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    Sugar bee
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    I don’t like wet rags.  I don’t mind cleaning, the smell of chemicals, I’ve worked in homeless services for many years and have cleaned up some nasty things but that’s all fine and good.  But a wet rag…darn it gives me the willies.  I prefer wipes, a dry rag, or massive amounts of paper towels. 

    I kind of also hate showering, hate getting my hair wet.  Though I do like the beach and swimming at the beach.

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    Bee Keeper

    Almost nothing about me is normal. I wouldn’t know where to start.

    btw, I think what you are describing as OCD (I would just call it health anxiety) is mostly very good common sense, if your reactions were in more moderation. I think the problem is the emotion, the fear you feel, which causes you to feel very unpleasantly and to react too extremely, but considering most people I know are too oblivious about how bad that stuff is for them, well, there’s a side to your anxieties that you ought to be proud of, too! You know a lot about pollution and health. That impresses me, for one. Now you just have to face the fear and force it to leave you, because that part isn’t helpful.

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    Okay, so it took me a while to decide weather or not to write this all out. I HATE talking about it. The ONLY people who know in my life are my husband and my mother. Only recently have I told my mom about the full extent of my OCD.


    @bunnyharriet:  I love how open you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, I have OCD. I hate it. It sucks. It is hard to hide. But I do.

    Everything in my home has to be placed in “it’s spot.” Meaning for example on the coffee table the phone, remote, my diabetic stuff (sugar checker, ect.) All have to go in the same spot, every single day, every single time.

    The toilet paper in the bathroom has it’s own spot. I could name 100 things but I wont. Speaking of toilet paper (and paper towels) for that matter, every single time I rip a piece off it has to be the same way. It has to go straight across. I have wasted an entire roll of toilet paper making sure it was “just right.”

    I also have a thing with numbers. When I put on deoderant it has to be 10 stokes a piece on each armpit. Same thing when brushing my teeth. Each side (top, bottom, front, and back) each get ten strokes.

    I also say things. Certain little sayings that I say probably around 50 times a day (in my head so no one else can hear me.) I don’t know where these “sayings” came from. I just have to say them. I know, it is so iirational. But I have to, and I say them anyways. I hate even saying that because of how dumb that sounds. ๐Ÿ™

    One of my sayings are “Well shoot, mhm ches seriously.” I have a thing where I want to go shh shh shh ss sss sss (like a snake) so instead I say these sayings in my head several times a day, and it “helps.” I won’t go on about my other “sayings.”

    Sometimes I need to touch things. Like rub my hand on a door knob. If I do I must rub the other hand or palm on the door knob. Ahhh, the list goes on.

    I have gotten so use to these rituals and sayings that they don’t really effect me. Other than stressing me out when things are not in “their place.” My husband doesn’t mind and it doesn’t stress him out. Which makes me feel a lot better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have thought about therapy and medicine, but for now I deal with it in my own way.

    So, there I laid it all out in the open. I would really love for anyone out there with OCD to open up. The OP really made me realize “Hey there are other people out there like me!”

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    Sugar Beekeeper
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    @joya_aspera:  I was thinking maybe instead of OCD she could have a phobia. I haven’t done any research between the two, so I wouldn’t know.

    Either way Op, I am there with you. Knowing something is so iirational but doing it or obsessing over it anyways. It sucks!

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    Busy bee
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    I have an EXTREME fear of vomit/vomiting. I will CRY if i feel nauseous and also when i see others throw up or gag or anything. It gives me extreme anxiety to the point where i hardly go out drinking with people or anything. And let’s not forget I can’t watch any shows or movies with it and if i do i get clammy and want to cry as well. It definitely makes me want to stay home a lot of the time. Frown

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    @ThinkingOutLoud:  Aw, my sister has the same fear! ๐Ÿ™ I feel so bad for her when she does get sick. Thankfully for her that isn’t to often!

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    Apparently most things. Friends and family members tell me this all the time and it boggles my mind. I am not bragging, as I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing, but the people close to me seem to find it endearing.

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    I break things.  Not with intent, its just that thngs break.  We have unbreakable water bottles at work, and I’ve managed to break two of them.  Fiance isn’t ever surprised anymore and usually just thinks its funny.  Graceful, thats me!

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    I can’t stand touching silk. It makes me feel like I can’t breathe.

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    @ThinkingOutLoud:  Ah someone else! I can’t stand spew and when my mates/boyfriend etc. get drunk and spew I just curl up in a ball and try to pretend I’m not there. I find that singing a song over and over in my head really helps just put it from my mind. The sound/smell/sight etc. anything can set me off and I get really un-fun to be around.

    I am definitely getting better though, and I think this is because my lover has been really supportive & will help me watch shows with it & we watched all three seasons of the inbetweeners which was hard work. Spew used to ruin a whole movie for me but now I can just relax and put it out of my mind. I find that reminding myself it’s a bodily function that sometimes has to happen makes me feel better. So glad I’m not alone! My friends actually make fun of me about it & will sometimes simulate vomiting noises etc. to get a rise out of me!

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    @Sweet.Sugar.Rose:  Omg you sound like me!

    I also have to put deodorant on in a certain way and I count 12 times. I have to touch things a certain way or sometimes a certain number of times or I feel like something bad is going to happen. If I have an itch on the left side of my body I have to then scratch the right side. 

    I have to say as I get older I have gotten better. But it gets really bad when I’m stressed. 

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    One thing I can think of: I really like when my fingernails are in a strange shape (like if one side breaks off, I don’t file it down). I have no idea why. I also dig said fingernails under the sides of my thumb nails.

    Good lord, I’m weird …

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    @Rubbs:  Good to know I am not alone!

    That dreadful feeling of having to do something or else. UGH!

    Glad to know yours is getting better as you get older, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I can’t wear white socks.  They have to be colored, or my feet will tingle.  How dumb is that?! LOL.

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