration for a second marriage! You guys rock!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2010

That I actually get to have one!!! LOL

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  • Wedding: October 2010

i got married, but never had a wedding.  in fact, i went to texas and got it done by proxy!!! (the guy was in germany).  (i thought being together was worth not having a wedding. . … but i did shortly end up regretting not getting that experience)

so. .. . this time i get the whole! perfect! event! my beloved is totally happy for me to have the wedding i want. .. the dress, the family, the food. .. .

(too bad my dad is refusing to talk to me, but mama has volunteered to walk me down the aisleLaughing)

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