(Closed) What is marriage about to you?

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Helper bee
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To me, marriage is sharing my life with my Fiance and starting a family with him..

Where i come from, it is considered wrong to start a family without being married first, and the idea of cohabitation is not acceptable.

It is very wrong, i hate how the community im in thinks, but there is nothing i can do about it..

So in order to start a family, and really be together we have to get married..

Don’t get me wrong.. I love my Fiance and i know that he is the one for me…and i am sure about wanting to marry him.. I didn’t want anything more in my life..

He is a great man, and i can not wait to start a life with him.

I can’t wait to wake up everyday next to him, to literally share our lives together, and grow old together.. I know there will be lots of bumps on the way, and that marriage isn’t all good at all times, but i know we can overcome anything and everything..

How about you OP?

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hello fellow bees! I definitely agree that marriage is about so many different things, but for me its about looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the one person I couldn’t see myself living a day without. My best friend. Marriage is about ups and downs, trials and tribulations. You learn and grow with this person. You build a family, a life. But at the end of the day, its just being with the one you absolutely love, flaws and all. I’m getting excited thinking about it. Cant wait until 5.24.14 πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Blushing bee
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Hospital visitation rights. There’s a reason they were my very successful rallying cry when campaigning for marriage equality. The legal entanglement simplified, and somewhat glossed over, by marriage has many useful and meaningful aspects, but hospital visitation rights can themselves summarize their value to me. One thing marriage means to me is a lifetime commitment, and while hospital visitation rights are important for younger couples, they’re vital to older couples for whom health problems become a matter of when not if. Many people cite “growing old together” as their image of marriage, and I agree. When I see us growing old together, I would like to skim over the difficulties, but I know there will be medical assistance, though I realize that isn’t true for all lifestyles or all countries. Looking hard, before and after marriage, at the real issues we’ll face in life is another big aspect of what marriage means to me. Marriage means considering what we’ll do in case of emergency and in preparation for the future. Marriage means knowing that we can’t predict everything and agreeing that we have the ability and the dedication to face the unknown as a team. Part of that ability is setting down our partnership on paper to announce our intent to be treated as an unbreakable pair by others, from family members to hospital security personnel.

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Busy bee
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@lepetitebee:  I think it is about having one person forever you can trust to be there for you and you for them in every imaginable way. your best friend for life:) it’s pretty awesome to know that no matter what you have someone in your corner who always wants the best for you and to make you happy. I know I’m very lucky and can’t wait to also start our new family after we are married.

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Helper bee
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@lepetitebee:  I agree with most bees here. Marriage is about about commitment for me. It’s about growing together and not giving up. Marriage is more then just love….because love can easily fade over the years. But what keeps  a marriage together is the commitment you both make to each other to stick it out no matter what. It’s about dedication and trusting the other person. What I love my SO is that he has been so committed to this relationship since he was 17….he has made changes for the good of this relationship. I have seen him grow up to this amazing person! I was fortunate to meet him so young and see our relationship grow….I honestly can’t wait to be his wife. 

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Helper bee
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For me, marriage is about sharing a life with my SO and developing a relationship between us and God. It is more than love. I want to marry my SO because I want to share every life moment with him and I want to raise children with him. Marriage is also about commitment and I feel that marriage is the ultimate display of committment and love.

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Helper bee
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Honestly… A piece of paper

I’m not romantic about marriage at all. It is a legal document that is it. 

All that other stuff – being together, being in love, wanting a family that has nothing (for me at least) to do with being married




Guess I’m kind of with 

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Busy bee
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For me, marriage is having a partner for life.  Good, bad, ugly… they’re someone you can always count on to have your back or be on your side and you on theirs! 

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Buzzing bee

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@babytoes:  +100

Yes, a partner for life.  To know that there will be someone to stand by your side through thick and thin, the good and the bad.  To know that you have someone who is committed to you and proud to make you their wife.  To know that you and someone else can work together towards common goals and make life better because you two are doing this together.

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Bumble bee
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@veryberry13:  +1.  All of this! 

A partner for life.  Your best friend.  Someone you know who will always be there for you, always love you, always support you.  Someone who is proud to call you their wife and that you are proud to call your husband.  Someone who WANTS to make that commit to you to always be there.  I just want all of this with my SO, who I love so much and who I want to be that person.

Hospital visitation rights are also a big thing…we could spend our lives together and not marry, but if something tragic happened, I would have no rights and that would be terrible!

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Blushing bee

For me marriage. Is about …

spending 30~50,000 on a party, that i will host on a Wednesday afternoon and be pissed when no one shows

 getting a  8.5 carrot ring that i will have to upgrade in two months because in proportion with my size 12 frame and the volume of my hair, it only appears to be a 6.4 

Spending the rest of my life with my best friend that will….

Comfort me when I make a 94%

Take me back after i cheat on him with my entire office

Still think i’m. Beautiful when I gain twenty pounds, but still fit into my svelte size -00

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Bumble bee
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It means we won’t have bastard children! ^_^

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Buzzing bee
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Its a commitment that says: hey i vow to love, honor, help, forgive, protect, so on and so forth till the day we flipping die! Take care of me when im old and need someone to just talk to. F- it if i cant remember anything when im old for him to read me the story of us each day till i remember for min….its the notebook but still. That he is my partner for life no matter what happens, we are in it together. That we are best friends and always will be best friends. pinky swear;) yeah maybe people can say you can still do this all without marriage but its a serious sacrament to me. It does help with the fact that. we get more money back for taxes. i can handle his buisness and accounts without worry. if he passes before me i will be able to make important decisions. And his property and buisness wont go to the state or something.

Its a bond that i believe with my whole heart is the strongest thing in my life. stronger than i knew possible until i got married. It has made us and our relationship so much stronger and brought us soo much closer. with this commitment, he trusts and loves me with so much more, who knew that was possible.

why do i need to get married? some people dont believe in it at all. besides religious. I needed him to show me that he wasnt with me for convience. which most people including my friends do. that he didnt just love me because i loved him.  By my DH going threw the hoops of asking me, doing all the marriage prep classes. getting up there and speaking in front of our whole family. pronouncing our love to all that will hear.. well its one of the biggest things anyone has every done for me….besides my parents. by getting married we became a family.. which is why maybe society assumes thats when we start adding to it.

i honestly think paper and legal documents have nothing to do with it. its all in our hearts and minds. not just ours but our combined families and friends too.

and as far as what i love about my DH… everything! i guess im a little bit of a romantic πŸ˜‰

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